BREAKING NEWS: Wrestlecrap Radio coming to an end!

(From here and here.)

"Yes, kids, the rumors are true - WrestleCrap Radio is drawing to an end. The site will continue, more inductions, Headlies, Crap Shoots, and all that other jazz will be coming, but yes, WCR is ending. Having said that, we are going out with a BANG! We will be doing our finale LIVE the weekend of July 6-8 in Indianapolis, the same weekend we will be at the Days Of The Dead horror convention signing books, DVDs, and all that jazz. So make your plans now to join myself, Blade, Stubby, Mike Check, and all the other goofballs for our last hurrah! Details to come, so be sure to keep checking back!" --RD Reynolds

*Update: Blade Braxton to launch a "spinoff" progrem sometime in 2012 ?!?!

From Blade's Facebook page:

"WrestleCrap Radio is coming to an end. WCR is only beginning. Angry Jim, Satan and Stubby wanted me to tell you that. Dry those eyes!!" --Blade Braxton

"It's ending in a few months, then I'm revamping/relaunching my own show." --Blade Braxton

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