RD Enjoys Some “Park & Recreation”

Oh that Amy Poehler!  I don’t know what wackiness you’ll get yourself into.

Oh HAI there!  Raging_Demons here, the other RD & once soon the one true RD (I’ll explain later) here as we’re together once again to talk about something that was mentioned on “Wrestlecrap Radio” recently.  This time thought we are going to talk about something that fans have a knee jerk hate reaction to that’s airing right now on TNA/Impact & that would be…

Joe Park - excuse me, “Joseph Park Esquire”.  Personally speaking every time I hear the word “Esquire” I always thinks of “Bill & Ted”.

Bill: “I’m Bill S. Preston, Esquire”
Ted: “I’m Ted ‘Theodore’ Logan”
Bill & Ted: “And together we are WYLD STALLYNS!”

[If Keanu were this animated in most of the movies he does now those terrible Matrix sequels would actually be watchable. No offense to the man of course. Also, party on dudes. - PB]

Okay, I was distracted there for a second, but let’s get back to the jist of the column. 

For those that don’t know here’s a quick recap of Joe Park.  Abyss has “somehow” disappeared from Impact TV.  The next week Abyss’ “brother”, a one “Joe Park”, starts showing up outside the Impact Zone & pretty soon inside the Impact Zone asking questions trying to find his brother.  The problem with all of this is that Joe Parks is actually Abyss with his hair cut, shaved, & dentures.

Now, why the hate?  Well the Internet Wrestling Fans immediately have a hate on poor Joe. Then again they hate everything whenever something new happen.s I mean they hated “Funkasaurus” Brodus Clay faster than Jenna Jameson can go down on a guy in a porn movie!  Joe Park can be seen as a waste of time since it’s just another bad storyline in what seems to be a long list of bad storylines that TNA has done recently & it’s just another reason in the grand scale of fail that is TNA.  Long-time fans of TNA hate Joe Park because Abyss already has a brother!  Yeah, those fans need to do their research like I did to refresh ye ole memory to find out that Abyss didn’t have a brother during that whole schmozz with Mesias!  Fans are complaining that either they should had recognized Mesias or he should had been the other brother or maybe it should had been Mesias all along in this whole storyline, which I don’t understand why they are complaining like this in the freaking first place.  Yes, fans pretty much hate good old Joe Park but there is actually some good out of all this.  How much good?  Well…

For one thing Abyss is a “student of the game”; meaning for one thing he takes his pro wrestling character very seriously to a point where he refused to get crowns in his mouth due to an injury from Rob Van Dam literally kicking his teeth out because “it’ll make his character much more of a monster”. So seeing Joe Park on the screen you will actually believe that Joe Park is real. It’s just the scripts are awful & you can’t blame Abyss for that.  I mean take a look at Adam Sandler; he’s a great comedian & has a history of great comedic movies. It’s just when he did “Jack & Jill” the problem was that the script was horrible. [Among other things. - PB] 

Another thing is what the Deal mentioned which is Joe Park’s Twitter account.  Somehow on the day that Abyss “disappeared” he stopped Tweeting & Joe Park’s Twitter account was created on the same day which is a WEIRD & WACKY COINCIDENCE!  Of course Joe Park’s Twitter account remains on-character which Deal mentions when he tried to joke around with him, but if you look at that Twitter account it’s actually quite amusing.  Like Joe Park trying to understand the whole Daniel Bryan “YES!” chant phenomenon that has happened recently, or responding to fans when he gets clues to “find” Abyss, or when he acts like an actual person on the account when it comes to how he appears on TV.  The Joe Park Twitter account goes so far that just recently the Abyss Twitter account was changed now showing nothing but Re-Tweets & Spam to make it look like a hacked account!  If you don’t like Joe Park on Impact then you need to check out his Twitter account!

I know this column is a wee bit short here but so is Joe Park's time on Impact Wrestling. If you pay attention to “Spoilers” by reading various pro wrestling web sites it looks like the appearance & time of Joe Park will be short as well.  Sometimes the fans can just get way too damn anal when it comes to anything on their show because they love it so much that they want things perfect.  If it’s not that then they want anything they like to be perfect because in times like these we want our entertainment to be the most entertaining thing in the world today because the viewer is special DAMN IT!  Joe Park honestly is a mediocre gimmick right now on Impact but with the advent of Social Networks any TV show, actor, or in this case personality can help it.  Joe Park will likely die a quiet death and Internet fans will scream Gooker for it but enjoy his Twitter account for now because it is the damn best thing out there right now & I support it 100%!

Okay now for the bad news.  As you heard by now on Wrestlecrap.com, Deal & Blade are coming to the end of the road & not in the good “Boys 2 Men” sort of way either. So the question is, what will happen to us?  I know one thing that will happen to me is that I’m bringing all the old columns over here. The “Random Thoughts”, “What The Hell?!?”, “Product Reviews” & whatever else Blah Industries want to do with me which I’m ok for.  Well, as long as it doesn’t affect my drinking & “other things” if you know what I mean peeps.

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R.V.M Kai said...

I agree with this article. I must be also one of the few on the Internet who actually likes the Joesph Park character.