RD: Stacy Keibler, WHAT THE HELL?!?

Man I haven’t done one of these in over, what, a year? It’s like working on a muscle that I haven’t used in awhile…

Raging_Demons here once again kiddies & this time I’m busting out something that I haven’t done in awhile; and the last time I did it I basically pissed off the entire YouTube/online video pro wrestling community. [Which I can attest is never a bad thing - PB] Whenever I write one of these columns it is basically to show when pro wrestling has done something COMPLETELY idiotic you just have to ask those 3 little words. This time it’s aimed at someone who used to be in that community. Who or what am I talking about? Well….

Stacy Keibler, WHAT THE HELL?!?

Okay, you may be asking yourself; “Why is Raging_Demons going after Stacy Keibler since she hasn’t done anything in pro wrestling for years?!? Surely you can’t be serious?!?” 

First there is a good reason why Stacy put her fingerprints all over this. Second, don’t call me Shirley!  Somehow Stacey’s recent actions affected one person currently on the TNA Roster right now:

This person!
So what did Stacy Keibler do to Gail Kim?

Well, according to the New York Post, Stacy was supposed to be invited to her best friend Gail Kim’s wedding to Food Network’s “Restaurant: Impossible” star Robert Irvine. Stacy told Gail that she couldn’t go to the wedding.

The reason why Stacy didn’t want to go to her best friend’s wedding?

Just to go to a big Hollywood fundraiser for U.S. President Barack Obama that was filled with A-List Celebrities at the time that’s all.

Nope, not kidding; that’s the reason. I bet you that made Gail Kim THAT special on her wedding day now since one of her best friends screwed her over in exchange for hanging out with Robert Downey Jr. and Jack Black!

Why the anger? Well, starting off with pretty much the obvious: if Gail Kim was Stacy Keibler’s best friend then why wasn’t she there in the first place? 

One of the things I learned at a wee early age was that friends should be there for their friends no matter what. I’ve been there for all my friends no matter what, you name it. From the unknown people that you don’t know about to the people that you know of; from “New Year’s Day” lead singer Ash Costello to TNA Knockouts Christy Hemme or Tara, the bottom line is that I’ve been there for them and if I couldn’t, I tell them the honest truth, and at times it does hurt me personally. I don’t know the reason why Stacy bailed on Gail but it either had been one HELL of an excuse or one very lame one if she ditched the wedding for that fundraiser. Personally to me just by ditching the wedding makes Stacy looked scummy.

There is another reason why Stacy dumped Gail. Stacy sees herself now as “better” than Gail. Okay, you’re asking yourself “What do you mean by better?”  Well Stacy has climbed up, socially speaking, getting herself away from the pro wrestling world; a world that Stacy herself has said in interviews that she never wanted to be in the first place.  If you don’t know Stacy Keibler’s story a quick summary; Stacy was a dancer (naturally), she was hired by WCW to be a Nitro Girl because she wanted to be a professional dancer,  soon after that she got involved in WCW storylines as a character & when WWE bought WCW she became a wrestler/valet. Since her appearance on “Dancing With The Stars” she tried to be an actress but mostly either became “the next Ted McGinley” (the term comes from actor Ted McGinley, whenever he got on a show that show would get cancelled not long afterwards) on TV or just doing standard guest appearances. But when her current boyfriend George Clooney wanted to tap that ass, somehow her behavior started to change. Stacy started to increase her appearance fee during her relationship with George. It seems like as Stacy’s popularity and fame has increased ever since her ego has grown. Maybe Stacy sees Gail as “beneath her” now since pro wrestlers are socially looked at as either “nearly nothing” or “what they do as fake” and simply saw Gail as a social casualty to her, so she brushed her away as someone that would either damage her new social popularity? It has happened before! See Lopez, Jennifer.

Those are two pretty damn good reasons why Stacy Keibler did one of the most stupid things out there and hurt a friend just to make herself happy. I’m not the only one that thinks this way either. Facebook comments on this story via the New York Post story have called Stacy either a whore, someone taking advantage of George Clooney’s fame, or some of the women complimenting Stacy’s choice for “holding the fundraiser in their house” (those commenters were women so it figures). There’s a question on “Yahoo! Answers” asking if what Stacy did was the right thing and the majority of the answers was a simple “Stacy’s a fame whore” comment repeated over and over again (but written in a different way).  From a different side various TNA and WWE Divas (TNA’s competition since WWE sees them as that they do not exist) like Beth Phoenix, Natalya, & Alicia Fox were at the wedding.

The funny part about all of this? Clooney said in a recent interview that the two things he respects more than anything are friends & family. OUCH!

Looks like Stacy Keibler needs to work really fast if she’s going to suck George Clooney’s fortune dry judging by the evidence that she doesn’t give a damn about her friends!

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