Episode 6: Pro Bumble: January 25, 2013

"Doggy Style" Miss Elizabeth
22 minutes

Blade wants to bite children like he's a vampire.

RD wonders of the possibilities of Disney buying WWE.

Blade is in another Troma movie. (:05)

RD has a paper plate in his house. He didn't have to pay $99 for it like one guy did. (:07)

Blade still wants to bet on the Pro Bowl despite RD's reservations. Blade is happy because a Lion kicker is on a team and didn't actually opt out. He recounts the time when Jonathan Coachman walked into a bar. (:12) Blade still makes a bet that his Lion kicker will do well which RD accepts, despite Matt Stafford looking like Susanna Hoff.

Blade still has to pay up for this season when the Lions once again lost to the Colts, so he has to wear an Andrew Luck jersey. (:18)

The Royal Rumble is also occuring on the Sunday. (:19) Blade still remembers Doggy Style Miss Elizabeth making his pants wet at '89.

RD: "I have nothing left to say."

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