Episode 51: Talking with the Listerine: August 30, 2020

48 minutes

Blade hasn't talked to RD in 30 seconds. "That sounded bad." RD can't decide which recording is worse. 

Blade had tried enticing patrons with random sexual innuendo to (have RD) call, since they're supporting and all.

For real this time.

Shockingly the first person (Jason "Jared" Rodicker) has their phone ringing. (:04) He video chats with RD while babysitting his children on a swing. As expected the children are the only ones happy. As one of the Original 12, Jared witnessed Todd Bridges "wrestling". He still remembers being part of Mike Check's target demographic while on his Summer Sizzlin' Splashin' Spectacular. He also remembers Ghetto He-Man, "undead" Stubby, and Blade trashbagging. Jared once saw cardboard boxing. Sadly those two are less common now that porta-potties are mandated.

After him they attempt to call (Not-Diamond) Dan (AKA Danny Franchise) who is driving. (:14) So they call Taylor of British Colombia. (:16) He was drinking green Listerine; RD uses purple. Another Original 12 Listener since 14 years old, he thanks Blade for wasting his time yet also for being a gentleman. He remembers Bedding Man and their interviews, especially John Tenta. Blade was very hung over when they were with Lance Storm. RD remembers when he was on Get In The Ring Radio with Rambling Cowboy Bill Watts.

Dan is no longer (dangerous) driving due to his essential working. (:28) He considers listening to the radio progrem as a full time job (and perhaps also more dangerous). He also drinks green Listerine. He remembers when Blade remembered when Don and his grandpa stumbled upon a guy fucking a horse. Shockingly like Blade he's also single. He does enjoy king crabs like RD however. Long John Silvers is too 'pedestrian' for him, though he has yet to write that in a Yelp! review. Blade misremembers quotes about sand. He also remembers being in the Co-Hoss Contest, and losing since he wasn't a woman or could count properly. Blade: "You are also essential to us."

RD tries one more number while jinxing things by admitting it's been fun so far. (:37) Logan (AKA Not-Ultimate Kennedy13) is also an Original 12 Listener since 14 years old and drinks green Listerine. However he does use turn signals. He remembered when Blade went to a Raw and offended a 13 year old. Blade: "Fuck that kid." Logan agrees with him (for once). Blade remembers his wacky antics there forcing a camera change. Logan aims to send him a Mickie James GIF from that show afterwards. He also remembers that Halloween with Piper and RD singing about Candy. Then he goes back to making signs to offend more teens.

Also for once, RD wants to do another some time soon (within the next 15 years).

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