Round One - Bro Necessities: August 24, 2021

28 minutes

(Like the other show, this first episode is free. Later ones require Patreon support.)

According to his title, Remember - RD is Always Right. 

Vince is and will always be the undefeated WCW World Champion despite misplacing a Hogan style legdrop against Stevie Ray much like RD's mishandled move from the Big Show, and despite looking silly in his protective gear against the Legion of Doom according to John Laurenitis. RD plans to write yet more about him. Vince, not Show or LOD or John. (:02)

Today RD has a set of questions and topics he and Blade Vince will argue over. The two test their angry poses. 

  • Star Wars: Vince does not recognize RD's Rebel Alliance cap. Neither did he see Episode IX, for good or bad. (:05) Unlike Blade he prefers the originals and The Empire Strikes Back over the prequels. He likes Chewie since he reminds him of Planet of the Apes. RD is glad they are in agreement for once so he goes to his Facebook post for some more questions.
  • Mary-Ann or Ginger...which would you hire to build a new deck? (:09) Vince chooses Mary-Ann for building, Ginger for...other stuff. RD mocks him for liking "mid fifties" Tina Louise. Vince never watched The Brady Brunch, to RD's surprise. Vince does his research to find she and Kim Novak (who has a Wikipedia page) were actually mid thirties back then. "No Batman henchman should have had a woman over thirty. None of them. None of them."
  • Does pineapple belong on pizza? (:13) Vince has to think on RD's "phrasing" of the question, but he says no. He will "accept" it but he would never actively pay for it. 
  • Chicago or New York style pizza? RD: "Did you hear the man's accent? What kind of terrible question is that?" (:14) Neither can explain big crusts. RD likens it to he and the wife not liking to go to the beach, but they go every once every 10 years to test the waters (pun intended).
  • Crocs: sensible footwear or fashion faux pas? Vince once owned an orange pair, but he prefers flip-flops. (:17) Right now he's barefoot, as he gleefully displays to the camera. His wife talked him into getting a pedicure the other day. Taz would always get angry at him for wearing Giants gear. His "custom" jerseys in WCW were all store bought. RD calls him cheap. (Who does he think he is, Blade?) As a teenager his friend wanted to be paid around $20 for a Queen ticket which he declined. RD asks him not to cry. (:21)
  • Bugs Bunny or Mickey Mouse? Vince is not a Mouse man although he is a Disney fan, as showcased by his Baloo forearm tattoo. RD: "Oh ok, so you liked Jungle Cruise?" Vince saw The Jungle Book so many times in the cinema as his third favorite movie of all time after Rocky and Saturday Night Fever. RD just fell asleep. Vince also liked the recent live action one. RD only saw it and fell asleep at the Skyline Drive-In. Vince fell asleep watching the recent Summerslam. RD prefers Sleeping Beauty. Vince: "Is that the lady in the mirror? Is that the mirror mirror on the wall gimmick?"

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