Episode 2: Holy Red Snapper!: August 8, 2021

Smack in the Middle
January 13, 1966
"The Riddler schemes to have his henchwoman, disguised as Robin, to have her kill Batman in the Batcave."
74 minutes

RD is now Aunt Harriet's Favorite, according to his display name. He is jealous of Vince's Batman shirt and Colorado tan (as long as he evades the wildfire-caused air pollution).

Vince thinks today's is "convoluted" and it's only the second episode. RD thinks it's "morally reprehensible." This is not helped by the Riddler having Robin's head in a vice while he... makes another mask? And keep him alive?

RD used this to his advantage to win a bet with his son on Robin's survival. Vince calls him despicable. RD: "I learned from the best!"  (:06)

Narrator: "COMES THE DAWN in the Batcave no birds sing." (:10)

Even Aunt Harriet suspects something is up by the Dynamic Duo not sleeping in their beds. Vince thinks she may be ungratefully worried about them having fun out on the town for some reason. At least Batman has recovered from doing the Batusi.

Anyway, with just one mask Molly transforms into the "most effeminate Robin you could ever imagine" per RD's words. Vince wonders what the transformation would do to her breasts. (:14) RD thinks Robin loved this change a little too much.

Riddler has Robin call the Batphone through Commissioner Gordon, yet Batman knows who it is as soon as he picks up the phone. RD marvels at Vince pointing out a plot hole for once. (:18)

Batman: "Riddler...you jolly devil!"

Now if Riddler just wanted to get to the Batcave, why can't he just simplify things with a gun to Robin's head? RD things the complications are just to show they're smarter than Batman. Also it would deny the use of a car chase and the Batturn lever to cause a parachute 180 degree turn. RD asks for physicists to please to explain. Vince wants people to please to explain the confusing episode.

RD questions Batman's somewhat violent manner in causing a car crash. (:24) But without it we wouldn't have Molly Robin giving a big "OK" sign, then hide her voice by pretending not to be able to speak. Batman thinks it was due to a "swine scope", whatever the hell that is. (Perhaps he meant a swing scope. He probably had golf on his mind.)

Inside the Batcave Molly reveals herself by pulling a gun. Vince wonders what Riddler's next step would have been, besides just shoot Batman and automatically claim the place just because. Of course Batman knew she was a fake because of her nostrils, but brought her back regardless. Vince: "Could this possibly have been a potential date rape?" (What does he think this is, a Frank Miller story?)

RD wants Vince to please to explain the Bat "Lazar" Beam to remove bullets while inside a gun. (:31)

Molly tries to escape via the Atomic Pile despite his warnings, but she falls to her death inside the nuclear reactor. RD is shocked there was a death so early in the show, and in such a manner. Batman: "What a terrible way to go." RD is sure the police wouldn't do anything even if Batman reported it. Gordon was even asleep when Molly Robin called!

Vince remembers something in his non-itinerary notes, in that Gordon could trace the Riddler calling. Couldn't they then trace the Batphone? RD thinks Batman avoided that by just using a "tin can and string" for 14 miles.

Regardless, they try to track sounds over the call with the "Mobile Crime Computer" which leads to a subway station. RD is not sure how it was done. At the station Batman uses his stud finder Batgage to find and blow up a wall, then shout "surrender you rat!" and confound Riddler with a Batarang. Vince thinks he spun around on purpose. But he somehow levers down some bullet-proof glass, kisses it, then draws a question mark on it before fleeing. 

Once again Robin has to help solve a riddle. Vince hadn't watched the series in a while but even he knew he was horribly wrong. (:43) Batman embarrasses his friend by patronizing him: "Nice listening."

The narrator reacts to the "fearless minions of the law" going to the wrong place with a "Holy red snapper!" Vince wishes there was a narrator-only character in wrestling. RD remembers thought-narrating Jeff Hardy that perhaps his Co-Bro had a hand in creating. The actual target is at the World's Fair with a stuffed elephant filled with postage stamps. Only now does Vince realize why the Riddler is thus wearing an elephant mask. RD thinks he was actually wearing a Joker outfit because it was too tight originally and Frank wouldn't pass an opportunity up. 

RD delights in the Riddler making bad jokes about Greta Garbo like he was auditioning to be a Co-Bro. Vince: "What is he, Vince McMahon?" (:53)

Instead of finding stamps in the elephant, they find the Dynamic Duo...somehow. (They didn't notice the extra weight?) Even worse, Robin's riddle of his own causes Riddler to send his henchmen after them "or it's curtains!" Cue the word balloons.

Vince uses his expertise as WCW Champion and being Twitter followed by Mickey Dolenz to judge Robin's slow motion fighting technique. (:58)

Riddler escapes through a hole with colorful smoke and a slide whistle. Batman follows with a slide whistle of his own but escapes before the Riddler "blows up". Of course they don't check for any remains. Even Dick is extremely happy that Riddler is somehow deceased, while saddened Bruce warns for his return and not having saved Molly, "weaned her from the criminal underworld, but she vanished like a puff of smoke." Then he goes to help Dick with his algebra.

Overall the Co-Bros think the fledgling show was trying to find its footing, Garbo jokes notwithstanding, although RD can relate to just writing jokes for yourself. Vince wonders if Molly was the only death throughout the series. The two are happy they did a good job taking over an hour to analyze a 22 minute episode.

Vince was so traumatized by Robin being in a giant clam that he only watched it once. RD wonders if he will need a temporary Co-Hosss when they get to that episode.

Vince gives RD some space to promotional considerate himself. (:69) Vince started following Ward the other day (for free!). 

  • Special Guest Villain: The Riddler (Frank Gorshin)

  • Vince Time Outs: 1
  • Curtains: 1
  • I didn’t even know he was sick: 2. Peter Tork, Davy Jones

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