Episode 1: Holy Batusi!: August 1, 2021

Hi Diddle Riddle
January 12, 1966
"While the Riddler maneuvers Batman into being sued, the Dynamic Duo investigate the supervillain's concurrent scheme."
80 minutes

(Note that a monthly subscription is required for access beyond this first free sampler episode. Russo needs money to buy (Bat)poles for his (Bat)pole matches.) 

Vince officially calls himself the Robin to RD's Batman. He compensates by having a Batman logo tattooed on his right arm. RD only has his Black Friday shirt.

Vince once met Adam West and Burt Ward ten years ago at a New Jersey convention for free. (:03) He had to find something for them to sign to "Vincent" just one day before. West told him he got into the role perfectly from the first time he read the script. Ward just wanted the money upfront. (West did it for free.) Sad News: he couldn't get a later autograph from Julie Newmar.

For the first time in his life RD has to entertain the people. (:05)

After Vince shows his impressive Blu-Ray they get down to the episode proper, which may be a possible drug reference. It was the 60s after all. (:13) What IS weird: there's no opening "BATMAN" singing.

Three year old Vince went to the '64 World Fair in New York.

RD takes umbrage at narrators thinking Gotham City was ever "peaceful". (:15) The people can't even solve basic riddles!

Vince wonders why the Riddler thought blowing up a "friendship cake" would be enough to get Batman's attention. (It was still a better explosion than the one AEW "had".)

Already Commissioner Gordon shows his secret crime boss characteristics by shaming his own incompetent officers. Quote he on Batman: "We're in luck, he's home."

This is one of the only times in the series that Bruce ever mentions his parents. (:23) Vince is confused by who's ward Dick is and what that entails, including who Harriet is actually Aunt to (it's Dick). He also calls RJ "JD".

Vince shows off his secret button mantelpiece. Sadly it does not open up any bookcases in his studio. (:26) He wonders why the Batpoles had cushions at the bottom. 

RD is too fixated on how the sounds and musical cues of the episode have different timing than the rest of the series.

Vince loved how everyone physically followed Batman while he walked around Gordon's office trying to solve the riddle (via Robin). (:31)

Vince momentarily forgot tents have stakes. RD has to help him out once more.

RD wonders why Robin walked on the Batmobile.

All the Batitems are meticulously labelled. Vince wonders if they label them themselves or get them from a vendor. As they climb up a wall Batman wonders if his friend is distracted by "that cute little teenager", raising questions from the two. Inside the building Batman then warns about "pedestrian safety". This raises more questions. They then bust through some glass to chase the Riddler without checking for any surrounding pedestrians. This raises further questions.

This leads to Riddler's actual plan, to sue the two to go to court and unmask them. Vince approves. RD does not. (:41)

Back at Stately Wayne Manor to figure out the next riddle, Bruce wears a stylish red smoking jacket. RD thinks he and Vince should wear something similar. Grayson solves it by "toot too tooting" to go to an "abandoned subway tool room" being used as the "What A Way To Go-Go" disco. Despite being able to drive the Batmobile, he's considered underage to enter.

RD mocks Vince for missing Jill St. John as Molly. (:47) Vince rates her an 8 out of 10 on his Batpole scale (10 being Shelly Winters), even as she is eating caviar from a huge jar. RD: "When you think fat-shaming, you think Jill St. John."

Batman refuses taking his cape at the disco door as he doesn't want to attract attention despite causing a girl to faint. (:53). He then drinks orange juice laced with Molly giving it a "mickey" (that's the technical term). 

Batman: "You interest me. ... Strangely."

Cue the Batusi! (:55)

RD also enjoys Robin just dancing around too while waiting in the Batmobile. 

After subduing Batman with a tranquilizer dart, the Riddler's attempts on Robin is foiled by turning on the Batmobile's Anti Theft Device by starting the car and causing more weak fireworks. Vince is mystified by the Emergency Batturn Lever. RD calls him out on it. (:59)

Ridder: "CURSES!"

Cue an influenced Batman attempting to drive before being stopped by "offesers" who probably took him back to the bar.

Despite the "goofy" connotations, the Co-Bros still find it alarming that the Riddler has Robin's head in a vice while he threatens him with a scalpel instead of unmasking him as was his original intent. Vince wonders if he would have his young children watching it. 

Vince makes a guess as to how Batman will save Robin "same time same channel...the worst is yet to come!". RD thinks it references the Joker's mustache. (:65) Vince wonders what his next plan of rescue would be if the first one failed. 

RD begs for more appropriate questions for them to answer. For now he marvels at how Frank Gorshin liked his outfit a little too much, and how people liking his successor surprise him. 

Vince aims to get his mantelpiece working by the end of their run together. (:73) RD just wants him to be better prepared. That reminds me of his earlier co-host.

Oh wait, RD HAS a question. Taylor Wilson on Patreon also asks about Aunt Harriet. RD mocks his living in a Unabomber-style shack. That also reminds me of his earlier co-host.

Vince threatens a giveaway of a (signed) The Death of WCW. He invites people to submit things to stump RD who would have to giveaway a (signed) Rope Opera.

  • Special Guest Villain: The Riddler (Frank Gorshin)
  • Entertain The People: 1
  • Fact or Fiction: 2

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