008 Naming Nicknames: October 14, 2005

Naming Nicknames
(32 minutes)

WrestleCrap Radio is like a junkyard.

WrestleCrap is holding a contest for the worst WrestleCrap Halloween costume. RD's favorite is one guy as the Ultimate Warrior with everyone else in the picture ignoring him.

RD's found Boo Berry at just about every grocery store close to him. Blade says King Vitamin should be renamed King Pedophile due to his creepy appearance.

Strike Force will reunite for an indy Halloween show. "Scary" Sherri Martel always scared RD.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan flipped over a bus at a charity bus race. Blade finds fault with this.

This podcast is considered the "USA Today of wrestling podcasts". I find fault with this.

Matt Hardy's new girlfriend is Ashley Massaro and not Alexis Laree, thankfully. Blade says he'll wrestle Nicole Bass if the Detroit Lions lose more games than the Colts this season. Last year Blade lost and had to watch One Night in Chyna. Blade dreamed of sharing muffins with Raven, but doesn't get into much more than mentioning it.

Update on the Dusty Rhodes book: a change of mind has kept it on the shelf. Question of the Week from Evil Master Betty: Following Jim Cornette's rule that an angle can be re-used after seven years, what angles would you like to see re-used? Blade wants to see that White Hummer return. RD meanwhile wants Evil JR to bring out fake wrestlers.

Speaking of JR, rumors abound that he's leaving Raw. The Co-Hosts don't really believe them, even more so when they hear WWE wants a replacement announcer with no wrestling experience but a desire for lots of money. Blade reveals his favorite announce team: Superstar Billy Graham, Lord Alfred Hayes, and Sean Mooney. Speaking of Charlie Minn...

Raw had plenty of McMahons, such as Nipple H.

Seventeen Syllables of Fun:
Stephanie now blond.
She kinda looks like Britney,
a pregnant Britney.

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