105 Wii Fat: May 23, 2008

Stubby's Debut, Wii Fat
(81 minutes)

A Crapper asks the forums for help for a WCR-related tattoo. Blade suggests the Trolla logo. More of his singing.

RD's Trip to Wal-Mart: RD was first in line to get the Wii Fit, a game which provides motivational insults (:17). Blade saw an inflatable Titanic slide (:29).

Obscure Wrestling News: Rodney Mack's opponent Broadway Joe Namath has a 3-29 record. (:33) Kevin Nash is selling a play-date on eBay where you can smoke one cigar with him. (:36). [You can find an 'archived' listing of the auction here.] The Big Show is to be starring in a 'comedy'. The Iron Sheik was on a comedy tour. Blade believes he wrestled with an erection.

Question of the Week from Gavin (2): WrestleCrap's new TNA correspondent is Stubby the Hobo Dummy (:54). He's brought his own laugh track. RD supplies some fake laughter of his own.

Blade entertained some WrestleCrap fans who watched Raw this week (:65). RD takes a full minute to set up a Horsey Sauce pun (:70). At Raw, Blade saw Roddy Piper, Ron Simmons, and the other sign guy (:72).

Seventeen . . . Breakfast Cereal Syllables For Your Entertainment:
C Double-U Post
Further proof that Vince is one
of twelve listeners.

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