104 A Kick in the Taint: May 16, 2008

Karaoke, Cena + Mickie
(74 minutes)

Blade started a vanity project at the Karaoke myspace page. He's ranked high because nobody knows about the karaoke myspace page yet.

Former WWE writer Seth Mates will be on in a few weeks. Blade's first question to him will be: "Have you mounted a cripple?"

In a thousand years, this will NOT be worth something.
RD's Trip to the Grocery after an 11 week absence: Blade tastes a Snickers Adventure Bar which promotes the new Indiana Jones movie with the power of coconut. They certify it as an adventurous kick right in the taint. (:19 - :29).

Obscure Wrestling News: Blade sings Neil Diamond songs and Rodney Mack wants to be an MMA fighter (:34). His first opponent is named "Broadway Joe Namath". RD wants him to enter the ring with the Drinking music. The Iron Sheik will be roasted, so Blade wonders if he can audition for it with Stubby, his ventriloquist dummy (:39). Hulk Hogan got in trouble for not removing his bandanna in court. RD says he wore a do-rag for the first time (:41), which is surprising for a balding man.

MovieTrolla: Shelly Martinez stars in The Porn Shoot Massacre (:44). Horsetrolla: Mickie James claims she's an athlete just like the horse that was euthanized at this year's Kentucky Derby (:53).

Question of the Week from Ed Salo: Kitty Dukakis gets raped for the second week in a row (:58).

The Divas are getting repetitive. (:62) The Deever in particular derives her strength from her hair like Samson. Trevor Murdock got his singing comeuppance by getting punched in the face. (:64) RD guested on Figure Four Daily and was asked to sing Mondo from the Muscle Rock Madness VHS tape. (:66)

Seventeen Miserable, Sad Syllables to Discuss This Week's Raw:
Mickie and Cena--
John better keep his hands off
or die a slow death.

RD: Do me King Vitamin! Do me deep!

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