102 Cinco de Captain Crunch: May 2, 2008

Stinko de Mayo, Live from Carl's Jr
(105 minutes)

RD has a touch of bronchitis, so Blade will be talking more than usual. This is despite him being too drunk to remember to be interviewed recently. Psicosis was deported for having invalid paperwork (:12).

Blade's Trip to the Grocery: Johnny Six's death means there's time for this segment to 'return' (:14), although this show is 25 minutes longer than last week's. Boo Berry is back at Blade's local supermarket. Blade dislikes Starosaurus, the mascot of some sort of generic Lucky Charms.

Obscure Wrestling News Good Times: Robecca DiPietro made a potato chip commercial contest entry, which she'll sleep with you for if you vote for it. (:23) Somehow this fact eats up sixteen minutes of the show.

Horsetrolla: Mickie James is in a music video alongside the Deever. Seven more minutes expire because RD is speechless. Sad News: Balls Mahoney was future endeavored. (:46)

I don't want to know what they
mean exactly by 'hand-scooped'...
Question Trip of the Week: Frank from L.A. is called. He tries out the Cap 'n Crunch Milkshake at a Carl's Jr (:54 - :71).

The former Big Nippled Vampire Shelly Martinez's name wasn't Spanish enough for TNA, so she's now called Salinas. (:76) Her Myspace page proclaims, "I LOVE boys with long hair and I have an eye fetish. I love them there eyes!!"

RD wasn't satisfied with Frank's eighteen-minute Cap 'n Crunch Milkshake segment and gets Josh Van Meiter to eat it. (He strangely sounds like Lee Marshall.) He runs into Weird Al as Rambo in his attempt. (:81 - :87)

More usual nonsense fills the last fifteen minutes. Hulk Hogan gets frisky with his daughter. Warrior wants to fight Vince at Wrestlemania. He too has a Myspace page. Trevor Murdock is stealing their gimmick of singing. Blade is 'inspired' to sing on his own Myspace page.

Seventeen Syllables on My New Favorite Wrestling Personality, Mike Adamle:
Adamle walked out.
Know what? That's a wonderful
fucking idea.

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