108 Hungry Hungry Ken Patera: June 13, 2008

Hungry Hungry Ken Patera
(87 minutes)

Photo taken by Sean Carless
This week's induction is the Ken Patera story. I must quote the induction. Mean Gene Okerlund: "The true tragedy began innocently enough. Late, on a snowy night, in Wakesha, Wisconsin, when a hungry Ken Patera went to a fast food restaurant after a grueling match. According to newspaper reports, Ken Patera was denied service, told the restaurant was closed for the night. It is alleged that Ken Patera and a co-defendant threw a rock through the restaurant window, resulting in a call to the police. . . . Who's to blame? The judicial system? Society? Or does Ken Patera bear the full brunt on his own wide shoulders? Let Ken Patera tell you." Ken Patera: "I accept full responsibility for my actions. I should have never listened to Bobby Heenan!""

Blade is continually drunk and likes to talk about his semen. The show has not jumped the shark because it IS the shark.

Blade's Trip to the Convenience Store: Mountain Dew Quest Doritos taste like Pine Sol Fruity Pebbles (:19) and the Jimmy Hendrix Liquid Experience tastes like strawberry battery acid (:30). Blade apologizes for it. Word of advice: Don't ever become famous.

Obscure Wrestling News: Maven was hired by Home Shopping Network (:37). Although there is a graphic on Maven's website for "Fan Mail," it is not linked to anything. My favorite piece of Maven News is: "Recently, without much of an announcement regarding this, Maven was removed from Day of Reckoning 2 for Gamecube due to his release from World Wrestling Entertainment. If you were planning on buying the game just because it was one of the few games that Maven was in, you might want to think twice now that he was taken out of the game."

Blade finds out in the book Ring of Hell that Arn Anderson gave Tylene Buck a cat-bath, which seems to be some sort of amazing accomplishment rather than yet another random term name that the kids are using these days. Meanwhile Stacy Kiebler is not appearing topless in a Disney mini-series.

Horsetrolla: Francine got married (:48). Stubby's TNA News: Ratings fell below A.M. Raw, which airs at 2 A.M. on Saturday nights. This prompts RD to play a thunderous soundbite. (:54)

Question of the Week: Chris Angler's (2) soundbite of a now voice acting Stephanie Wyand. (:60) Bret Michaels has fucked everybody (:61). Please click on this link to see a picture of a sad old man with a large package in tight jeans staring at you, next to a small diabetic child's endearing letter, all on a web 0.2 site.

RD calls a Trekkie named David who got a Trolla tattoo (:66 - :77).

People are not interested to see Vince try and give away a million dollars.

Seventeen Syllables:
Rick Astley on Raw
Never gonna give you up.
Ratings going down.

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