110 To Catch a (King) Pedophile: June 27, 2008

Draftolla 2008
(66 minutes)

The backside of the Draftrolla
#1 Miller Lite Draft. Drafts in normal sports make bad television because the most dramatic and important decision happens first.

#2 Stubby drafted to the WrestleCrap Radio promotional consideration department. RD invites him to visit WrestleCrap HQ.

#3 Lord Alfred Hayes has been drafted to the WCR canned laughter department.

RD's Trip to the Grocery: King Vitamin commercial (:13).

Obscure Wrestling News (:21): Outback Jack and Harvey Whippleman have new action figures. Blade eyes a dusty Moolah and RD is disappointed that Giant Gonzales' one doesn't have an airbrushed ass (:27). Even Colder Mike Austin arrived at the Greensburg, Indiana Wal-Mart in a broken-down truck (:32). It Came from Youtube: Hulk Hogan's Driving Tips. Blade doesn't want to sell his ghetto-park Skeletor autograph, but will sell a reproduction as part of the eBay Wrestlecrap garage sale, as well as his spare copy of The Young And The Wrestling porno (:37). Blade pops some painkillers as he tries to explain why he has more than one copy. Blade wonders how he got roped into this mess for nearly three years. Also at the auction is a five minute segment on a future WrestleCrap Radio show (:41). It would be cheaper to get a stupid WrestleCrap-related tattoo.

Question of the Week happens (:43). Lenny uses the books as an opportunity for matchmaking.

#4 The crickets have been drafted to TNA news. TNA had some house shows (:46).

Mark Henry will be a world champion this Sunday (:50). RD likes Raw again now that Hunter has been moved to Smackdown (:54). Jim Ross was drafted to Smackdown (:57), muttering, "I've had enough." It's my favorite "wrestling" moment of the year.

#5 Jim Ross drafted to WrestleCrap haiku department.

Haiku by Jim Ross:
Well I got drafted.
Good Ol' JR 's on SmackDown.
Hope I don't get raped.

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