109 Out Of Time: June 20, 2008

Tully Blanchard in the JJ Dillon Deli
(67 minutes)

In the first week of the WrestleCrap Garage Sale, Blade's funk sock sold. Milb Fan sent RD a list of the errors in the WWF Trivia Book. Milb stands for Minor League Baseball, not a sexual desire. Chili Cheese dog Twisteroni (:12) is not discontinued, despite what Blade thinks. RD is now thinking of having listeners pay to do segments.

RD's Trip to the Grocery: Kraft cheese & macaroni crackers (:18). RD wants to visit Tully Blanchard's Deli to have his meat sliced thin.

Blade: Why is it that whenever we have Ricky Morton news, it always has to be sad?
Obscure Wrestling News: Linda Hogan is dating a 19 year old (:21). Rodney Mack TKO'd "Winless" Joe Nameth in twenty-one seconds (:25). Jimmy Hart wants a tour of singing wrestlers, which would be quite awesome. Of course Blade manages to make it all sexual (:28). Sad News: Ricky Morton can't wrestle in Kentucky anymore. "Why do we never have happy Ricky Morton news?" asks RD (:33). Horsetrolla: Mickie James was on some show called "The Big 10" (:37).

Question of the Week: The Co-Hosts question how to offend the Listeners through song or deli. This week from Premier Blah: Mountain Dew Doritos are disgusted. An idea for RD to return to active wrestling in a Deal Or No Deal style angle is pondered. (:40). [In hindsight I should probably have made Trash Losagain the No Deal guy in that equation. - PB]

Stubby's TNA News happens: Jeff Jarrett is returning. (:52). RD loves the Rock (:58). ZZ Top is always on WWE shows when they're in one of those cities in Texas (:63).

This Haiku Outta Here:
An eye for an eye --
Kane versus Show with Sandy
Duncan as the ref.

RD: We'll keep an eye out for ya.

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