132 Sad Boys: January 16, 2009

66 minutes
"the saddest darkest WrestleCrap Radio ever"

Sad News: the passing of beloved actor Ricardo Montalban, of Khan Noonien Singh and Fantasy (Booking) Island (and one uncredited voicing of Claudius in MST3K's Hamlet). RD suggests not listening to this week's depressing episode and is nostalgic for the good old days of the Tee Hee Tickle Party. (:03) On the other hand, he DID once want a sad news special edition of WCRadio in the future (according to Iggy), so this could all be just another gimmick in an attempt to raise ratings. Next you'll tell me someone's been raped.

Sad News: Blade was at a strip club but Don Mason was not. (:05) RD gets through his sponsors in (monotone) record time as Blade stifles his 'laughter'. In a much more serious and darker note, Blade is not doing good either with his incurred debts and his mother sadly passing away before Christmas, and to alleviate his situation he is auctioning some of his stuff online, which includes some Katie Vick props (which can be found on his inspired eBay user name Hobo Auctions).

RD's TRIP to the Sad News. (:12) RD turned 40 and is probably feeling the first effects of a mid-life crisis, which he found from his celebrations which involved him driving an hour to a Denny's-like restaurant. Sad News: a drunk Don Mason once urinated on a cripple. (More Sad News: Blade was actually standing up for him at the time.)

Obscure Sad News (:23): WWE cut 90% of their staff and 85% of their roster which included Val Venis/Sean Morley, Sgt. Slaughter, D-Lo Brown (RD likens him to Nathaniel), and Ron Simmons. Blade does a bad Butch Reed impression. A WrestleCrap Goth Carnival is mentioned, but sadly nothing is said about kicking a leather-clad white face-painted Vincent in the balls.

Dr. Death Steve Williams is now working for Southwest (:33). Angry Jim Ross calls to discuss it. He also sings Happy Birthday to RD, and is rewarded by being angered off the air when RD calls him out on how he treats his hard working employee.

Question of the Week from the Engineer, the "only happy thing this week" (:40) asks what other career opportunities Mickie James would have if she left WWE. Speaking of Mickie James, the HorseTrolla also has Sad News (:46) - she was in a car accident. Thankfully she's alright.

The MegaTrollaTron 7800 didn't watch TNA again this week, he was also too depressed while looking for the Allspark. Sure enough, more Sad News: "Optimus Prime is a son of a bitch," he reports.

Current News finally has music, (:55) but that's the only good news we get. Sad News: The Duo's favorite pizza-making Diva Victoria is fully retiring from wrestling. The Co-Hosts reminisce of her baby kissing days. Sad News: Cousin Junior has passed away. (:61)

Seventeen Syllables:
Dark day in Mud Lick.
Cousin Junior is now gone.
Tears in my moonshine.

[I wonder though. If this week was so depressing why didn't they just skip recording for this week and pick it up again next week like they did a few times before? Quite odd...]

[Schadenfreude. I think it's the reason I like WrestleCrap in the first place. --iggy]

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