So where do we go from here?

For those of you who are just tuning in, WrestleCrap Radio has ended due to...well, fuck all, that's what. As someone who's been used to the nature of the show this isn't surprising to me. What is though is that it ended so soon. I was sure it would take some years or even a few months rather than just a lackadaisical few days and then an abrupt ending just because. Not that I'm complaining of course. But that is something for another day.

The question now is, what happens to this site? It IS named after that very radio program and was originally intended as its visual companion piece (as well as take the URL away from the Co-Fruitcakes before they could capitalize on it, but that was most definitely unintended. It's still pretty hilarious though).

Even so, there should be little to worry (or perhaps there should be a lot, but there is never a middle ground here). The site will remain standing, and I have no plans of taking it down, as a testament to whatever on earth that "podcast" was meant to be. And let me tell you, it's so absurd Salvador Dali would wonder what is this shit he's been listening to, that's how absurd it is.

There will of course be improvements and refinements over time, though obviously not too numerous and not that large a scale to be noticeable. The nucleus of the site will remain as it is, layout design notwithstanding.

And I know for sure that my collaborators will also be continuing to write on this site. And why shouldn't they? They're often more entertaining than the Co-Fruitcakes themselves most of the time, and they're definitely funnier than me too. And if this so called "Angry" Jim Ross manages to rope in other fellow 'guests' in to write stuff for the site as well, so much the better. So if you came just for the episode summations, I do ask that you please stay and at least read the other stuff as well. It should hopefully be very amusing.

Me? I plan to remain here too. Starting pretty soon I should be less lazy to write postmortems of the show, 'reviewing' it year by year and seeing where it all started to really go downhill.

And after? Well I still plan to write. It's been something I've been doing long before I came to this site, and I know damn well I'll continue it long after I've gone.

To that end, starting real soon I'm aiding in induction-ing for the main WC site; yes, I'm one of them now and I have many an idea on what I can write on for the Real Deal Real Deal Jack Diamond. Hopefully I won't suck at it. (Much.)

And I may very well use this website for my own thoughts on wrestling in general. If any. If I do get another separate website of my own, I'm certain to link it to this one and vice versa. (It pays to be synergistic after all.)

That's all you get for the time being, though that's because I'm yet too tired to think of anything else to add here. If you have any suggestions of your own on what you would like to see here, you of course know where to find us. Well, I think you do.


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