Episode 17: National Floozie League: August 8, 2013

Total Drunks %-)
35 minutes

WWCR will be 8 years old.

Blade calls their successor phone calls "TuRDBuS" for some reason.

[We at wrestlecrapradio.com appreciate that the Co-Fruitcakes do visit this here site (possibly while drunk), but we so-called "buffoons" (that's what we are apparently?) would like to clarify that The RD & Blade Show has never, on this here website, been initialed or referred to anything that remotely sounds like "TuRDBuS". It was in fact, at one point, abbreviated as "RD&BS" on the top menu, which later changed to just "R&B", in order to save room. @wwcrdotcom did reach Blade Braxton for comment on Twitter concerning this inaccuracy. His official statement was quote: “Ooops”, unquote. 

Our guess - that damn hobo was/is drunk again.


RD is going to make a section of the site for paying customers like he's some sort of cam-guy. (:04) Blade promises more stuff there is no way in hell he will deliver on.

WWE's new reality show about Total Divas - which is less real than a podcast featuring a terrible Jim Ross impersonation - proved itself as a big 'hit' by gathering 1.52 million viewers for its second week, up from...1.34 from the week before. This is apparently enough though for Blade to arrange a "Total Divas Fantasy League" with RD: i.e., a glorified drinking game. The rest of the phone call involves draft picks, a round of Rock Paper Scissors over the phone at :17 (which RD handily wins), and John Cena. Yes, even on a show about Divas, John Cena has to be involved.

No idea on what would be at stake here though. My guess: the loser has to appear on Total Divas.

Facts & Figures (as compiled by Erik Majorwitz)


  • The RD & Blade Show Sponsors: 2. USA Network, Dynomite!


  • Phone Calls & Run Ins: 2. John Wayne, Katherine Hepburn
  • RD’s Picks
    Divas: Nicky Bella, Eva Marie, Natalya
    Boyfriend:  John Cena
    Backstage:  Jane

  • Blade’s Picks
    Divas:  Brie Bella, Funkaldactyls
    Boyfriend:  Jimmy Uso
    Backstage Personnel:  Bill DeMott

RD Reynolds, 2013 Telephonic RPS Champion

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