Episode 19: Cereal Killer: August 29, 2013

What a mouthful.
63 minutes

RD is once again in Amsterdam for his business, and has even trapped himself in his hotel room to make his phone call. Blade laughs at the absurd situation for some reason.

RD: "See, that is worth me staying in this hotel, so that I could sit here and talk with you about Liz's granny panties."

Blade has a 25 year old erection. He should get that looked at by a doctor. (:06) Randy Savage's erection is brought up.

RD had a dream about being interviewed by Al Isaacs and constantly shilling himself before ending his interview with a bad joke. In other words, he made him listen to his radio progrem. (:08)

RD's Skype balance is running low, so he warns the show may be running short. Oh, if only that were true. (:13) He has an idea on basing his 'segments' on how much money they wasted - I mean, consumed. If he did that however, he would probably have to write the whole episode off as a loss. Blade bemoans having responsibilities. This costs 4 cents. (:16)

RD reads a sent-in plug that he forgot to read back in Indy in his Jeff Foxworthy impression. (:19)

RD takes a look through his minibar. (:23)

RD took a TRIP to a grocery store to buy some chips. (:28) He doesn't mind the Lays, even if they do smell like leather/shoes for some reason, but the Dutch ones make him gag.

This of course leads to discussion about wrestling clowns.

Coke or Coca-Cola? (:37)

Blade: "Real quick, before we get sidetracked..."

Blade doesn't want to be a father, not even to "accidentally adopt" a child. This pleases RD, as does us all. (:47)

Blade once met a rich dude. (:49) RD apologizes for the show devolving into yet more cereal discussion.

Blade's Boo Berry green poop is finally vindicated through an online search. (:55) This site is once again mentioned. (:57)

Blade has no idea who is winning in their drinking game. To his credit, I don't think anyone else really knows either. (:60)

Facts & Figures (as compiled by Erik Majorwitz)


  • The RD & Blade Show Sponsors: 7. NuclearClown.com, WrestleCrap.com, #OccupyCannes, Matt from X-Entertainment, Dinosaur Dracula, The Pirate Bay, USA Network 
  • SPEAKING OFs: 2. Youth, spike.
  • Blade's Poor Performance Excuse: Ear infection for two weeks.  
  • Phone Calls & Run Ins: 1. Gorilla Monsoon.

  • Blade Time Outs:  9 (2 Real Quick)
  • RD Time Outs:  3 
  • Blade Burps:  2
  • You’re Hurtin' Me Randy!:  1

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