Episode 2: Direct-To-Audio: January 11, 2013

30 minutes
This show was ackluster!
((( recorded in high phone-buzzing fidelity )))

Wow, a second recording in just one day? Madness, madness. RD tries to dissuade notions that this will be a frequent case. So I guess we're back to the monthly posts then.

RD tells about Diamond Dan hating being called "the splendid gem of professional wrestling", preferably on his hotline. Remember, that's 317 335 4688. Again, 317 335 HOTT. (:02) RD has already forgotten they had called his number once while on the air.

Blade is auctioning off his paper plate. But where will he ever get another one? (:05)

RD doesn't like sand. (:07) Discussion about Star Wars Episode 2 follows about why Anakin Skywalker doesn't like sand when it goes into his "sandy pee-pee hole" (Blade).

Blade wants a reality show about Jawas. (:10)

RD enjoys watching Saturday Morning Slam. (:12)

Sunny got engaged to the person she is accused of abusing and was just imprisoned for. This is sure to end well. (:14)

RD is at a Hungry Howie's ordering a pizza forcing him to 'break kayfabe'. Keep that in mind in case you want to court him. (:17) RD then takes his turn to offend by calling said Hungry Howie a "hippie dope smoker". (:20)

RD has wondered off to the nearby video store during all this. Sadly their wrestling section is lacking. (:21) Blade remembers when he once saw a "Lockbuster Video".

RD plays a silent Def Leppard song over the airwaves. I assume it's the cover of John Cage's 4'33.

Blade is driving around at night despite having had his pupils dilated (and perhaps being drunk) so RD uses it as an excuse to end today's outing.

Blade: "Some people said we did good by ending our old show in July."

Facts & Figures (as compiled by Erik Majorwitz)


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