Stubby the Hobo Ventriloquist Dummy is a foul-mouthed ventriloquist doll that Blade found in his basement.

For many months, Stubby was the 2nd TNA correspondent for WrestleCrap Radio. He made his first appearance on May 23, 2008. He was thrown on a fire at a 4th of July picnic in 2008 by a bored sounding Mrs. Deal, but was rescued by a beaver. This does not explain his earlier miraculous appearance in the Shoot Interview which required this random resurrection of his.

Currently, he has appeared on the show randomly.

  • Has his own laugh track. RD provides his own (fake sounding) laughs. 
  • Despite being 'dead', somehow made an appearance alongside the Co-Fruitcakes at the Shoot Interview. This caused all sorts of 'continuity problems'.
  • Had to literally pull himself together at the Roast.
  • Is not fully used to having Blade's hand stuck up his ass. 
  • Despite being a ventriloquist dummy RD never sees his lips move.

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