Round Two - AEW Open: September 23, 2021

50 minutes

"RD is Right, Russo is Wrong". The two raise their fists for battle. 

RD got his Co-Dude to watch AEW Dynamite at Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York. He was watching it until his 60th birthday in January, when he stopped as he didn't feel it was fun anymore. He only watched it for RD's sake, which is very touching. He also admits his nervousness in fear he may be misunderstood by the audience of "the World Wide Interwebs" and jeopardize their friendship. He has nothing to worry about: if RD wouldn't mind me calling Blade a drunken failure for close to 13 years, he can handle some disagreement over a wrestling progrem. 

"Disclaimers out of the way," the two get down to business. (:08) 

  • RD asks where Sting's guard bird was when he was doing his own Joker impression. Vince does not remember it at all. 
  • He also admits he did not fully watch the long matches due to an ingrained short attention span from his Attitude days where they had to plan short matches around commercial breaks.
  • RD thought the 30 minute draw between Bryan Danielson and Kenny Omega was one of the best he had ever seen, assisted by the audience. (:13) He assumes Vince would not like it because it is not in his more short-term writing style. Vince is about to disclaim again before RD stops him. He saw the last 10 to 12 minutes as just a viewer, but even then he did not care to see any more. He does admire Bryan's authentic enthusiasm and character from his earlier WWE days to consider him a fine young egg, hence his watching worried either man may suffer an injury. 
  • RD thinks Omega makes a great heel even if slightly overrated, especially with Don Callis managing him. (:22) Vince also likes him from his past interview work, because he is drawn more to stand-out characters who put in the time and effort.
  • Vince: "RD, don't take offense to this." He sees some wrestlers and the audience forced attempting to be "cool" which doesn't do it for him, with the exception of CM Punk who also shows authenticity, and Hangman Page. 
  • RD thinks this "coolness" may be part of some people's gimmicks. Vince still doesn't like it.
  • About booed "good guy" Cody Rhodes with a super long cape, (:36) Vince remembers when he once made a statement against his appearance at Starrcast, among other things, despite their never having met. He knows he did that just to get over, but he doesn't know if there is any more to it than that, wrestling persona or otherwise. (RD did meet them that one time and it went favorably.) He does know it is hard to get behind him now after seeing him lose so much beforehand. RD understands, but also knows the AEW folks were willing to give him another chance to try again and better.
  • As for Sting vs. "Little" Darby Allen, Vince is grateful for Sting bringing him back to spirituality, wrestling once more at their age group, and being happy while doing so. He understands Darby doing the daredevil things he does as he's for a different audience than he.
  • Ultimately Vince is ambivalent, but doesn't mind those who enjoy it. He just wishes they don't then have to fight those who don't. Quips RD: "Maybe if you had more disclaimers people wouldn't attack you."

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