Episode 6: Holy Deadlines!: September 5, 2021

Batman is Riled
January 27,1966
"Batman avoids a public unmasking but is unable to bring in the Joker, thanks to the villain's utility belt. Eventually, Batman and Robin are captured by the Joker's gang. But the Joker doesn't know a showdown with the Dynamic Duo awaits."
82 minutes 

RD is Harold's Real Dad. He wrote down more than he ever did when he was in university. Vince gives him sound clipped applause for his smarts.

Previously "the Joker throws a curve!", due to his pitching. RD gives a run-down. He enjoyed the narrator randomly saying "gesundheit." 

Vince wonders why the Joker's hair was brown on TV and no where else in the series. (:05) RD reminds him they didn't expect the series to be examined in such minute detail.

Anyway, the Joker does a zombie crawl to try and unmask the Duo. RD thinks he moved slower than near death Andre the Giant. The Co-Bros call him out for again being foiled by the constitutionally-mandated utility belt that he didn't bother to remove from Batman which he used to escape once more through triggering the sprinklers with a bomb. Vince thinks this is foreshadowing the US's future Afghanistan involvement. RD: "Wow." (:10) 

Batman takes too long to secure his Batrope to his Batarang before throwing it (and never missing). I suppose a grapple would be too complicated or big to use and attach to any utility belts (covered by the constitution or otherwise), never mind it looking too much like a gun to confused those like five year old Vince watching.

Batman: "As a duly deputized agent of the law, I order you to surrender!"
Joker: "As the crown prince of crime, I decline! I hope this doesn't depress you!"

And then he uses a theatrical sandbag to pull himself up. As Batman chases Joker stops him with binding confetti. Now fully tied up and helpless...Joker just leaves. RD theorizes he just wanted to have others know who Batman was rather than himself. Vince thinks one of his henchmen would be shooting shaky-cam Raw 50 years later. RD: "No one can be that bad."

Batman (exhausted for some reason): "This time the Joker gave the party. Next time we will hand out the door prizes."

Back at the Batcave they watch anchorman Fred quote the Narrator. Then Fred re-quotes him to Gordon. This depresses him, and causes O'Hara to try and photobomb the screen for some reason. (:18) A very young RD had his photo with Bret Hart photobombed by Owen. Fred thinks the high crime is caused by "Batman and Robin's impotence." Then he quotes the prayers of his Small Son Harold, Just Eight Years Old. (:23) Vince wonders if and why they're overreacting to the Joker's impotence. 

The Co-Bros disagree still on Queenie, even more so when they thought her actress was Kim Novack instead of Nancy. (:27) Mrs. Deal thinks they should rate the men like they do the women with their Batpoles. RD responded by asking her what she thought about Gordon.

Anyway the Joker interrupts to shock Fred with his joy buzzer to taunt Fatman and Boy Blunder. Vince thinks Romero improvised it. RD thinks he enjoys his mocking. Vince liked the camera antics including zooming in the eponymous facial hair and his crooked teeth. RD liked Vince didn't mock Queenie's mask. "As long as you're not impotent."

Vince has to step out of the studio to unsuccessfully retrieve his phone. RD entertains the people by comparing Vince's space unfavorably to his own for a solid minute. (:33)

Alfred corrects Bruce's grammar. Vince is reminded of when Wade Keller also does that when they podcast together. 

While Robin is himself depressed about things, (and Vince thought he was talking about his gimmick when he said "we only have so much to give,") the two figure things out to crash into a glass warehouse to have a fight without word balloons or sound to cover up the stunt doubles. Vince wondered why the Duo would need them instead of doing things themselves and/or with Alfred. RD guesses it was for insurance purposes.

Poor Batman is once again tied up in confetti when he doesn't realize his utility belt was swapped out for a fake one. "He hit us below the belt!" (:43) Cue the newspaper spin headline: "POLICE POWERLESS!" RD thinks that should have been the headline all the time. Robin: "Holy deadlines! We're Grade A dumbbells!" Batman reminds him there's no shame in sometimes putting yourself first.

RD bumps Queenie to 8 Batpoles due to her new look. Vince once interviewed Susie Spirit who is thus off the charts according to his view. Joker aims to do more antics with a fake champagne bottle. "I swear by every fiend of felonious fundom!" RD thought he heard funyuns. I know at least one voice actor who hates them.

Joker (giving the bottle to Queenie): "You know what to do with this." Vince thinks he's sexual innuendo-ing.

Sad News: Last day's bar patron did not show up to heckle the Duo or be a series regular. Instead somebody else did while they were christening the SS Gotham with the Joker's gimmick bottle. RD does Gordon as played by Tiny Tim. Batman, sensing something is up from the cork and the fake utility belt, tells Robin to take a "universal drug antidote" pill with him to combat a "contagious" headache, which may result from knockout gas coming out of the bottle. Vince finds it hilarious that they use gas all the time more than he ever used poles. RD thinks it's that or toy swords.

Joker captures them again and demands the "title" to the boat. The Co-Bros disagree on what that means. (:53) If he does not get it the Joker will decapitate the Duo. Vince knows they're just pretending yet is puzzled by why they're not looking at the action in case something happens. But they get up anyway. Joker: "Egads! What sorcery is this?"

Vince wonders if there are paralyzing gasses other than his own personal one. 

Cue the big fight with music and graphics and the Joker Donkey Kong throwing barrels around before he trips on his own utility belt causing an explosion. Queenie tries and fails to seduce Batman. Quote he: "Poor deluded child."

Fred can now reassure his Small Son Harold, Just Eight Years Old, that Batman & Robin will always be around to help. Sadly neither can do anything to help Dick being picked on again by Bruce and Aunt Harriet while at the piano again. Vince wishes he was able to track down Current Day Harold, Just Sixty Three Years Old. RD pictures him running a Jiffy Lube while drug dealing in Tupelo. Vince thinks his dog Spot gave him rabies. (:61)

To spread things out for the long term (that's the joke), Vince wants a bonus episode for the next time. He thinks next one's Mr. Freeze would also be a strong threat for Batman. RD suggests to wait a while for that until they have more villains to discuss. He finds Joker creepy enough as he is currently, more so than Riddler. 

RD shills. (:70) Vince guesses one Mike Derbin messaged RD that he was using his microphone wrong. He propped it up with a copy of The Death of WCW (10th Anniversary Edition). The two discuss their book writing and potential plans (if got around to them). 

Of the six episodes so far, Vince thinks today's was the best, even if mediocre. RD has it as pretty good, Queenie's presence or otherwise. (:77) Sad News: he never saw The Green Hornet, unlike Vince.

  • Special Guest Villain: The Joker (Cesar Romero)


  • Vince Time Outs: 1  
  • Entertain The People:
  • Poor Deluded Child: 1

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