Episode 7: Holy Wunderbar!: September 12, 2021

Instant Freeze
February 2, 1966
"Dr. Shivel aka Mr. Freeze has returned and is seeking revenge on Batman, who accidentally spilled a freeze solution on him, being forced to live in a -50 climate. He is committing crimes involving diamonds, or "ice," in different forms. He freezes the duo, who look like goners."
92 minutes

RD is Less Boring than Mr. Freeze. Like Vince I disagree. RD is glad this episode wasn't the first as he found it terrible. Like Vince I disagree.

Vince finds it weird that he thought it would be a different actor playing Mr. Freeze than the one we get today. RD finds it weird that it was more action than camp today. Both liked that they started with action though, in this case at an ice rink with a looping scream and a motorcycle cop: "some kook melted the ice skating rink!" says someone in a "Gotham" accent. 

Vince has no idea why villains need to do something outlandish to get Batman's attention when just a simple crime will do. (:08)

The motorcycle cop chases a truck for "Amalgamated Ice Cream" causing RD to consult a dictionary. Mr. Freeze stops the cop by freezing the road. Vince continues to wonder why Batman would need to be consulted anyway for the act of flamethrowing an ice rink. RD likens it to if anything happened to his video store. He also reminds him it was Gordon who made the call.

Vince segues to his time between WCW and TNA where he ran a seedy CD warehouse and hired someone because he gave him a business card for "Dawgman". He once chased a teenage shoplifter in a truck while leaving the shop unattended. (:12) RD was concerned he would shoot him.

For the first time we get some background on a villain, even if he is a "diabolical snowman" (:20). This is done in a police station with only 3 other unkempt looking police officers including O'Hara. Attitude Era WWF banned facial hair according to Vince like a reverse theocracy. (McMahon DID try to book a match against God after all.)

This time Bruce and a quite excited Dick are talkin' baseball (and Holy Koufax) (:23). Alfred loudly announces the Batphone calling right near some civilian players without coding it. Bruce responds by having to go for his date and a "teenage girl" for Dick. Vince thought Bruce was wearing a odd hairpiece. 

Cut to showing Mr. Freeze in an astronaut suit. George Sanders was the original Shere Khan in The Jungle Book. Despite it being one of his top three favorite movies Vince mistakes him for voicing Kaa. 

Batman: "Well poor devil!...He probably wants some kind of dividend."

Apparently he was the one who caused the suit due to throwing anti-freeze at him in a lab fight. Between this and originally being named Mr. Zero it's a wonder an animated series of all things 25 years later finally gave him his due (and Mark Hamill his first step to becoming the Joker).

The police have no idea what 'dividend' means. O'Hara: "Shenanigans!" Vince gives him and RD canned applause. 

The Co-Bros are confused about where there would be nearby mountains where Freeze would be hiding in his air-conditioned lair. RD uses his Germanic heritage to say his one German phrase that he has lost his keys. Vince finds him more intelligent than the earlier villains. (:33) RD thinks he should have gone legit with a cooling and heating company or by using his technology for good and profit. Vince gives him more applause but he knows he would not give up his desire for revenge. 

Mr. Freeze: "I vill toy with him like cat mitt maus!...Virst I toy, und then I destroy!"

His plan is to...use five Batmen and Freezes. He leaves this to his henchmen Nippy, Chill, and...Moe. 

In the Batcave's (not Mr.) Freeze Chamber, the Duo try to adapt to sub-zero temperatures with anti-freeze capsules on monkeys. (:40) RD jumps too far ahead to Vince's liking, ignoring Alfred giving the Duo iced tea for their "chilly reception". Quote he: "contraption". 

RD then has to help Vince understand their logic in reading a map to deal with the now six Batmen running around town. Even Gordon knows something is up, and it's not just the extra person. They find Freeze wants to steal diamonds, or "ice" as he calls them, including one Kashmir Diamond. He melts a horse figure, freezes the safe containing the diamond, then melts it. Yet he doesn't want his henchmen to shoot the guards with actual guns. 

Then the fakes and the real Duo show up for the fight which finally has music and graphics. (:47) Robin almost punches his own friend during the scuffle. "It's the real me, chum!" Mr. Freeze...freezes the Batmobile before escaping with an immediate skywriting "Strike one on Batman!" Vince gives RD applause for correcting his pronunciation of the word "turbines". RD wonders how Mr. Freeze could have pulled off such timing. Vince McMahon: "Creative license."

Back to the Batcave they turn to the Inter-digital Bat-Sorter Anti-Crime Computer to determine that Freeze will now rob jewelry shops. Robin: "YYYEEEAAAHHH!!!" RD hopes they got their money's worth.

They also determine another prospective target with the world's largest diamond would be one Princess Sandra, Formerly Sandra Karlson from Brooklyn. "Baby Got Back!" Vince handwrote and underlined. "Now this was a tasty morsel!" (:51) He gives her 8 Batpoles. RD: "What? She's maybe, dot dot dot, MAYBE, in all caps, if I am being generous, like a 5." Sadly actress Shelby Grant (Formerly Brenda Lou Thompson) is no longer with us. Vince knew her husband Chad Everett. RD keeps unfairly calling her a dog.

Princess Sandra, Formerly Sandra Karlson from Brooklyn gets beef in a crate, but it's actually Freeze as "Cold Cuts!" The two wonder why he had to do such rather than just break in normally, unless he wanted to establish his pun-making capabilities

Cue the Bat-Turn into more serious stuff for some reason as Freeze had frozen and then shattered someone. The two wonder if Alfred will have to clean it up with a wetvac. They also learn his name is Dr. Art Shivel. (Dr. Victor Fries would only be after the 80s Crisis on Infinite Earths.) The Dynamic Duo climb four feet up the building Freeze is in boringly rather than with the Batrope.

Freeze finds his items with a "VUNDERBAR!" (:61) Arby's is Vince's favorite fast food joint but they don't have the Wunderbar ketchup dispenser that was at RD's branch for six months. Vince reminds people to use the Arby sauce which RD's Cincinnati branch didn't have. RD likes asking for "horsey sauce". 

The two disagree on putting mayonnaise on hot dogs. Vince applauds his wife for being married to him for soon to be 38 years despite sometimes getting on each other's heads. This includes using all the condiments which he despises and feels he has to apologize for. (:65) RD never had that problem or any other with his 20 year marriage to Mrs. Deal. 

Anyway, Freeze ignites the curtains to try and distract Batman: "Safety of hotel guests first!" he tells Robin. (:69) Vince wonders why he would want to use fire since he is an iceman. Down on the street Freeze freezes the Duo by pointing his gun at them before pulling the trigger, just as another immediate skywriting states "Strike two on Batman!" 

Mr. Freeze: "That is the way the ice cube crumbles!"

Narrator: "Is Robin cool?...FOR GOOD? Can no one save our noble pair of human Popsicles? Same time, same channel! One word of warning: by watching you too can lose your cool!"

RD thinks this is the worst episode yet and dreads the next one. Vince disagrees due to Freeze's backstory. He also waits 24 hours before kissing his wife after she eats one of her condimented sandwiches. RD responds by calling his wife by the wrong name.

One of Vince's fellows shouted out WrestleCrap. RD was private message shouted out by a former WWE person now at ESPN. (:79)

Vince is not yet familiar with AEW or Tony Khan and doesn't understand the hatred around things. (:89) He plans to watch an episode of Rampage to discuss vs. RD next time for Patreon.

  • Special Guest Villain: Mr. Freeze (George Sanders)


  • RD Time Outs: 1
  • Vince Time Outs: 2
  • Entertain The People: 2

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