Special #1: The DL: November 14, 2021

63 minutes

"RD is A Pepper Too". (I put him more as a Thunder.) Russo lists his Patreon. He gives himself applause. "You never doubt Vince Russo!"

As stated from last week, and proving a giddy RD wrong for once, Vince has the lovely Donna "DL" Loren (last week's Susie Spirit) on screen with them, coming in from Hawaii. 

  • Loren thought Romero was the handsomest man on set. Vince gives RD applause for his correct guess. He was a generous gentlemen, but always in character (what is it with Joker actors always doing that?). 
  • Loren: "They didn't shave my mustache either."
  • The show was already a big draw even during filming, with many kids trying to stare over the walls of the sets.
  • She was never impressed by West who kept trying to fill out his tights. (:12)
  • Batman replaced the (music) show she was on, Shindigs, which always had some sort of controversy due to being desegregated. She was hired for the role without needing much of an audition due to having most of the required wardrobe design already, among other things. She once got into trouble for not wearing a bra.
  • She confirms to Vince that Aunt Harriet never wore a bra. (:18)
  • She felt Susie had courage due to being a younger character but also hopefully a conscience.
  • She re-met the surviving Monkees sometime ago.
  • She had a very constraining contract as the Dr. Pepper Girl. (:28) However they did help a lot in giving her screen presence. Her audition for it was also a very quick thing. 
  • She visited the Batcave and thought it was fun. 
  • Joker 2019 was a great movie, but so intense to watch just the once. 
  • Shindigs had such great musical talent around it, but unfortunately the racial issues on its broadcast hobbled it.
  • It took many years working with a psychologist colleague to write down her life story. (:46) The pandemic gave her an opportunity to tell it as a podcast (Love's A Secret Weapon) alongside her singing, and even involve fan participation.
  • After her next show once again encountered race related opposition, she met her first husband who helped her to take control of things and retire from acting with no regrets. (:51) Even so the amount of work she did in such a short amount of time astounds the Co-Bros. 
  • She prefers coffee and bagels over cereal, but she will try Captain Crunch for Vince. He gives her applause for it. RD does not know what bagel lox are.
  • Husband Jered makes an appearance. (:59) Love is spread amongst the four. Vince gives more applause, as is rightfully due.

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