Episode 16: Holy Smoke!: November 21, 2021

He Meets His Match, the Grisly Ghoul
March 3, 1966
"To find out the Joker's goal of his grand scheme, Robin goes undercover into the teenage delinquent underground."
62 minutes

"RD: Disco Tek Alum". Having met Mike Check, I don't doubt that. (Fascinating.) 

Vince is still gushing over their interview with Donna Loren. He admits unlike her he has a bad memory. RD admits that Blade also had a much stronger memory when they were doing the radio progrem (or rather he spent all day reading about himself on this very site).

RD compliments the recapping and the Narrator's dramatic voiceover.

The third lemon comes up - and there's a power outage. RD: "They didn't do anything!" (:05) The Joker is reminded of New York. Vince remembers the "yuge" Northeast Blackout of a year earlier, which according to he produced a "baby boom". RD helps him to find he is wrong from the ever accurate Wikipedia.

The police show up to rescue the Duo.
Cop: "Holy smoke!"
Robin: "Get us out of here before that's what we are! Holy smoke!"

They return to candlelit Police HQ. Gordon: "A mobile slot machine torture van! Why, the mere possession of such a vehicle violates at least seventeen separate statutes." 

In response Batman pulls out a huge reel of tape from his pants. RD thinks it was in the hole in the back of his suit. (:10) Vince: "Interesting." 

They take it to the Batcave's Anti-Crime Voice Analyzer still powered by that Atomic Pile of his...but wait until the morning when overall power returns. Bruce needs recuperation you know, he's not Superman. Vince calls him a vampire, perhaps because of the bat connection. He is also appalled that the Duo's stunt doubles are obviously visible even in wide shots. 

Sad News: After attempting to watch Santa With Muscles (on Blu-Ray), Mrs. Deal does not want to watch any more bad Christmas movies. (:15) RD tempts Vince to watch it with him.

Anyway they determine that Susie is with the Joker. Robin: "Holy Benedict Arnold!" He proceeds to have a huge breakdown as Batman steadies his old chum: "It's an old story I'm afraid, old as Eve and the apple and the snake. The Joker must have promised her some baubles that led her astray." Vince thought he meant breast enhancement.

The two then temporarily forget Christopher Walken's name. Vince suggests Tony Khan. Tony/Walken as Max Shreck in Batman Returns also mentioned baubles. Even the Gotham series had a Catwoman looking like Pfeiffer and Paul Ruebens playing a role.

RD broke a finger within an actual treasure chest while assisting in the Arcade, and put it in a splint to heal. (:24) Vince compares their friendly play fighting to Tom & Jerry.

Anyway, they track Susie to the candystore, and Batman assigns undercover agent Dick Grayson to infiltrate it as "Dark George". He does so in a purple and black leather ensemble where she immediately knows who he is.  "Hiya, Sue-baby, how's tricks?" he says randomly before placing an obvious camera fully visible in front of them without anyone commenting on it. He also calls Bruce a "skinflint" and tries a drag on one cigarette before coughing; he says he's already smoked two packs already. The boyfriend Nick sends Dick to the robbed bar before for some money. Susie asks for Dick to remain with them: "he can climb real good." Nick: "That guy never had a weed in his life."

All of this is observed by the one camera constantly changing camera angles. 

In the back Nick relays his frustrations about Susie to the Joker. They decide to get rid of her after she refills the milk machine. He also gives her "Canadian perfume" to entice her.

Batman also goes to the bar and sends the patrons to the back while he tackles the jukebox. RD wonders why he didn't just send them all outside. He and Robin hide behind a Batshield to block the pop up gun's bullets and destroy the jukebox with a smoke bomb. He then tasks bad liar Robin to help him rescue Susie: "That young lady's life isn't worth a plugged lollipop!" Then to the bartender: "a bit of advice. Always inspect a jukebox carefully. These machines can be deadly."

Back at the hideout Joker makes a bet with his bookie Pete the Swede on Woodrow Roosevelt to lose their basketball game against one Disco Tech. (:38) Vince is a small wager gambler on occasion, his last bet being on baseball in the beginning of the latest season. 

The Duo reach Susie (shockingly on time) but she doesn't listen to them (probably because Batman also calls her an old shoe), and putting on her perfume knocks her out. Nick tells Joker that he believes she's actually dead (not knowing Batman gave her a Batantidote) after putting her on the "meat wagon". Joker: "What's the life of one greedy little dupe?" He then gives Nick an exploding cigar. 

At the gym the team goes for some milk from the machine, which instead spits out test answers. Joker shows up to take pictures of the 'cheating' team to get them suspended...immediately, so that Disco Tech can then face a random scrub team and he can win his bet. RD wonders on the athletic ability of the players as a whole.

Suddenly there's a Batshadow and Batman speaks, except his pose and angle are completely different in another shot. Ready to deliver a "punchline" the Duo swing down to fight a not terribly good battle. During it Joker rolls a barbell at Batman who...steps aside. He then picks it up and throws it back like a soccer ball. Joker tries his sneezing powder, but unfortunately for him Batman already took an Anti-Allergy Pill. He then defeats Joker with his Batarang.

RD wonders why Joker thought betting big on a high school basketball game would be the way to make money. (:50) They have more questions on why Susie is suddenly at Stately Wayne Manor where Dick gives her the opportunity to cheerlead in the Wayne Foundation for Delinquent Girls. Vince wonders if people would raise questions if a certain former president would also make such a Foundation. RD has one. Vince: "Then she kisses Dick. I don't know what that means."

They enjoyed the episode and Romero and Loren's performances, but the whole plot and thing about Dick Grayson, Undercover Agent was a mess. Vince favors the Joker for being physical more believably than other villains even if he is like 7 feet tall (he's been canonically listed at 6 feet).

The two then temporarily forget Jill St. John's name.

RD shills Rupert's Kids for a change since Rupert found an early detected throat cancer. I join RD in wishing all the very best for the man, a genuine fine young egg.

  • Special Guest Villain: The Joker [2] (Cesar Romero) [2]

  • Brown Hornet Escapes: 1. Power outage

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