Episode 32: Holy Molars!: March 13, 2022

The Riddler's False Notion
April 28, 1966
"As the Dynamic Duo pursue the Riddler, they discover the true purpose behind his cinematic theme and his ultimate target."
64 minutes

"RD Wishes He Had Robin's Teeth" He reminds Vince of that one guy from Cheap Trick. He remembers that but not what happened this day until he rewatched it (and liked it). RD is confused by Vince's hair.

While Robin remains tied up, Batman rushes back to the Batmobile to find his "tiny utility belt radio" taking up half the seat. Young RD won a transistor radio while on a helicopter ride for a radio station's traffic report. 

Gordon, now recovered from his baseball debate thanks to a Bat-antidote, runs out to apologize for his actions. RD wonders why he doesn't do that every week. Batman: "Let that be a lesson: in the future, be more careful from whom you accept free lemonade." He then starts up the engine only to release a shower of riddles which leads to him to the Gotham lumbar yard. Gordon: "Goodbye Batman! Save the boy!"

He shows up only to find Robin is instead a mannequin and Riddler is wearing a top hat, a handlebar mustache, and a whip. (:12) RD wonders why they didn't just go through with the cutting of the mannequin anyway. 

The goons run off but Batman catches Pauline. "Stop! Surrender! Give yourself up! Or by all that's holy I may forget myself AND DO YOU VIOLENCE!" But he manages to restrain himself to interrogation in Gordon's office as an excuse to distract the audience with another sensual look "hard as nails" by baring her chest and still not wearing a bra. The Co-Bros thus raise their Batpoles to 9, making her the new top lady. 

RD: "Why does Riddler get all the hot chicks?" 

Unable to get anything out of her Batman requests to take her to the Batcave to "work on her". He needs to "Batgas" her to knock out her and Gordon to be a witness "for Robin's safety" and to protect himself from potential litigation. She of course looks and sounds terrified while Gordon is reassured "the sensation is not unpleasant." Then Batman just stacks the bodies on the passenger seat as he takes them. 

As Gordon is utterly amazed by the Bat-technology, Batman gets the "Truth Control Bat-tester" to stick on her face and creep her out. Gordon: "There are those who came to this Batcave and never left!" The two wonder about his covering of one of Riddler's earlier girls dying on the Atomic Pile and wonder if Pauline joined her. To determine if the riddles she has are truthful, Batman tests her "captured breath" to turn a vial red. This leads him to the Chessman building. Gordon: "No wonder you're the nemesis of crime!" So he gasses her again and asks O'Hara to pick up Gordon just laying there on the side of the road. There is no further word on her fate, and one wonders what she may be up to while still a prisoner, given Batman's earlier activity. (Perhaps this is what drew Frank Miller to the franchise.)

This leads to Mrs. Deal's favorite scene where Robin is tied up on a ledge as Riddler prepares to film his fall. (:33) Apparently his scheme here is being paid 1 million dollars for a snuff film (paid for by who?). One goon tries to play a harmonica for music. Batman gets there in time to reassure Robin. Riddler: "CURSES!" He pushes him off as Batman very slowly lowers a Batrope to catch with his teeth.
Robin: "Holy molars! Am I ever glad I take care of my teeth!"
Batman: "True. You owe your life to dental hygiene. If only more people -"
Riddler and Goons interrupt in a helicopter to oddly sky-write a riddle on the El Chief train about to be held-up at the Gotham Central Station.  

Back in the Batcave Robin calls Gordon to update him and to ask him how he feels. Gordon: "Tell Batman it was like waking from a strange refreshing dream." 

Of course the police are going to the wrong place; Riddler is actually dressed up as a cowboy at the mansion of Van Jones pitching him on a silent movie about Batman. RD is amazed that they remembered to remove the sound for it. Van Jones is also amazed and is willing to pay $100,000 for it. Vince thinks the other $900,000 is royalties and back-pay. RD wonders how he will get his check disbursed. (It was the 60s; the first official attempt at anti-money laundering would only come in 1970's Bank Secrecy Act. Perhaps there were a few Congressmen influenced by watching the show.)

Of course Riddler's real target is the films in his vault. Yet as the goons rummage through the vault, a Bat-shadow projects on the wall. The Duo had of course determined he had actually referenced a film about a train robbery. Riddler: "Get them, boys! Get them, or we'll never make it to the border!" The fight barely lasts long enough for Robin to even need to stand up. Riddler is so overwhelmed he doesn't even ask about Pauline's whereabouts. 

At Stately Wayne Manor Aunt Harriet has to leave to a restaurant for her birthday while Alfred fluffs pillows. Vince was saddened she didn't open her jacket. The Duo then come in to surprise her with best wishes before leaving.

RD saw The (recent) Batman at the Skyline and liked it despite its length and subject matter and brightness. (:50)

RD wrote about a basketball game.

RD shows Vince some footage of Gorshin on Dean Martin's show singing and dancing and riddling and giggling and having the time of his life, as one normally should. (:58)

  • Special Guest Villain: The Riddler [4] (Frank Gorshin) [4]
  • Screen Captures: 2. RD, RD
  • Entertain The People: 1

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