Episode 34: Holy Oxygen!: March 27, 2022

Batman Makes the Scenes
May 5, 1966
"With a brainwashed Alfred supplying the information he needs, the Penguin executes his plan against the wealthy social dinner."
63 minutes

"RD is not as lewd as this episode!" 16 years of WrestleCrap Radio disagree with that. He is also back with his cap with his pinball machines. 

The Narrator unintentionally foreshadows one of the girls at the practice dinner being a part of the Penguin's schemes.

Batman immediately starts breathing heavily, reminding RD of current day McMahon. 

Penguin: "They're still breathing. How in the name of purple wombats do they manage that?...Mouse is too much! Let it dip below Butterfly!" 

Cue Penguin and goons working the large bellows while Finella opens her mouth excitedly and bends over in front of it in such a way that it would make current day McMahon breathe even move heavily. (:08) Vince remembers her turning towards the camera to show her camel-toe. He was sad they didn't make a joke about her forgetting her glasses. 

Penguin is so happy he jump-clicks his heels together like False Face. "Butterfly, Batman! Butterfly!" 

Then they all just leave, allowing Batman to all of a sudden open his eyes and breathe normally. As he explains in mid-sentence in Gordon's office, he had "the emergency tank of Bat-oxygen" in his utility belt. That still doesn't explain how he then untied his bonds. RD wondered why he didn't just slow his breathing, which is definitely something the Dark Knight could do. Perhaps the staff were still stuck with Finella. Robin: "Holy oxygen!" O'Hara: "Thank the saints for the utility belt!" Gordon adds some ten dollar words of his own. "What should we do Batman?" RD: "STOP HIM OF COURSE!" Batman tells Gordon to call Bruce on that.

Cut to flat dressed Gordon meeting sharp dressed Bruce at stockbrokers Smith, Smythe, and Schmidt. Bruce reveals the dinner will be held at the Captain's "Salllon" on Wayne Enterprises' S.S. Gotham Neptune.  Gordon calls Batman at Stately Wayne Manor to tell him the location. Then he calls Bruce to ask for his help despite already getting it. RD wonders how Gordon still can't figure out who Batman is.

In the Batcave Batman tells Robin and Alfred that the dinner location has been leaked at "Stately Wayne Manor". The painting style photo of the place actually has "Stately Wayne Manor" written on a sign.Vince reminds RD when he marked out on seeing SWM on a tour (in Pasadena, California). This is all just to feed twitching Alfred false information. Vince wishes he had got full Tourette and starting swearing and gyrating. Alfred leaves to prepare the giant cake for a lady to pop out of. Robin: "Holy Jitterbugs! That twitch again!"

Upstairs Alfred answers a call from the Penguin, causing him to twitch some more while Penguin does some signature squeaks. (:25) He tells him the actual location of the boat and that Miss Natural Resources will win the charity competition. Penguin: "ANSWER YOU SUPERIFIC SERVITOR!" He then releases him from his control. To Finella: "All you gotta do is jump out of that cake and let them throw money at ya!"

Penguin and masked goons then float down on umbrellas to the hotel where Miss Natural Resources is staying and through the ever present power of gas replace her with Finella. Batman comes to take her in a prom suit and with an orchid. "Have you ever popped out of a cake before?" he asks her. Finella has been practicing.

Two hours later the Duo are on the "gaudy" boat on one side of the large dining table eating with everyone. RD compares it to The Last Supper. Vince thinks there was a conspiracy with a crooked picture in the background behind one of the multimillionaires that straightens in later distant shots. Of course at no point do the people wonder where Bruce is; it's not like he's the multimillionaire who owns the boat after all.

Alfred: "Shall I bring in the pièce de résistance, sir?"
Professor: "Peace day resist-stance?"
Robin: "French, sir! It refers to the feature of the evening." 

Meanwhile Batman wipes at his logo with a napkin. 

Penguin watches through a window as the cake adorned with dollar signs is brought out. Vince hope the prop still exists. Finella pops out and of course everyone starts making it rain. At Penguin's prompting she gets an umbrella to gas them, slowly spraying across the area as everyone patiently waits for their turn. 

Taking all the money, Penguin and goons return back to the pier in order to reuse the set. He starts handing it out piece by piece to his goons, leaving his share to invest to do more crimes with. This causes Finella to start crying about being a criminal, despite being rather...aroused earlier when the Duo were captured. "I just wanted to win a beauty contest!...Who is going to save our natural resources now?" 

Off-camera Batman lauds her for learning something as the Duo jump out of a save. "The Dynamic Duo!" shout the goons in unison. They had used "Anti-Penguin gas pills" to protect themselves. Vince wonders if there are specific ones per villain. RD hopes one day to see Batman wearing all his utility belts around him. 

Despite hearing that the Duo are immune to his gas, Penguin tries his luck anyway. He only gets Finella, who Robin moves out of the way before a very short melee. Vince notes how eager Penguin is to get involved in fighting. Vince is reminded of Mike Shaw as Friar Ferguson. The Duo easily net everyone. Batman: "Hoist in your own evil net!"

Back at another party at Stately Wayne Manor, Alfred has a woman on each arm, much to Aunt Harriet's jealousy. (:46) Dick is too shy to talk to Miss Natural Resources. Alfred apologizes for his twitching but Bruce reassures the "old man" that it all worked out anyway. Then Finella walks in escorted by Gordon. She was let out of prison just for one day to wear a mink coat with a very low backside at a party and to fall for Bruce in a penguin walk. 

The late Julie Gregg as Finella was as previously mentioned Sandra Corleone, and was also Tony nominated. RD gives her a "very generous" 7 Batpoles since she didn't really appeal to him. Vince gives her 7.5 for her positioning. 

Unfortunately to the Bros there was very little happening in the episode, besides the bending over. Even worse is the Narrator saying Batman will next re-face Catwoman instead of Art Carney as the Archer. Also the Bros are going to next watch the movie, which will take at least three weeks. Ironically enough Gregg (as someone else) and Catwoman (by someone else) will make an appearance.

RD entertains the people by cutting a promo on how he doesn't have egotistical pictures of himself around.

RD has a few things he wants to cover for their video podcast besides the old series.

Vince is amazed how RD and partners update Wrestlecrap at least weekly, soon to be 22 years young. (:57) His latest reviewed show has a very weird name. But is it as lewd as bent-over Finella?

The two discuss old arcade games for a bit.


  • Special Guest Villain: The Penguin [3] (Burgess Meredith) [3]

  • Screen Captures: 1. RD
  • Brown Hornet Escapes: 1. Teleportation with bat-oxygen
  • Fact or Fiction: 1
  • Entertain The People: 1

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