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This Week in WCR History

1 Year Ago: One of the happiest days of 2009 as an angry Shane-o-Mac finally killed off Megatrolla. Now that's the Allspark
2 Years Ago: The debut of "What's on WWE 24/7". Which is now my personal number 3 on "Worst Segments in the history of Wrestlecrap Radio" (Behind Nintendo John and Fantasy Booking Island)
3 Years Ago: "I Have Something to Say" Version 1.0. The first time since Robocop that the first movie was actually better than the sequel. (I don't watch many movies, you can tell. Paul Verhoeven is a legend of Mike Check Status however)
4 Years Ago: Blade met Amy "Lita" Dumas at a car show, which sadly did NOT end with the two of them in the back of a 1967 Cadillac El Dorado Convertable and SPEAKING OF beating off with Corn Oil, it's the early adventures of Don......Don Mason

First off if I could be Lance Storm for a moment (Sadly without giant dong), even if this is a one off, or it only lasts a month before I'm future endeavoured or even if by some fluke of time and space (Or a Vince Russo SHOCKING SWERVE~!) this actually ends up being perfect and fun for everyone. I want to thank Premier Blah for actually giving me the opportunity to write even this post on wrestlecrapradio.com. I know this is going to sound like I'm kissing his ass and believe me I'm not (That comes later and I'm sure it's just part of the "Initiation" for new members to the site), [I have a Initiation policy? - PB] but his recaps of the radio shows have given me a lot of laughs. It's an honor and a privilege to be here and being able to share some thoughts with the 12 listeners.

Okay now that that's out of the way let's kick-start the engine and get ready to jump the damn shark already.

For the most part I'll be popping up from time to time with random thoughts on wrestling or WrestleCrap radio or how much I hate Tom Brady, basically (and hopefully) once a week I'm just going to chime in with my random thoughts on things, as well as making smarky comments in Blah's recaps (I'm kidding.......as far as you know), some may be good, some may be bad, some will make you yearn to go to Fantasy Booking Island but I'll at least try and be entertaining.

This week though there's a couple of things I want to discuss, and since this is a site about the longest running episodic podcast in the history of planet Earth they're both to do with the show. First off I wanted to expand a little on an article I did for my audition to this site. In it I basically compared WrestleCrap Radio to Seinfeld, the infamous show about nothing and how a wrestling podcast without any wrestling could be so damn entertaining and a lot of that has to do with the hosts, RD and Blade - they're willing to try new things, be it a new segment or a new character or a story about their lives and the most important thing is they're not afraid to fail and believe me they have failed. (Who mentioned NERD?) But the thing I've always admired them for is very early on, they got their audience, you see so many radio progrems and so many podcasts fail that basic requirement and fall into the dust because they make the same mistake almost everyone makes, they assume they're better than the audience.

The thing that has always at least for me made WrestleCrap Radio so unique and so entertaining is that RD and Blade aren't afraid to be themselves. Hell, some of the best moments of the show's long and storied history are when Blade is either A) Drunk, B) Telling stories of his real life job (Ala the infamous trashbagging saga) or C) A combination of the two. But I think the moment it finally clicked happened before all this, the day that the story of "Ghetto Park Skeletor" was put to air was the day that WrestleCrap Radio came into existence, not that the show wasn't good before then, for the most part it was, but the day that story came to be was the day that you "saw behind the curtain" so to speak and it left you wanting more.

Nowadays WrestleCrap Radio is like a finely tuned machine, firing on all cylinders but the core belief still remains if I may quote one of the finest orators of our time, a man amongst men........The Slickster when he said "Honesty is the best policy" and it's a belief that has taken WCR into the stratosphere.

Which brings me to the one small problem they have: the inability to keep a TNA correspondent. Believe me I could spend another 20,000 words on TNA and the "New Era" of wrestling but I won't, I want this first offering to be mostly positive and I don't have random thoughts on TNA at the moment. I have pure psychotic hatreds and nothing good will ever come of that........but when you think about it, Johnny 4 was ahead of his time; sure he broke down and leaked and left parts all over the floor of WrestleCrap HQ but come on, wouldn't he be the perfect correspondent for this era of TNA, something that on the surface appears like it comes from 2001? Even broken into a million pieces by Mrs Deal, he's still one up on Nathaniel, but the problem is a vexing one as the co-hosts search for a new correspondent. There are so many people who have opinions on TNA nowadays. Just look at the forums, where do you start? Well fortunately for RD, Blade and hopefully you I've been thinking and drinking and I really need something to kick this post home to at least attempt to not have it look like 10,000 words of rambling.

The new TNA correspondent needs to be someone who has enough knowledge of the past to understand where Hogan and Bischoff are leading TNA while at the same time having a good enough demeanor to connect with the WrestleCrap Radio listeners and entertain them while informing them on the comings and goings of TNA. Most importantly of all the new TNA correspondent needs to be someone who needs the money so much they're willing to play the WrestleCrap Radio equivalent of Russian Roulette in a job where your career prospects are about six weeks. That's when it hit me like a ton of bricks; who was a legend of the past, has had his adventures talked about in great length on WCR and has had numerous problems with money that has landed him in jail more than once? The choice for the next TNA correspondent is as easy and will prove to be as popular to the 12 listeners as the hiring of Mike Check was.

The new TNA Correspondent should be Ricky Morton.

Ricky would be able to tell us in five seconds why we should be excited the Nasty Boys are on Impact, Ricky could tell us why we shouldn't believe Jim Cornette when he bags TNA and even more importantly than TNA, Ricky could tell us just what fun was had with Robert Gibson's glass eye. That's worth more than any wisecracking robot or TNA obsessed nerd ever could.

Most importantly of all, we'd be giving back to a man that has provided us, the 12 Listeners with so much entertainment as the co-hosts told his exploits on WrestleCrap Radio, and the only man who could ever stop him from being the longest running TNA correspondent in history would be Stan Lane (As well as numerous authorities the next time one of his cheques bounces, but that's neither here nor there)

I expect to see this happen post haste on the next episode of WrestleCrap Radio.........or you can fire up the Seancetrolla and bring back Mike Check, either way I'm happy.

Clarence "Showstealer" Mason

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