165 I have something to say...Again.: January 15, 2010

70 minutes

His fantasy football team sucked, so RD must recite many listener-submitted insults. He fights back with some weak excuses. But he finally concedes "I'm an idiot."

RD doesn't get 'Diet' meals served at eating establishments. (:14) But he does get KFC's 395 meal. Blade loves their grilled chicken (I always enjoy their chicken sandwiches) He then awkwardly manages to summon Popeye on air so he can make RD flirt with him. (:19) But it feels wrong somehow, and I can't place my finger on it. All I'm saying is if I wanted to go out with myself I probably wouldn't need to have to flirt first, if you know what I'm saying. And if you do you sure have one dirty mind. (But don't we all? ... Don't answer that.)

:22 Roddy Piper's warnings about idiots driving cars are remembered, as his daughter was almost hit by a bus. Nobody was willing to pay 5 grand for Damian Demento's Shoulder pads, even if proceeds were going to help the USO. For some reason the Co-Fruitcakes want to know the "story of how the pads originated" so Blade 'promises' that Sir Alec will have the inside scoop of that in the month. Yeah right, I'll believe it when I see hear it. The HorseTrolla tells us Mickie James will release a country album around late March. Blade makes RD say 'cunnilingus'.

U Can't See Wii.
:37 Inspired by John Cena going on about Punch-Out!! on TV, Blade decides to extend the progrem by another hour with some video game segment. Thus the new arrival of Nintendo John, AKA Angry Jim Ross as Satanic Billy Graham as John Cena. He's borrowed Sir Alec's enthusiastic audience to cheer him on. He says things that are hard to comprehend and then pixels out to join his brothers Sony Jack and Microsoft James. What say you in response, RD?

"I want the Manning Brothers to double penetrate me while sticking a ball gag in my mouth."

Not exactly my finest insult, but I suppose it will have to do.

Today's Question (:43) is from Alexis2K. Apparently the recently deceased Victor Borga was a secret member of the Kobra Kai. RD is forced to apologize for Mike Check which puzzles me. He was probably their best and most fascinating TNA correspondent so far.

Only one limp piece of Current News troubles us. (:49) And it's not RD wanting Bryan Alvarez to do his John Cena impersonation. Randy Orton is in trouble for spitting gum into a young fan's face, which is good a time as any for Sir Alec to narrate a randy Randy story for us all where he goes all stalkerish on Mickie James. RD doesn't want to read any more lines so he tries to hide behind the haiku music, but Blade still makes him read one from the peanut gallery.

Seventeen syllables about good old Hornswoggle:
Hornswoggle is great.
He's a champion on screen.
He's nude in my mind.

Thankfully this is not enough for Blade and the faithful listeners, so for the next seven minutes Blade makes RD read some more demeaning lines and sing "Pour Some Sugar On Me."

Blade: "Did I tell you I love this show yet?"


Empire Hancock said...

Aside from Angry Jim Ross, Mike Check was and is my favorite recurring character. I would probably still be enjoying it if he were on every week, but not as much as I would enjoy Gay Popeye being killed off.

Premier Blah said...

Jim and Mike should have more confrontations with each other. License indeed.