WrestleCrap Fan Fiction Theatre Episode 9: "The Favor"

"The Favor"
Written by chaingangprincess1978
As narrated by Sir Alec Heineken

Mickie James smiled as she arrived back at her hotel room after the show. Tonight had been fun. The Divas had been involved in a Pyjama Pillow Fight Match and it had turned chaotic when Maryse had taken a cheap shot against Kelly in the ring. But it had all been in fun and everyone had enjoyed themselves in the end. Kelly would already be back at the room. She had left right after the match. Mickie had had to stick around as she had been required to shoot a promo for her match at the upcoming Royal Rumble Pay Per View.

Mickie slipped into the room quietly, and as she was closing the door, she felt Kelly slide her arms around her from behind, and plant soft kisses on the back of her neck.

“Hi baby.” Kelly whispered in her ear.

“Babe.” Mickie replied. Grinning again.

“Guess what?” Kelly whispered.

“You’re horny?” Mickie asked, sounding hopeful.

“Well yes…but something else too…”

“What’s that?”

“I’m ovulating….let’s make a baby.”

“Ummm, one small problem there sweetie.” Mickie said, gently caressing Kelly’s cheek, as she gazed into those gorgeous blue eyes.


“We don’t have a donor yet!” Mickie reminded her.

“I thought we agreed on someone.” Kelly said with a small pout.

“Yeah..but don’t you think we should ask him first?” Mickie said with a small smile….that was her Kelly…so cute.

“Ok…pass me my phone.” Kelly said.

“KELLY! I didn’t mean right now!” Mickie said, shaking her head and snickering.

“Why? No time like the present.” Kelly replied, reaching for her cell phone on the bedside table.

Before Mickie could stop her, Kelly had picked up her phone and had dialed the number.

“It’s ringing.” She whispered.

Mickie’s face went pale, as she imagined John on the other end.

“Oh hi John…How are you?...We’re fine…Actually we have a favor we’d like to ask…Could you come up to our room?..five minutes…great….see you then.” Kelly hung up the phone and turned to Mickie with a smile.

“He’s coming up.”

The end.

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Unknown said...

I wrote this story...so cool that you chose my work...