166 Demographics: January 29, 2010

67 minutes

The votes are in, and YOUR 2009 Gooker goes to the Eternal Feud that was Hornswaggle and Chavo Guerrero making fools out of each other throughout the past year. That does not help lift Blade from his funk however, derived from his upcoming 35th birthday removing him from the coveted 18-34 demographic. Thus it's a good time for him to get smashed with the Drinking Music. What else is new? Well, how about the fact that he makes a Fruedian slip in wanting to hire a client of his prostitute roommate? It's never too late to turn gay, in my opinion. Then the Fruitcakes make fun of random listeners, as is their wont.

:14 Blade took a TRIP to some random bathroom (he prefers to do his business in proper toilets) where he finds one of those bathroom vending machines selling Kaluha flavored condoms - they're non alcoholic sadly, so it confuses him. It confuses me too, I can never really grasp the notion of flavored birth control, no matter how much I try.

:20 Mattel is now making WWE toys. Vince has also forgiven the Denver Nuggets, or yet again forgot his random hatred against them, as WWE will return to their Pepsi Center on March 12. Meanwhile Kelly Kelly answers a random question with teddy bears, and if you think that's laughable she also tries to persuade us that she was a probable Olympic candidate before she "broke her ass". I think we should be all thankful it broke when it did. RD wants WWE to make resolutions to their storylines, which they won't do of course as it would actually make sense. A&E is making some show about Backyard Wrestling...hosted by Bob Saget. No, I don't know why either. RD makes fun of Blade some more, the poor man.

Steven in Sacramento's Question about Demolition (:38) devolves into talking about Domino's Pizza. As far as I can recall I don't think the Noid was their manager.

Jim Ross calls in to try and solve their TNA conundrum, (:45) but he's just there to talk more nonsense and read comments about some video of his. Sadly Blade is too lazy to bring Sir Alec to help with the task too.

:57 The Fruitcakes wonder who will be making surprise appearances at this week's Royal Rumble. Blade will always mark out for the Black Scorpion. Shane Helms and Chris Jericho were arrested in Kentucky near RD's old home for disorderly conduct and posted a $120 bond. And Randy Orton has just received a 10-year contract as well as $600,000 for his terrible Wrestlemania match against Triple H. It makes me wonder if I chose the wrong profession to train in.

Jericho and Helms were arrested for not being Southern enough.

Seventeen quick syllables on the second most boring man in WWE (behind John Cena):
Ten years of Orton.
Fuck. Please wake me up in the
year twenty-twenty.

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