WrestleCrap Fan Fiction Theatre Episode 10: "Scenario 1 Randy Orton is a Mickie James fan?"

Scenario 1 Randy Orton is a Mickie James fan?
Written by xFaintHorizon
As narrated by Sir Alec Heineken

The match started to get hectic as Mickie James went for a pin on Natalya, Voices started playing and no they weren’t in her head, it was Randy Orton coming out and taking a seat ringside just staring every inch of Mickie as if she was food. Despite the distraction Mickie hit her finisher and pinned Natalya. She was on top of the world and then she remembered she had a special spectator watching, Randy Orton was still there clapping ringside very impressed he seemed. Mickie felt flattered but weird why was he there?

Mickie was just hanging around and suddenly the phone rang... who could it be? she stared at the screen and it said unknown number, she would normally hang up but she was in a good mood so she picked up. To Mickies surprise it was Randy Orton, she asked ‘’where did you get this number?’’, Randy answered ‘’ does it matter ‘’, getting a bit freaked out she hangs up and blocks the number.

Mickie though Randy was kidding around with her.

Soon he started to show up to her lockeroom and to her matches and she tried being nice about him being around but she just couldn’t take this anymore, the last straw was went he brought flowers to her.. she never sent out these signs and realized that Randy had an obsession with her...

She couldn’t argue with him, for she knew he had an anger disorder and she couldn’t take a break now especially when she was so close to getting the women’s championship...

Randy exactly that Mickie was planning to get rid of him, to get a restraining order against him... if he couldn’t be with her anyone could and the rage got to him when he saw her chatting with his rival John Cena

Randy took it upon himself that no one must be with her that she is his and so he went in for the kill, and he knocked out Mickie, soon he realized she was dead...and thought to himself ‘’ what the hell did I do’’, ‘’ there’s only one way we can be together forever’’.

John Cena called Mickies phone and voice mail came on, he went on a desperate search for Mickie and in the end he found her dead as well as Randy dead in Randy Orton locker room.

The tragic end.

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