Episode 22: Holy Whale Oil!: January 2, 2022

Not Yet, He Ain't
March 24, 1966
"Framed by the Penguin, Batman and Robin prepare a trap to lure the supervillain into executing his true scheme's masterstroke."
66 minutes

"RD: Hoping Russo Doesn't SNAP like Robin!" Has he already forgotten he only Swerves? He sent Vince pictures of Christmas pizza rolls. Teenage Vince once worked for a week in a Sbarro's until he got fired for misreading the schedule. Adult Vince has around 30 Funko figurines.

Vince likes today's unique creativity, where "behind the scenes" the Duo manage to move their legs to reduce their frames to just their bulletproof shoes. Vince wonders how Robin can wear such tiny shoes in that case. This also releases a Batknife stored in Batman's glove. The Penguin pays up as O'Hara finds the recoil of the "pop gun" surprisingly strong. The Penguin then finds the Duo have escaped. "Great blubbering whale oil! They're evaporated!" followed by a "Curses! CURSES!" Vince wishes he had written more "curses" while in wrestling.

Vince watches the episodes on his personal large curved TV in his basement away from the normal use 40" one. He has a personal music one where he can listen to his over 4000 albums including some Batalbums and the complete discography of Tiny Tim. He recommends RD to watch Licorice Pizza due to his daughter, usually a harsh critic. 

In the Batcave the Duo are stumped. (:15) Robin wonders to a milk drinking Batman why they didn't stick around to stop Penguin who attempted to kill them. Batman shifts responsibility to the police. Vince wonders why Penguin didn't citizen's arrest them for the police and use it for his alibi in court. Perhaps Harvey Dent was out of town for it. 

At Police HQ Penguin is suddenly there threatening Gordon to arrest the Duo or be sent back to the "Department of Sanitation". This is the first RD has heard of this. This is the first I have heard of this. Perhaps someone can write Batman: Year Zero and expand upon this? Penguin then calls on the Batphone to give themselves up. Batman gives himself 25 minutes to come to him. Gordon dramatically tells O'Hara to have the police there to arrest him when he shows up. The Duo call Gordon from the Batphone in response without telling the audience ala Hitchcock.

They then show up at Penguin's agency doing their best Joker impression of madness. Robin as a crazed zombie: "WE'VE SNAPPED!" Batman as Zur-En-Arrh: that one meme. The goons come in with machine guns and miss completely. The Duo then try to escape, but the police stop the Batmobile u-turn and O'Hara actually remembers he has a gun to fire at Batman. 

The police then shoot the Duo in the back gangster-style and cover the bodies with black tarp while O'Hara watches nonchalantly.

The Co-Bros do not remember any of this. (:31) 

The goons react by trying to drive the Batmobile, but like Kane they don't know how to drive a stick shift. Vince temporarily confuses RD by not knowing what manual transmission means (he does, thankfully).

Cut to Gordon's office where he requests the Duo to be buried with full honors. 

Cut to Stately Wayne Manor where Aunt Harriet is wearing something horrendous with a bra. Alfred does a good show of pretending to lose it.

Cut back to Gordon's office where O'Hara demands compensation for using 297 blanks. Yes, it was all a (non-Russo) swerve, otherwise the show would end.

Cut to the Batcave where the Duo are watching the Penguin and Sophia Starr in the Birdmobile with custom bird decals stop another robbery. Batman bets a milkshake this is another fake. Robin: "Holy Romeo and Juliet!" Vince gives Sophia 7.5 Batpoles on account of her face. RD gives 5.5. He reads some of actress Kathleen Crowley's entry. Sad News: McMahon was not obsessed with Gunsmoke as once rumored. Vince has an autographed picture of Ken Curtis as Festus. 

Penguin has a sign notifying that "this loot" is under his protection of a bridal room for a sudden wedding. A bomb goes off in a water pipe and trick umbrellas are handed out to distract from the Penguin stealing the presents and gassing the police.

This was apparently his master plan all along. 

The Duo have to come on the Mobile Batcycle. 

Robin: "Time to jolt him with our gimmicks!"
Batman: "Hmmm." 

They use their Remote Control Ejector Button to launch crash test dummies of the goons 40 feet into the air. The Penguin reacts by looking around randomly. The Duo then mess around with the doors as he tries to close them with his umbrella. Robin hears the goons complain from a mile away (or perhaps through a bug). They close on Penguin who misses his shots at point blank. They then hogtie him (with cigarette in mouth) and his goons onto the Mobile. 

The stolen goods are collected in Gordon's office. Batman plans to fumigate the Batmobile. Sophia is still in love with Penguin, who is still planning to get away with it. Upon hearing her confession he instead exclaims: "Great quivering icebergs! Take me to prison!" Vince wonders if he would be attracted to anyone. RD makes fun of his eyesight.

Vince found many things memorable like the Penguin's waddle, more so than anything WWE has currently, and liked the episode overall. RD will always remember the Duo going crazy and getting "killed". 

The Riddler is to make his third appearance of the season next week. Vince wonders how much the salaries were. He thinks Burt Ward can make an appearance for $500. RD hopes he's a jerk. Vince thinks they should get "spry" Lee Merriweather instead.

  • Special Guest Villain: The Penguin [2] (Burgess Meredith) [2]

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  • SPEAKING OFs: 1. Highly unlikely
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