Episode 25: Holy Shrinkage!: January 23, 2022

The Joker Trumps an Ace
April 6, 1966
"A wave of senseless robberies by the Joker prove to be part of a plot against a visiting maharajah."
84 minutes

"RD is No Prescott Belmont" which sounds like a TNA correspondent. He is also the only one Vince can talk to about AEW, in this case about the Rhodes' reality show perhaps being an outlet for a heel turn. RD reminds him that things aren't always clear cut, something Vince should know from his WCW background. Also one should not take reality shows at face value. 

The Narrator oversees another "beautiful morning" in Gotham City. (:10) He also repeats that on RD's pinball machine. Vince wonders why it's not raining or night or raining at night like it always seems to be nowadays ever since the first movies. He also does not know what "idyllic" means. The Joker arrives to hold up an "exclusive fur salon where elegant ladies are shopping with their doting husbands". One of them, Prescott Belmont, is so shocked by the appearance of "that arch criminal" that he temporarily loses his upper class accent. Joker has his goon "felonious furriers" (Vince also does not know what "felonious" means) gather the occupants at fake gunpoint and put them on two boats armed with bombs so that he can make a rather odd "joke". He then pulls out Mrs. Belmont's hairpin with a magnet.

Gordon also discovers Joker has stolen a hole from a golf course, most likely the interior cup: "What is the Joker up to?"
O'Hara: "About to start on another in a series of dastardly crimes, I'll wager!"
Gordon: "Then we'd better not delay!"
O'Hara: "Right! For there's no one else can cope with the capers of that devilish clown!"
Gordon: "Right Chief O'Hara! Though we may never know who's behind that mask of his, thank goodness he's there when a crisis befalls us!"
Alfred (when called): "I'll solicit his presence, sir!"
Vince wonders what happens if Alfred is unavailable to answer if he's in the bathroom. RD supposes it's a Bat-earpiece or bug.

Bruce and Dick are doing a puzzle with the picture upside down for visual memory. RD asks his friend about such activity while Vince only now notices his Lego Batmobile. The Duo leave while bra-ed Aunt Harriet brings them milk and cookies. Alfred tells her Bruce is rushing to the sports store for bird-watching binoculars. 

RD is confused by how the Duo can descend the Batpoles in their outfits. Vince tables that for another episode. 

In Gordon's office Batman uses a stethoscope to examine a suspicious package. (:27) He then delegates Robin to handle the contents while he and Gordon hide behind a Bat-shield. It contains an inflatable genie (or djinn as it is properly called). Batman immediately pops it rather than examine it further, revealing the reel-to-reel hidden within. At least the Joker's joke this time was slightly better, but only just. The Co-Bros prefer the Riddler's laugh to his, though they wouldn't want them appearing back to back. Batman determines he's referring to a visiting "maharajah of Nimpah" who has his own Wiki entry golfs with solid gold clubs. 

(Insert Popeye joke here.
Ah gyuk gyuk gyuk gyuk.)
At the golf course Joker lies in wait on a forklift before moving to a blue van stating "Let
GAYFELLOW Take You To The CLEANERS!". RD wishes for a Lego blue van one day, hopefully without the signage. The Duo meet Prescott who is also the country club president: "Batman, I presume!" Batman prefers to discuss things somewhere less conspicuous" while still in their outfits. He should have asked the Riddler when arresting him how to handle this. The Maharajah golfs badly ("the grass is growing the wrong way") with his bulked up bodyguards and the mayor as the "world's most flatulent tuba" plays his theme and he acts like an ass: "Please don't putt while I'm talking."

Getting the hole dislodges yellow knock-out gas. The Joker and goons take them and their equipment into the blue van. Batman can't Bat-turn the Batmobile despite Robin's protests: "Think of the golfers. The retro-rockets would blow up the course for a hundred yards!" So they have to turn normally. By then the van has vanished, leaving only a model. Robin: "Holy shrinkage!" Inside is a long run-on sentence of another bad joke, leading them to his hideout in the Katz Katz and Katz refinery/fur company. 

The Joker plays cards with as many as 6 (six) goo - felonious furriers, and his lady "Lovey" who is actually Just Jill. RD can't really rate her yet due to the "too short" fur coat she kept wearing (Joker: "That's my style, short skirts on a dame!") but he found her attractive so far. (:45) 

The Duo enter by opening the door like the Ghost Busters. The ORIGINAL Ghost Busters, mind you, of 1975. Hence when that one indie movie in the 80s, their cartoon show was called "The Real Ghostbusters" while original rights holders Filmation capitalized on this by making their own cartoon show called "Ghostbusters". Shockingly, it didn't last as long. 

Vince found odd seeing a copy of the actual Wall Street Journal. 

Robin ruins their ambush with a loud "WE GOT YOU JOKER!" before their Batarangs hit a pane of glass. Somehow it held "folding mirrors" to reflect the golf course green to camouflage itself. Even RD is befuddled. The goons entrap them in crazy confetti by running around them while Joker takes the opportunity to sing and dance.
Batman: "It's like being caught in a barrel of snakes!" 
Jill: "I bet [Batman] wouldn't try to knock you off if he had the chance!"
Joker: "Oh, no, he'd merely try to incarcerate me in durance vile for the rest of my life! A fate much worse than death for a spirit such as mine!" 

He wants to give them a sporting chance to fight back however, much to the shock of his goons. One in particular with a low laying hat protests in a Bluto impression. So Joker uses his "funny ray" to disable their gadgets and utility belt for an hour, in which they'll have to swim for their freedom. Batman accepts the terms despite more of Robin's protesting. One of the goons gives some of the confetti to Batman: "thank you," he says courteously. They then are lowered into a smokestack filling with deadly gas. 

RD found today's average, but much as he likes the Joker he finds himself more preferring the Riddler. Today didn't help with the bad "jokes". 

RD will write about NXT 2.0 as the year's Gooker. (:62) Vince complains about the "Wrestling Dirtsheet Community" not understanding the financial side of wrestling. RD reminds him that things aren't always clear cut, something Vince should know from his WCW background. Also that as a farm system it was developing future wrestlers pretty well before McMahon got it into his mind to "improve" things. 

Watching the Bengals win via coin toss made RD remember Blade sticking only with the Lions except when he didn't. At least it's not Tampa Bay [just eliminated the other day].

  • Special Guest Villain: The Joker [3] (Cesar Romero) [3]


  • SPEAKING OFs: 3. That, puzzles, dame
  • Outdated references: 2. Columbia Music House, Larry Storch
  • Blue Van: 1

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