Episode 26: Holy Golden Gate!: January 30, 2022

Batman Sets the Pace
April 7, 1966
"After an ingenious escape, Batman and Robin again pick up the trail of the Joker. The villain's ultimate crime is designed not only to make him rich but to ruin Batman's reputation."
71 minutes

"RD: Only One D in RD". Vince: "That was tremendous. Tre. Men. Dous."

RD like the Joker's theme being used in the summary while the narrator does his work: "Wrapped for mailing! Into the mailbox! Addressed to...OBLIVION! But wait! The gasser is yet to come!" RD thought he heard a theremin as the Duo continue to be trapped in gas. Vince: "A WHO?" 

The Duo continue to struggle. Narrator: "OH NO! DON'T GIVE UP!" They respond to these random words of encouragement by switching to their completely obvious stunt doubles to escape by putting their backs together and climbing up the walls of the smokestack. RD saw some technical mishaps with his DVD version for some reason. Jill compliments their bravery. Joker concedes the point, then consoles her on all the money they are about to steal. He bids the Duo adieu, who respond with a chef's kiss, scaring the villains to their blue van. A goon reminds Joker that he has a gun, but he prefers a "succulent idea".

Returning to the Batcave, (:14) the analyzed hairpin does not give any further answers besides triggering the gas in the maharajah's golf cup. So they have to read the Pattern Identification Manual to identify the gas, which can only be found at the Ferguson Novelty and Magician Supply Company. RD wonders how many there are in Gotham. Vince remembers visiting one in Marietta, Georgia.

Sad News: Vince didn't do anything special for his 60th birthday. He had a "woolly" for ribs but he found the restaurant ones too expensive, so he bought and cooked his own. He is continually weirded out by his wife putting sauces on everything she eats. 

Guessing it may be a front, Bruce and Dick pay the Company a visit. Vince gives the store clerk 7 Batpoles. RD gives her a "full" 8 despite not finding much information on her actress Bebe Louie. He is on the case of getting another guest for the video progrem. 

Vince makes fun of his 91 year old father striking out at softball and wonders if that is wrong. He has considered getting his bat blessed by his priest and wonders if that is wrong. RD wonders if they can get him on the video progrem. Five year old Vince had his tonsils removed while wearing a Batman style cowl. 

Jane Wald as Jill is also at the hideout wearing some sort of blanket. RD gives that 6.5. Vince gives her 8. RD reads online words about her and worries about others also researching and proving him wrong and Vince right for once. "Smokin' Bod" he handwrote and circled.

Bruce asks the clerk for some "amusing favors" for a party for Dick. She provides some fake glasses. Bruce: "Very ingenious." Dick: "This would be keen for spies." Dick then gets a long-winded recitation from the clerk about a one-way mirror. Bruce can see Jill and the goons through it, who dismiss the two as "just some squares". Jill then dismisses their captive maharajah as "a big fat bundle of ransom!"

Returning to the Batcave (again), (:40) Batman is mapping out the hideout through an old painting of the novelty shop and a ventilation shaft they can enter using trigonometry or Blade's chemistry or some such. Robin: "Holy impregnability!...Gosh, Batman, I'll never neglect my math again!" 

The Duo stumble upon their entry in the mountains. Batman goes first due to "dynamic seniority". After going through the motions of being ambushed Joker uses his Surprise Attack Defense Panel to start a fight with fireworks and confetti. Jill: "I told you he'd find us you clown!" RD is reminded of Frank Drebin in The Naked Gun telling people to please disperse. 

Joker and Jill escape with their captive, leaving Batman to loudly yell "FIENDS!" after them. So they have to call Gordon who's asleep at his desk in the middle of the evening. He covers for this by warning they may have to call Washington. RD is shocked they're trying to keep things covered. Vince thinks they want to dramatically rescue him. Joker then calls in as is his given right to taunt.
Gordon: "I warn you Joker, if the Maharajah is harmed, we'll hunt you down, if it takes a hundred years."
Joker: "By that time my jokes will be stale, wouldn't they, Commissioner?"
He then tells the Duo the maharajah will pay his own $500,000 ransom on his own in person by writing a check for Batman to then have to cash in. 

They meet at a bank branch for the maharajah to start writing on the check for Batman. Batman: "One t." RD is reminded of his favorite Bobby Heenan moment where he and Gorilla Monsoon went to Tony Packo's Cafe and Heenan tried to help Gorilla write his name properly. 

Despite supposedly being "free" the mahajarah has to be honorable for the "honorable bandit" Joker. Batman then pulls out a lawn dart. Vince: "How far are you sticking it in this dude?" (:55) He thus deflates him to show it's actually Joker, leading to another fight and Robin jumping over a desk. RD screen captured the Joker's bare neck under his mustache.

Batman had discovered the maharajah was never in the city at all, through the deductive powers of...making a phone call to his palace. It is unclear if Jill was in on it; she just vanishes into the void of not shooting scenes. Batman orders O'Hara to "cart this human trash away!" 

In an uncommon turn of events, the Narrator is at Stately Wayne Manor when the phone rings. Alfred is again annoyed that Gordon is calling for Batman. Aunt Harriet warns Dick about eating too many biscuits with his tea: "you'll get as fat as the maharajah!" Vince wonders if she was wearing a girdle instead of a bra. 

Bruce excuses himself to read a book about tiger hunting to answer the phone. Gordon wonders if the rumors are true that he is running for the governorship of California.
Bruce: "Calm your fears, Commissioner. The rumor is unfounded. As long as there's a criminal at large in Gotham City, wild horses couldn't drag me away."
Gordon: "Oh, thank heavens, Batman!"
O'Hara: "Saints be praised!"
Dick: "Holy Golden Gate!"
As RD explains, this is a topical reference to then Wrestlecrap figure Ronald Reagan running for the same role. Incumbent Pat Brown responded to his presence by...running an ad reminding people that an actor killed Abraham Lincoln. Needless to say it didn't end well for him. 

As for Reagan, there is no further word on what happened to him. The most I could find of him was his setting off on an airplane to try and settle a bet to begin bombing Russia in five minutes.

  • Special Guest Villain: The Joker [3] (Cesar Romero) [3]


  • Blue Van: 1
  • SPEAKING OFs: 2. Getting people on the show, bags of garbage
  • RD Time Outs: 1
  • Screen Captures: 1. RD 

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