131 No Improvement: January 9, 2009

Typical Rasslin' fan, Sugah!
75 minutes

Because of a friendly bet Farmer Iggy and I made over the Canadiens-Penguins match last month (of which my beloved Habitant won 3-2 thanks to a Andrei "The Giant" Kostitsyn hat-trick), he has to write a article of his own too, and a nice complimentary one at that. (That is the one right below this one.) Knowing our track records with this fine radio progrem and the quality of this week in particular...I pity him, I really do.

[Here's his piece if you're wondering. Again: poor guy.]

RD is busy, much to Blade's chagrin, with some 'recent' report on the wrestling industry headed by Congressman Henry Waxman (D-CA: Descended from Canadians? His father was born in Montreal, speak of the non New Jersey Devil Canadiens). RD reads a portion of the testimony in a bad Dixie Carter impression. "Have you seen the 40 Year Old Virgin, Sugar?" (:03)

RD is refocusing himself now on the Radio Progrem, delegating Triple Kelly to take his place writing new inductions for the time being. While I support it dearly I fear that he may call on ME to take Blade's place for his own columns (should he actually update them), a position I fear I'll utterly fail at. (:11) There's also a new hosting site for the WCR episodes slowly being updated. RD does his 70's J. Jonah Jameson impression. He should do it like this man. Blade is sober this week for a change. (:16)

Speaking of Waxman and his Report, RD and Blade were called on for some sort of related hearing by a Quentin "Q-Tip" Arnold, of which RD secretly recorded some of it with a wire in the off-chance of using it (perhaps as blackmail material - against himself). Some time is wasted listening to the funky People's Court theme music which arouses RD. (:17) We learn the show's 12 Listeners are 7 Unibomber-style shack males, 3 shut-ins, 1 deceased and known to be sick, and Robecca DiPietro (who again favorite-d that Car Ad commercial - make up your mind buddy!).

Our show is "full of wrestling news" which we won't actually get to hear about. (:25) The 2009 Gooker voting has begun and the nominations gone over; Vince's Million Dollar Rickrolling Mania, a confusing TNA Love Triangle (including the mystery of So Cal Val's missing nose), Commentator Mike Adamle, "Obama" vs. "Clinton", Braden Walker (RD personally wants him to win so he could have him on the show; remember that they did shows together), The Divas Championship, Santino Mirella vs. Cousin Sal, and the TNA Fish Market Street Fight. Personally I am split between Adamle and the MDM. A search for Maryse's photos is made. RD thinks she is/looks greasy. She looks fine to me.

Obscure Sad News: Lord Littlebrook is ill. The good news is he's not suffering from pneumonia. (:36) Blade once took a leak next to his son at a strip club. Littlebrook's I mean, not his own. (As far as he knows.) Some smack talk of the Colts and Lions is made. (:41) The Iron Sheik is accepting bookings for public functions to humble you old country way while getting heavily drunk. RD thinks he has a curly penis.

More of the Q-Tip hearing. (:44) The crickets failed a drug test. RD killed five people last year.

Question of the Week (:53) once more from Ultimate Kennedy (7) (who also sent the two Christmas gifts, fine man) indirectly brings up the WrestleCrap Carnival. Unfortunately there is no mention of kicking Virgil in the balls.

The new TNA correspondent MegaTrolla marches in with bad sound effects (:59). He cuts to the chase in his first week on the job by not watching TNA at all as he was looking for the Allspark. Still, he's the best TNA correspondent by far. Of course, that's not really saying much.

Some more of the Q-Tip hearing. (:63) Questions of Robecca's fake breasts and phone number make RD suspicious of their questioner. "We cock blocked Mr. Tip!" he defiantly says as if expected to be quoted upon.

Current News consists solely of Vince returning to TV despite having his legs 'crushed' in that aforementioned Million Dollar Mess. (:68) RD wants Don Mason to pee on Vince and thus challenge him to a match at Wrestlemania. Vickie Guerrero nudes were posted and just recently removed on wwe.com.

Seventeen syllables...to put this episode of WrestleCrap Radio to bed:
Vickie's birthday suit.
We got to see her black box.
Time for Summer's Eve.


Anonymous said...

RD is busy with some 'recent' Waxman report, despite the fact that the real report was released in 2003 and had nothing to do with wrestling at all.

Are you sure about that?

Premier Blah said...

Amended it with your reference. Thank you.

Premier Blah said...

Ah, not yet until I find the opportunity for it friend.

Premier Blah said...

Is that so? Let me correct that too then.

Premier Blah said...

I know. He probably needs to make his own podcast or something.

Anonymous said...

You're welcome!, as Perry Saturn would say. Good work on correctly decoding the "fz" in my "I didn't really think about it for very long before settling on this" LiveJournal username.

Premier Blah said...

You're welcome in return. Does that make Farmer and I your fellow Mothers of Invention then?

Anonymous said...

Whom is the Indian of the Group?

Premier Blah said...

I'm thinking Farmer is. I admit I have yet to know who I may be.