2012 Gooker Nominations Are Up!

[Raging_Demons here once again folks.] A lot of websites cover the best but only one covers one thing & a thing that I love...The Worst!

The website that covers the "Worst of Pro Wrestling" is back with the acclaimed yearly award "The Gooker", the award that awards what was the worst storyline/character/feud of pro wrestling for the year 2012.

This year's are...

1. The Life & Loves of AJ Lee: 2012 was not only the year that AJ Lee got over as a main eventer for the WWE Divas but unfortunately showed as a major unstable skank. AJ Lee bounced around in 2012 from Daniel Bryan, to CM Punk, To Kane, hell even to her current conquest of Dolph Ziggler while being putted in almost every WWE segment that made no sense. John Cena's pic on the New Year's Eve episode of RAW showing AJ's "KIDS" says it all. WWE finds a way to try and kill
her likability.

2. Claire Lynch: The Odds-on winner. It all started when Kazarian and Daniels a.k.a. "Bad Influence" calls out AJ Styles for being a no-good Adulterer!  *Grandpa Simpson fist shaking* It soon turned out that was the best part of the story as AJ Styles and TNA President Dixie Carter introduced us to the pregnant crack whore known as Claire Lynch. The storyline turned worse each week until
the Internet Wrestling Fans Cyber-Bullied the actress who played Claire Lynch to quit TNA.

3. Farting Natalya: WWE trying to find something to do with Natalya so she can be on TV, "The Brain Trust" a.k.a. WWE Creative decided to give Natalya the gimmick of having a bad case of Irritable Bowel Syndrome /the ability to pass gas everywhere she went. Yes this angle certainly did stink!

4. Aces & 8s: TNA's version of "Sons of Anarchy" decided to invade TNA with barely anybody caring about them at all, with the best plot point of the whole thing being Hulk Hogan locking them out of the Impact Zone.

5. Sheamus/Daniel Bryan World Heavyweight Title Match at Wrestlemania 28: Daniel Bryan was INSANELY over heading to Wrestlemania this year adding to it that most fans were expecting a great match since these two were the Dark Match at Wrestlemania 27 last year. So what happens next? Sheamus squashes Daniel Bryan in 18 seconds just to get himself over. Oh did that piss off the world and I mean the world!

6. The Zack Ryder/Eve Torres Love Affair: After years of WWE not giving a damn about him Zack Ryder gets over with the fans by his own damn self! Thanks to Zack Ryder WWE now gives a damn about Social Networking. Zack Ryder even earned himself an U.S. Title run. So what happens next? Zack Ryder is paired up in a love affair with Eve "I-Slept-With-A-Brazillian-jiu-Jitsu-Master-And-I-Now-Know-Brazillian-jiu-Jitsu-while-having-a-rumored-affair-with-John-Cena" Torres and gets so re-DONK-ulously buried that if you ever read Ryder's Tweets now he's now a broken man thanks to
this storyline.

Those are your nominations. Voting is only open for two weeks! Winner will be announced as an induction on Wrestlecrap on Feb. 1, 2013. Get to a voting NOW!

[Update: Here's the overall 2012 Gooker results from wrestlecrap.com, and your winner is.....Clare Lynch -RVMKai]

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