Episode 5: FootBall Island: January 18, 2013

18 minutes
It's Cheesy, just like this show.

The new site has been up for a week, which is an excuse for RD to 'celebrate'. "It always comes back to Ani doesn't it," says he.

The AFC and NFC games are to be played this week. RD is happy that Dan Dierdorf will not be commentating, leading to more Brett Musburger impressions. (:03)

A bored Blade is eating some Jumping Jack Doritos. He has to take a smell first. He approves. (:06) RD decides to pull into the "filling station" to buy his own. Sadly he only finds pork rinds instead. (:08)

Blade remembers how Don once got chewed out at a shopping mall for invading someone's personal space. (:12)

Blade's girlfriend "Who's" Becki Bayless "is working in a strip club now". (:13)

Blade: "What do you think Virgil's been up to lately?"

"Dan Dierdorf and John Riggins" make football predictions. (:17)

RD: "Well you know...it sure sounded like a good idea when we started?"

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