Episode 4: Brown Thursday: January 17, 2013

20 minutes
"You're a horrible person."
((( recorded in high phone-buzzing fidelity )))

For some reason RD decides to play their first attempt at their phone call-show from last year around Black Friday. Well I can suppose it is something people actually want...

Blade is in bed once again. (:02) This time his pickup truck died on him.

RD doesn't care if the show sounds terrible. Blade doesn't care if the show is terrible. (:04)

Sad News: Black Friday has been ruined for RD thanks to "Brown Thursday". (:04) Blade: "This is where we would have B.M. Punk phone in."

RD had to drive 90 minutes to a K-Mart in Cincinatti where things still look really old. (:06) At least it was slightly better than Indianapolis where everyone goes barefoot. (:10)

He then went to Meijer where a guy cut into his line using a Jedi Mind Trick. (:11)

At Wal-Mart (where RD still believes they use Betamax), one person smashed an empty box because it was empty. (:16) RD had to scam another guy for his copy of Lego Batman 2.

Blade: "You're a horrible person."

Facts & Figures (as compiled by Erik Majorwitz)


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