Episode 3: AA Bottom: January 15, 2013

31 minutes
ZZ Top: The Rock's Vince's favorite band
((( recorded in high phone-buzzing fidelity )))

RD has temporarily fixed the sound quality for the time being "like Crystal Pepsi." This is because he's recording the show at home.

It is only the 'third' episode and Blade is already talking about the time Don stole some soda.

The Co-Fruitcakes are surprised they have actually made three episodes in such a short span of time. (:03) Blade bets they can hit 209 episodes in their one year.

RD is thankful his radio progrem is now nothing more than his recorded phone conversations. This is good as this WCR Unplugged has a far cheaper phone bill. "It wasn't free to call Gay Popeye I'm telling you," notes RD. This is despite Popeye almost always calling into the show. Blade notes the expensive phone calls he had to make to Alec...who 'lives' in his neighborhood. He must be using AT&T.

Blade is looking forward to being paid $100 for his paper plate auction. (:07)

The Death of WCW will be re-released for its 10th anniversary next year. But will it be in 3-D High Definition? (:09) RD looks forward to debunking Kevin Nash.

This week's Raw reminds the Co-Fruitcakes of many of the show's numerous themes. (:13) RD talks about Styx's Dennis DeYoung for some reason.

RD enjoyed seeing a reanimated Leslie Nielson playing Ric Flair. (:17)

Blade: "[Kaitlyn's] mouth looked like she told Michael J. Fox just to dress her up for Halloween." (:21)

RD is confused about Blade being concerned about ZZ Top. This brings about discussion on the timeliness of ZZ Top. (:23) Vince McMahon is termed Dusty Wolf for some reason.

Blade thinks Vince likes to watch a showering Shawn Michaels. (:24)
Blade: "I think Vince probably liked to watch ZZ Top take a shower and trim their beards too. That's the only explanation."
RD: "People liked this show for some reason."

RD wants to know how much WWE paid the Rock to put over ZZ Top. (:26) He then asks people for more information about ZZ Top in return for a prize. Don't listen to his siren call. It will only lead to a bad end.

RD does his Tom Brokaw (on CBS) impression. (:30)

Jeff Hardy and Reby Sky have been married for two years now. This is apparently news. (:31)

Facts & Figures (as compiled by Erik Majorwitz)


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