(Someone May Have Bought This?)

The Death of WCW: 10th Anniversary Edition by RD Reynolds and Bryan Alvarez

The WrestleCrap Radio Celebrity Roast

RD's WrestleCrap Rumble pinball machine [sold to Forrest George]

The WrestleCrap Radio Shoot Interview Archive DVD-Rom

Mickie Lift the TAIL!!! and customizable Speaking Of... t-shirts

WrestleCrap Book of Lists! by RD Reynolds and Blade Braxton

Trolla™ items at CafePress items at CafePress

WWCR "The Wacker" bumper stickers

The Death of WCW by RD Reynolds and Bryan Alvarez

The Worst of RD Reynolds DVD

WrestleCrap: The Book by RD Reynolds and Randy Baer (whoever that is)

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Anonymous said...

I have already placed the order for these products for the same purpose they have been giving away. It seems to be a good idea to make advertisement of the products they have been selling.