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Well since Internet opinion polls are so important these days; we at wrestlecrapradio.blogspot.com have decided to start some of our own webpolls. Each month a new poll will go up and R.V.M Kai will attempt to analyze comment on the results.



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WCR Poll #9 (June/July 2013):

  • On Episode 16 of the "RD & Blade Show" (aka "TuRDBuS" apparently?). Blade wanted to devise a poll on the forums to see whether the 12 listeners agreed that Linda Blair from the 80's (pictured left) looks like Mickie James (pictured right). Obviously knowing that he would be too lazy or drunk to actually do it, we at wrestlecrap.com decided to conduct the poll ourselves.
  • Out of 24 votes; a minority of 4 voters agreed, while 8 people disagreed.
  • God knows why half of the voters (12 people) said "Only when lifting the tail"? Perhaps they were referring to another body part where they "look-alike"?

WCR Poll #8 (April/May 2013):

  • This poll found that "The Mike Check Show" had 12 LISTENERS (co-incidence?)...well it's technically "13" if you count that one casual fan.
  • Two people admitted that they don't listen to it. I wonder if they are also willing to admit (to paraphrase a typical YouTube comment) that they're Justin Beiber fans who don't appreciate the classics! (Not that Mike would know who that is anyway?)
  • Two people voted that they didn't "understand that reference". But I wonder if they understood the "reference" to that "reference" though?

WCR Poll #7 (Feb/March 2013):

  • This poll was featured for a period of two months and recieved 22 responses.
  • It found that 13 people actually liked the new RD & Blade Show for some reason. And also looks to have gained ONE new listener (i.e.from 12 to 13 listeners).
  • Four people must have either preferred Wrestlecrap Radio or hated both shows...I'm not sure?
  • Five people decided to comment by commenting that they had no comment. I have no comment to make of this comment.

The 2012 Gooker Awards (January 2013):

  • Here's the overall 2012 Gooker results from wrestlecrap.com, and your winner is.....Clare Lynch. This deserved to win in my opinion. I'm a big TNA fan but I thought this was definitely their version of "Katie Vick" (except she was alive...and a crack whore). 
  • In 2nd was Bryan's 18 second loss. A lot of people thought this should have won. Yes it was frustrating when it happened but...it wasn't Clare Lynch!
  • Taking the "Bronze" (appropriate since it's a brownish colour) was "Farting Natalya". I would have picked this if not for...you know who. She went from being pushed in the "Divas" division with Beth Phoenix to...well...let's just say the winds of change didn't blow in the right direction for poor Nattie.
  • And..ugh..I can't be bothered talking about the rest.

WCR Poll/Quiz #6 (December 2012):

WCR Poll/Quiz #5.2 (November 2012):

  • For the latter part of November, we conducted a quiz relating to "Black Friday" and the infamous "Bedding Man". For those who don't know the story click here or see "Bedding Man" in the Glossary (Clue: the answer to the quiz is also there.).
  • In this quiz there were 4 multiple choice answers, in which there was only one corrent answer. And if you're answer was: "Bitch! I am in line! I am in the store! I'm back in bedding!"(Click here for the quote in audio form), you'd be CORRECT.
  • Out of the 14 people who answered; only 9 got it correct. If you were one of the 9, then congratulations, you truly are a WCR listener (or a good guesser).
  • For those that answered "I am back in Bedding Bitch!"; you're incorrect and probably visioned that bedding man was Dave Chappelle doing a Rick James impression?

WCR Poll #5.1 (November 2012):

  • This poll was conducted during the first week of November and closed the night of the U.S Election on the 6th. We had a turnout of a whopping 10 voters!
  • For obvious reasons, Angry Jim was no where to be found on the Official ballot, but he will be glad to know that he won the unofficial wrestlecrapradio.blogspot.com ballot in a 60% majority over the two other candidates combined.
  • So what do these results mean for America...nothing. Obama is re-elected for a 2nd term, and Jim will be back making BBQ sauce and announcing NXT (once "The King" comes back to RAW).
  • Regarding the election results; Angry Jim on his Twitter has commented: "Go F*** Yourself! The voting is rigged!"

WCR Poll #4 (October 2012):

  • I couldn't be bothered analyzing the results this month, but I'd like to say to take care of yourselves Trick-or-Treating this Halloween because the majority of you agree that there are "Idiots-in-Cars" waiting to run you over!
  • "Thank Ya" to the three people polite enough to pick the 4th tip on the list.
  • Happy Halloween!...oh and if you see one person actually wearing neon, you'll know who voted for that.

WCR Poll #3 (September 2012):
  • As you can see: All 12 listeners will be out in full force to listen to Blade's show.
  • However, it seems that the 20%, who voted that Blade's new show is 2012's version of his so-called "Big Announcement", are probably right on the money here.
  • Three people voted "Who's Blade?"? I'd like to know how they found this poll on a website that's dedicated to his damn show?
  • I didn't think Angry Jim would even vote but it seems that he did...guess which one!

WCR Poll #2 (August 2012):

  • This poll has shown that Mike Check is still popular among most of the 12 listeners...what’s wrong with you people?!?!
  • Although The Honky Tonk Mailman has lasted much longer as TNA Correspondent than Mike Check, he has two less votes...perhaps Honky should have actually appeared more? Thank ya very much!
  • Peter Gazer & Stewart Patrick seem to have at least one fan and Stubby has two...but Nathaniel? How did he get two votes?!?! My guess is that Dixie and Col. Bob voted in our poll.
  • Out of the three "robotic" correspondents, Johnny 6 was the only one that actually received votes. Johnny 4 and Megatrolla just couldn't follow him.
  • There was no favouritism shown towards the "drafted" correspondents (ie: The Midnight Rose, The Crickets, Sir Alec Heineken, David Lee Roth) and probably shouldn't have been included in the poll.
  • As for C.S Irwin, looks like the only vote he got was the vote of no confidence...YEEEAAHHHH!

WCR Poll #1 (July 2012):

  • It seems that only 10 out of Wrestlecrap Radio's 12 listeners are brave enough to admit that they actually listened to the progrem.
  • The 1 "No" vote was probably a former 11th listener, who I can only guess, stopped downloading the podcast due to the offensive nature of Blade's Don...Don Mason Stories.
  • The "I'm not sure I understand that reference" vote was obviously Mike Check (or his daughter voting on his behalf).

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(from the Craphole Forums by Vizier)

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