Had enough of the site too? Yeah, we don't blame you.

  • WrestleCrap - The Very Worst of Pro Wrestling Rather obvious really; without it this site wouldn't exist (for good AND for bad). In all seriousness though, they are actually funny, and well worth your time. They also have an official Forum (for the time being anyway).
  • Global Internet Services Inc. Web provider and sponsor to WC and its radio progrem. Get a web site from Greg O'Gorek and tell them WC sent you. You'll be sure to wake up the next day with a woman (or man) in your bed.
  • Another fine sponsor of the radio progrem, with a ridiculous amount of wrestling news and own radio progrems for your pleasure. They're also seeking candidates for their quest to kick Mike Jones in the testicles.
  • Trolla-Mart The current home page of the Premier-owned Trolla Corporation; i.e. a glorified Cafe-Press site. Still though, if you ever want your own ShirtTrolla, this is the place.
  • The Mike Check Show Yes, somehow Mike Check has his own website despite being in prison (and being a Luddite). I probably blame his daughter for this. If you want to listen to some golden oldies that he would have played back in the day in his radio markets, you've come to the right place. To quote the man: Fascinating.

What does the Premier prefer?

  • Game Show Garbage: Honoring the Worst in Game Shows WC for game shows (it's all in the title), as led by former Jobber of the Week man Robert Q. Seidelman. It is, though, a fun place to look at some of the worst game shows have to offer, and to make you feel lucky you're not as dumb as some of the featured 'contestants' on there.
  • Blue Bar Cage WC's Justin Henry's other personal wrestling site. While his thoughts and writings and opinions about the wrestling business may be more 'serious toned' than the comedy he often has to write for the main site, it is nonetheless very interesting reading.
  • Kayfabe NEWS Essentially a newer version of the Headlies (which is essentially aping the Onion), albeit trading story length for quantity. The majority of its reports though are VERY funny, and well worth a look. And besides, it may give a good opportunity to have its man collaborate with Justin one day...
  • Who knew that in this day and age Mad Magazine would become defunct and obscured by its former defunct and obscure competitor? I sure don't. Masters of the List in comedic form (much like these guys), it's one of the best comedy sites running today.
  • SF Debris Easily one of the best video-style review sites out there, both in comedy and in informational know-how. While Mr. Chuck Sonnenburg (calling him "SF Debris" makes him sound like an archvillian or something) has been primarily focused on the Star Trek universe, he's also done funded requests to do Doctor Who, Babylon 5, Red Dwarf, and other stuff including The Dark Knight, The Two Towers, and even a run through of Mass Effect 2. Be sure to also check out my own request of one of the worst episodes of The Next Generation ever made.
  • Television Without Pity One of the sites that helped shaped my writing/review style. Things have changed quite a bit for them, but if you want darkly sarcastic writings of some of your favorite TV shows, this may be a good place.
  • 1d4chan I know the mention of a 4chan related site may scare some/all of you, but there's no need to worry. A Wiki style site based on its /tg/ section based on table top games, RPGs, wargames, that sort of thing. I was drawn to it due to its Warhammer 40,000 content which is both insightful and humorous to read, and is a must read for any fan of the game.
  • The main 'source' of all the wrestling NEWZ for the radio progrem. It's obviously not F4WOnline of course, but then again, what is? It's still a good place to check out stuff, as well as summaries of all the latest shows and PPVs.
  • Puck Daddy Yahoo! Sports' hockey-based blog. Obviously as a hockey man it speaks to me; and being a man of comedy it speaks to me there too. A must read for any similarly inclined person. 
  • McIver Brown Law Firm You're probably wondering "Don't you have Clarence Mason to do all your lawyering for you?" Well...yes. However a sharp-eyed person from the law firm helped out the site by pointing out a few broken URLs here and there, and in return I've promised to link to her place of employment. And besides, if you live in Houston and need someone to represent your medical malpractice case, I do believe these guys can definitely help you be victorious.

What does the Beloved Founder prefer?

If it weren't for the SubGenii, I wouldn't bother with the internet.

What does the Showstealer prefer?

  • (To be updated later. If you're reading this sentence you're standing too close.)

What does the Kai prefer?

  • Botchamania The official website of Maffew's clips of various wrestling botches and bloopers.
  • GoAnimate Create your own animations of Blade Braxton telling trash-bagging stories or RD Reynolds singing karaoke, then post them on YouTube. GoAnimate also has its own YouTube page.
  • Wrestling With Wregret: Brian Zane's take on wrestling, past and present, and bad gimmicks.
  • Bone The Fish Since, well...jumped the shark, Bone the Fish has taken over as the place to discuss the moment/s when TV shows went south.
  • The David Lee Roth Soundboard A soundboard from, as heard on Wrestlecrap Radio, where you can have fun giving TNA Impact Wrestling news to your friends as "Diamond Dave".
  • The Officially Unofficial Get This Wiki! A tribute site to a comedic Australian radio progrem, broadcast on Triple M during 2006 to 2007, which was hosted by Tony Martin, Ed Kavalee & the late Richard Marsland. "This is dizzy stuff folks!"
  • Grims Toy Show Hilarious reviews of WWE Action Figures by Ebenezer Mittelsdorf. Also with videos featuring the antics of Grim & "Uncensored Super Pop". "Nailed It!"
  • You Had One Job Twitter Account featuring pictures and videos of various fails & screw ups in everyday life.
  • Todd In The Shadows Music Reviews, One Hit Wonders, and Trainwreckords, etc.

What does Raging_Demons prefer?

  • BotchedSpot Online Pro Wrestling comics that parodies the current wrestling news & provides original content like "Over Like Olaf".
  • A Podcast in the style of Wrestlecrap Radio only much "WORSE". Occasionally you might hear me on the show.
  • Kongregate Online FREE Flash Game Website with over 55,000 games to play.
  • I kind of write for them and stuff.
  • The Heyman Hustle Occasionally you get to read what Paul Heyman or any of his friends (like EVOLVE/Dragon Gate USA Booker Gabe Saplosky or Rob Van Dam) has to say but you're mostly there for all the pics of hot babes that Heyman posts like crazy.
  • Peter Is The Wolf Online Comic about Werewolves. There's a SAFE version & there's the ADULT version, take your pick!
  • Comic Book Resources You wanna know where I get all my comic book references, here ya go!

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