The Wrestlecrap Radio Glossary: Volume 2 (L-Z)

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Have you ever wondered what the various terms & quotes used on Wrestlecrap Radio mean? Such as what "Alien Ham" is or why Shelly Martinez was nicknamed "Big Nippled Vampire"?

Well at long last, (having taken six *beep* hours long!) we have copied and pasted The WrestleCrap Radio Dictionary Glossary, as termed by YOU, the (12) Listeners! You can add your entries at the new thread.


"License To Print Money!"
- A term used to describe having ideas that sound so successful that you don't even need it to make money, you might as well be allowed to print dollar bills. (R.V.M Kai)

Little Debbie Christmas Tree Brownies
- RD's new favorite holiday munchie. Little Debbie Fudge Brownies with frosting and candies atop them. (Ultimate Kennedy)

Little Debbie Christmas Tree cakes
- Seasonal cake desert treat loved by The Deal, even after they jacked up the price. (Ultimate Kennedy)

"Look at that, that's Stupid!"
- What Blade's Ex girlfriend shouted when she saw Blade's David Arquette screensaver, she also threw a glass which hit his phone. (R.V.M Kai)

Lord Alfred Hayes
- Former wrestler and WWF announcer whose "promotional considering by the following" soundbite always proceeds the sponsor thanks. (ani)
See Also: (Ghost of) Lord Alfred

The Lost Wrestlecrap Radio Episode
- An April Fool's Joke that revealed the first ever Wrestlecrap Radio episode when RD & Blade were kids. Most notable: RD "touched a boob", Blade meets John Thomas for the first time when Thomas was selling "Grit" & admiring Blade's "Bulge", the first ever Trolla product called "The Hulk Trolla", and Blade getting smacked by his mother for making long distance phone calls. Later on in the years Deal released an actual Lost episode where Deal had his own segment & the Haiku debut. The episode never aired due to technical difficulties. (Raging Demons)


Mama Deal
- RD's Mother, who called in to Wrestlecrap Radio in November 2008 to inform Blade of the Reynolds family Halloween tradition of Popcorn Balls. (Vizier)

Mama from Good Times
- A recent addition to the show, she comes out generally when Blade says something offensive, but not so offensive that it makes RD end the show early. Mama comes out, breaks a plate, and says "Damn, Damn, DAMN!", which is then accompanied by a small Ric Flairish "Whoooo". The origin of this is from the episode of Good Times where James dies, and Florida finally breaks down after breaking some crystal. (Chainsaw)
See: "Damn, Damn, DAMN!!!"

"Mama Mia! That's a spicy meatball!"
- Old catch phrase for the debuting Santino Marella. (Andrew Is Good)

- How the Midnight Rose pronounces "Man" in his 'Cuban' accent. (R.V.M Kai)

Martha Gooch
- A brand of pasta noodles ranging from spaghetti to lasagna favored by Blade. (Ultimate Kennedy)

Meat Pinata
- A horrible idea RD and Blade had for a party game, consisting of filling slabs of beef with candy, and having kids beat the meat to get their sweet treats. (Blade Braxton)

- MegaTrolla, better known as the Trolla-Tron 7800 robot killed the previous TNA Correspondent of Nathaniel Edward Rodham Davis. The 12 Listeners thought MegaTrolla looked like ED-209 from "Robocop". MegaTrolla basically walked around & did nothing. It was hinted that MegaTrolla possibly could be a Transformer when he stated that he was looking for the Cybertronian artifact "The Allspark". MegaTrolla was looking for The Allspark when Blade ordered it to find & attack Shane McMahon, who was on a rampage beating random people all over the place. MegaTrolla died by getting his ass kicked by Shane McMahon. However MegaTrolla's status as dead or not is questionable when his final words were "Wait, I Still Function!" Deal & Blade recognized MegaTrolla as dead. (Raging Demons)
- Trolla product used as a TNA correspondent. This machine of destruction killed previous TNA correspondent Nathaniel, and was eventually destroyed by Shane McMahon. (Andrew is Good)
- The hulking robot sent by The Trolla Corp. to replace Nathan as the TNA correspondent. In the process, he obliterated Nathan after RD and Blade sent the package to Nathan`s house. Megatrolla resembled the ED-209 in pictures and was distinguished by an unwillingness to watch TNA due to his pursuit of the Matrix Of Leadership. Megatrolla was quickly destroyed by an out-of-control Shane McMahon who somehow demolished the robot with wildly thrown punches that mostly missed and heavy breathing. Despite the fact that it sounded like Megatrolla might still function, RD and Blade choose to acknowledge that it died. (Chainsaw)
See: Trolla Corporation

Michael Cole
- Sworn enemy of Angry Jim, believed to be a homosexual. (Premier Blah)

"Mickie lifting the tail"
- Is a reference from Blade about wanting Mickie James to show her ass and maybe one day "make sweet, sweet love, down by the fire". (Raging Demons)
- A running joke about Mickie James for having a posterior that reminds Blade of a horse's/Centaur's behind. (R.V.M Kai)
See: The Centaur

The Midnight Rose
- Cuban Floral Masked Wrestler/Manager who channels "Scarface" by hitting on all the right "pelicans" (Midnight Rose slang for women). The Midnight Rose has his personal assistant Lily with him at all times & he only takes the best indy wrestlers. Midnight Rose wants Lisa Marie "Victoria/Tara" Varon to be his wife. The Midnight Rose has been a guest TNA Correspondent via the DraftTrolla. Actually it's Blade as "The Midnight Rose". Blade helped out one of his former indy buddies by performing in a indy show as a wrestler. All that Blade had at the time is a floral wrestling mask, & the legend is born! Blade's back in the indy wrestling scene in the Kansas City Area as "The Midnight Rose", so when a Rose sighing has been mentioned, go to the show to watch Blade Braxton in action! (Raging Demons)

Mike Check
- Radio veteran who has worked many markets under various guises throughout his lengthy career. Claims to be the mentor to the late Walter Cronkite. Thinks that WrestleCrap Radio is a real radio station and calls it WWCR or "The Whacker". He often watched TNA with his daughter, who he seemed to be unhealthily close to. Went on a tour in the buildup to becoming the longest running TNA correspondent in WrestleCrap Radio history, but died in mysterious circumstances in a fireworks factory after having met a British man, rumoured to be Sir Alec Heineken. (Steveweiser)
- The most popular TNA Correspondent of them all. Mike Check is an aging senior-citizen radio DJ that Deal "hired" because he had over 25+ years of experience. Unfortunately for Deal & Blade Mike Check didn't have cable or satellite TV so he had to go to his daughter's to watch the show & he was so behind the times he didn't know what a CD was. Mike Check kept talking about his previous jobs in radio including WTKO in Ithaca, NY. Mike Check is the only Correspondent to have merchandise since he has bumper stickers & T-Shirts. Mike Check decided to do a radio tour to promote the fact he was going to beat the record for the longest TNA Correspondent ever. Unfortunately for Mike Check he stopped at a fireworks factory, Mike Check lit his cigar & the next thing you know the warehouse explodes killing him instantaneously. Then Mike Check mysteriously appeared at the "Wrestlecrap Celebrity Roast DVD" alive & well, which he got his ass kicked by Blade. Apparently Mike Check faked his own death because he wanted his merchandise to make a lot of money & he was hoping his DVD appearance would get him a lot of money as well since he died. Also the other reason he had a lot of radio jobs is that he had a LOT of kids & he owed a LOT of child support up to $1,000,000. Mike Check is currently in jail saying he was innocent. (Raging Demons)
- Mike Check would call once in awhile on the Seance Trolla to speak with RD & Blade about seeing someone that recently died entering heaven. Mike Check somehow showed up alive during the "Wrestlecrap Radio Celebrity Roast", unfortunately he got his ass kicked when Blade attacked him. Sheriff Dickwell, who was constantly calling RD & Blade about the whereabouts of a person named "John Smith", revealed that Mike Check was "John Smith", he's the world's worst illegitimate dad, he was arrested for not paying his child support payments that equaled over $1,000,000 for at least 30 kids in each of his former territories that he used to work (30 kids in each territory, 16 territories= 480 kids total). When Mike Check used his one & only phone call from prison to get RD & Blade to get him out of jail he explained the whole story. With John Thomas working for a deadbeat dad recovery service chasing him for trying to pay that much child support he faked his own death in order to get his bumper stickers, which were put on a week later by his one & only loyal daughter, to sell for a lot of money which in the end they didn't sell that well. Mike Check's appearance in the "Wrestlecrap Radio Celebrity Roast" was an attempt to get royalty checks for it since he thought it was an actual movie not a DVD. RD & Blade refused to get Mike Check out of prison & hopes he rots there for a long, long time. Mike Check's daughter found a way by working with Greg at to put up a link where you can buy Mike Check T-Shirts at the website to help raise bail for her dad. Mike Check is still calling the show even though he's in jail by exchanging "favors" for phone time. (Raging Demons)

Mike Check's Daughter
- Anonymous target for Blade's off-colour humour. Also responsible for the advertising of WWCR bumper stickers on, much to RD's disgust. (pog)
- Blade mentioned at one time thinking that Mike Check's daughter is a huge whore. (Raging_Demons)

Miller Lite and V8 (Red Beer)
- Blade's drink of choice, consumed during tapings. (Premier Blah)

Mister Braxton's Neighborhood
- The 2018 April Fool's Day Joke underneath the Fruitckaes Patreon era parodies a classic episode of "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood". Here its Blade as the classic Mister Rogers. Blade tries to teach the boys and girls about what's going on until he found out he ran out of food so Blade makes a TRIP To The Grocery.The Wrestlecrap Radio characters were there at The Grocery: Angry Jim Ross as The Butcher, Sir Alec Heinekin as a random neighbor, with a lewd recommendation for malt vinegar, Gay Popeye as a random person telling Blade what he does with cucumbers (Hint: You don't want to know), Mike Check reading the store announcements, and Dixie Carter as the checkout lady. Blade even had us travel to "The Land Of Make Believe" where Stubby had no money to see Wrestlemania on the WWE Network, when Deal & Henrietta Allecat taught Stubb what a Pawn Shop is.

Mom Jeans
- On WCR #205 Blade thought that the jeans that Mickie James' was wearing in a TNA match looked like a pair of maternity pants.(R.V.M Kai)

Mommy's Milk
- The breast milk of Linda Hogan, which RD has claimed is wanted by his co-host. Blade has fervently denied any desire for Linda Hogan or her milk every time its brought up. (BorneAgain)

Moveset Radio
- The 2019 April Fool's Joke takes a look at what Deal considered one of the wost segments of all time. The time that Deal and Blade tried to have a serious discussion about Kurt Angle and his moveset. An entire episode became all about Kurt Angle and everything hi did. Angle's matches, Faxtrolla spitting out Kurt Angle news, even a Kurt Angle Question of the week. The actual segment that inspired the joke was included as well. This will probably go down as an episode of Wrestlecrap Radio; whether an actual episode, a "RD &
Blade Show" episode or even an April Fool's Day episode where Blade had said the least amount of words and Deal the most.
Now that's saying something! (Raging_Demons)
See: Koko Radio

- Dispenses news on any movies starring wrestlers (Ken Ivory)
See: Trolla Corporation

Mr. Brakeston
- The name of Blade, according to loan officer John Thomas. (Chainsaw)

Mr. French
- A guy from Family Affair (Sebastian Cabot). Mike Check does his impression of him, badly. (Premier Blah)

Mrs. Deal
- RD's wife, often told by RD to get people on the phone, commonly Dave Meltzer. Guest starred as Peaches in the 2006 April Fool's Day episode. (Vizier)
- (murderer): There have been three times when Mrs. Deal, RD Reynolds wife, has killed on "Wrestlecrap Radio". The first time, Mrs. Deal killed Jermaine, one of the "Wrestlecrap Crickets" in the bathroom. The second time, Mrs. Deal threw TNA Correspondent Stubby into a fire pit during a 4th of July picnic. The third time was during the Christmas Extravaganza 2009 episode of "Wrestlecrap Radio" when Mrs. Deal killed a rampaging Johnny 4 to save RD. (Raging Demons)

Mushy peas
- What Angry Jim Ross was fed while over in Europe in November of 2008. He hated them. (Ultimate Kennedy)

"My boyfriend watches trash!"
- What Blade's Ex girlfriend shouted in the middle of a Mall because of her distaste of Blade watching "Troma" movies. (R.V.M Kai)


Naked Girl
- A nickname Deal & Blade gave, WWE Diva search contestant Leyla Milani, after suffering a wardrobe malfunction during the "Sgt. Slaughter Bikini Bootcamp" contest. (R.V.M Kai)

Nathaniel Edward Rodham Davis
- Hyperactive and obnoxious 22 year old who was the TNA correspondent for the fall of 2008 and knew everything about TNA Impact Wrestling only to cause annoyance to RD, Blade and others with his incessant talk of the TNA Impact product and it's workrate, movesets, Kevin Nash, Scott Steiner among other topics. The final show of 08 had Nathaniel unmercifully destroyed by the MegaTrolla, a replacement TNA correspondant (to Nathaniel's chagrin) accidentally shipped to Nathaniel's house by the Trolla Corporation. (Ultimate Kennedy)
- Nathaniel, whose name spells "N.E.R.D.", was an obsessive fanboy of TNA that Deal "found" on a TNA Forum. Nathaniel became too anal about his job that he drove Deal, Blade, & the 12 Listeners nuts! When Nathaniel got pissed that Deal inducted the TNA "Silent Night, Bloody Night" Christmas themed match he decided to hijack the annual Trolla Corporation Christmas present; unfortunately that was his undoing as Trolla sent Nathaniel's replacement MegaTrolla. Nathaniel died when MegaTrolla shot him roughly a million times. (Raging Demons)

- A geek or a poindexter. (kingsuperspecial)
See: Geek, Poindexter, Shut-ins, Unabomber Style Shack

Nicole Bass
- A rather masculine looking wrestler, current whereabouts unknown. RD has constantly tried to make Blade wrestle her as part of a bet he lost. (Premier Blah)

Nintendo John
- Wrestlecrap Radio's Video Game Correspondent. Nintendo John is supposed to give the latest in all video game news but he has an unhealthy obsession with anything Nintendo related (Wii, DS, Gameboy, and so on). The "fans" seem to love Nintendo John's love for anything Nintendo. Nintendo John oddly sounds like a certain World Champion that rhymes with "Schmohn Schmena". (Raging Demons)

Nipple H
- Nickname of WWE Executive Vice President of Creative Development & Operations [Stephanie McMahon --R.V.M Kai], christened upon her due to her marriage to Triple H and her massive fun bag surgery. (Old Trusty)

No Pants
- Most of the time when an episode of "Wrestlecrap Radio" is made, Blade usually doesn't wear any pants. When RD & Blade found indy wrestler/manager Brother Midnight on an "It Came From YouTube" segment for when he was running around only in his underwear and will not wear any pants until he gets a title shot, Blade called out "gimmick infringement" at first against Brother Midnight. Later on when Brother Midnight was a guest on the show Blade & Brother Midnight both agreed they can both wear no pants. (Raging Demons)


Obscure Wrestling News
- Wrestling news that is obscure. (pog)
A segment on WCR where Deal reads wrestling news, received via the Faxtrolla, that's so obscure that not even Dave Meltzer would have reported it. (R.V.M Kai)
See: Faxtrolla

"The Old Country Way"
- How the Iron Shiek would've settled his issues back in the old country & (quote) Make You Humble (unquote), which may refer to sodomy. (R.V.M Kai)

The Old Friend
- Blade and Don...Don Mason's nickname for "Hillbilly Jim". (R.V.M Kai)
- When RD & Blade were discussing the Star Wars Christmas special, they mentioned that Boba Fett kept calling Luke Skywalker "Friend". This reminded Blade when he and Don used to call his Hillbilly Jim action figure "The Old Friend". (R.V.M Kai)

Olive Oyl
- Gay Popeye's Beard, or the name of a lubricant he uses. Ah gyuk gyuk gyuk gyuk. (Premier Blah)

"On the other end of the tin can and string.."
- On the phone (Ken Ivory)
See: Tin can and string

Orange Skin
- What Jessica Alba has in the Fantastic Four movie sequel. (Ultimate Kennedy)

Organic Foods
- Organically grown products like cereal and milk. Mrs Deal once remarked that RD Jr. would eat such products which RD rebuked immediately. RD HATES things organic. (Ultimate Kennedy)

The Outsiders on DVD
- Blade's first gift to RD for Christmas 2008. It's actually a gift from C. Thomas Howell, who wrote on a word balloon on the cover "I am NOT a Soul Man!" Blade sent it to RD in an effort to get an Outsiders reference on the show every week. (Chainsaw)

Over The Top Dad! - A movie quote (from Sylvester Stone's 'Over the Top') Blade says, in a kid's voice, whenever 'Over The Top Radio' is mentioned in's ad-copy. (R.V.M Kai)


Paper Plate
- Blade Braxton revealed on the Wrestlecrap Radio Shoot Interview that he writes the script for WCR on the back of a paper plate. He even auctioned one such plate/script of the 1st episode of "The RD & Blade Show" on ebay...and made $99.95 ?! (R.V.M Kai)

- RD's nickname for former WWE Diva; Trish Stratus (real name Patricia Stratagias), his favorite Diva. (Zedd/Premier Blah/Ultimate Kennedy)

Paul Bunyan
- The gimmick Paul Wight should have used in WWE, according to RD Reynolds. (#061) (iggy)

Paul Christy
- A "wrestler/magician/hypnotist/alright" who made his one and only appearance on Tusesday Night Titans. Rather than let host 'Mean Gene' interview him, he ranted to the audience about "How many apartment buildings can you own?" and something about "woman", "sexual" with "pretty blue eyes" and "physical appearance". He also got mad whenever Gene tried to interrupt him during his his magic tricks. Needless to say, he didn't last much longer in the then World Wrestling Federation. (R.V.M Kai)

P.C. Popeye
- After a long absence, Gay Popeye made an re-appearance on WCR episode #299, dropping the "bad LGBTQ stereotype" and became Wrestlecrap Radio's advocate for Political Correctness (or WCR's version of WWE's early 2000's stable: "The Right To Censor"),  and started referring to himself as "P.C. Popeye". (R.V.M Kai)
See:  Gay Popeye
- One of the few times Mrs. Deal was on the show. Mrs. Deal played "Peaches", a "caller" that called in during an "April's Fool's Show" where Deal & Blade had a show where callers called into the show. Peaches represent the typical caller that still believes that The Undertaker & The Ultimate Warrior are dead. Listen close & you'll hear the debut of RD Jr. (Raging Demons)

Peggy Lou and the Colonel
Two people who travel with The Honkytonk Mailman when he delivers the mail in his Cadillac. (R.V.M Kai)
See: The Honkytonk Mailman

Peter Gazer
- Blade's personal friend. Peter Gazer, slang for "Penis looker", was a gay man with a major crush on TNA's Alex Shelley. Unfortunately Peter Gazer kept no-showing his appearances which forced him to "quit" because "he was going to join the Navy". Blade mentions that the real reason why Peter Gazer quit was because he couldn't do it most of the time because he was sick. Peter Gazer is the "Harry Potter" of the TNA Correspondents as "the one that lived". Sometimes Peter Gazer appears to taunt Deal & Blade when a TNA Correspondent dies. (Raging Demons)
- Another gay character of the show who is a big fan of Alex Shelley. Served as a Navy Seaman. (ani)
- Not Pete Gazer. (iggy)
[Don't shorten my peter! --Peter Gazer]

Peyton Manning Limited Edition Vinyl Figure
- Blade's 2nd gift to RD for Christmas 2008, the figure resembles Quentin Tarantino more than it resembles Peyton Manning. RD thinks it also looks like the unseen Mongo from "There's Something About Mary", while Blade thinks he resembles QT in "Kill Bill 2: Kill Bill Belichick". (Chainsaw)

- A hot place to be, according to RD. (Premier Blah)

Pimpeye, Peepeye & Poopeye
- Gay Popeye's nephews who made an appearnace on WCR's 2010 Halloween episode. (R.V.M Kai)

- What the Midnight Rose (A character based on the TV edited version of Scarface) calls the opposite sex. (R.V.M Kai)

Pizza Vegetables
- RD hates them. Blade once remarked that olives look like martian vaginas on the rag to which RD said he would "use that one." (Ultimate Kennedy)

"Please and thank ya"
- What Roddy Piper says kids should say after receiving candy on when Trick or Treating on Halloween. (R.V.M Kai)
See: Rowdy Roddy Piper's Neighborhood

Please to explain?
- A form of a question used, used most often during the Co-Host Auditions. (Premier Blah)
- What Deal asks when he needs clarification on a particular topic or when he wants Blade to explain what he is rambling about. (R.V.M Kai)

- A porn magazine featuring heavyset women that Blade would always see at magazine stands as a youth when looking for Wrestling magazines. (Ultimate Kennedy)

- A geek or a nerd. (kingsuperspecial)
See: Geek, Nerd, Shut-ins, Unabomber Style Shack

Poontang ATM
- How RD and Blade described Andre and DiBiase staring at Miss Elizabeth at Summerslam '88. (Ultimate Kennedy)

- Abbreviation of "pornography"; there are several gigabytes of this on Blade's computer often causing his PC to run slowly during the interactive segments of the show.
*RD claims to have no interest in pornography, however RD's wife listens to the show, so it is assumed that he is being less than truthful on this matter. (Hex)

Premier Blah
- One of the 12 Listeners and Questioners of the Week (of which there is a very small list). Recaps WCR episodes on and shares Farmer Iggy's 'overly critical' view of the progrem. (Premier Blah)

- RD's spelling of the word 'program' in the phrase 'fine radio progrem', as said by a Martian Chief in Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, a (bad) 60's movie reviewed on the site. (Premier Blah)
- What Deal calls the show instead of "program". (Raging Demons)

Pro Wrestling
- Classic NES video game featuring original wrestling characters. Both RD and Blade are huge fans of this game and once mused that a movie should have been made about this game, "Pro Wrestling: The Movie." When RD was younger and played with friends, they would try to make rules that a character must do to win such as performing three knee lifts in a row. RD was a fan of Fighter Hayabusa with the back brain kick while Blade was a fan of the character The Amazon who could use bites and chokeholds. (Ultimate Kennedy)
[This game’s theme song is also Nintendo John’s theme on WCR (--R.V.M Kai)]

Punch Mike Jones in the testicles
- A booth proposed for the proposed "Wrestlecrap carnival" where you got to punch, former WWF/E wrestler, Virgil in the gonads. (R.V.M Kai)
- [A command instead of a definition.] (iggy)
See: The WrestleCrap Radio Carnival


Quentin Tip
- Congressman Henry Waxman's alleged investigator who interviewed RD and Blade as to why there were so many deaths involved with Wrestlecrap Radio as well as so many violations in the WCR wellness policy. It was revealed that all he was interested in was Rebecca DiPietro's phone number. (Ultimate Kennedy)

Question of the Week
- A long running segment on WCR where RD picks a question from one of the 12 listeners' emails to answer on the air. Unfortunately, Deal & Blade usually go on tangents & the question never usually gets answered. (R.V.M Kai)


- An abbreviation of 'radical' not in wide use since 1988. (kingsuperspecial)

- WWE Diva Kelly Kelly mistakenly quoted, in an interview with Maxim, that the originator of the Stickface was "Rafiki". It was actually Rikishi, "Rafiki" was a character from 'The Lion King'. (R.V.M Kai)

Rafiki Eating Bananas
- Making a motion with the hand and mouth that resembles oral sex. Witnessed being done by a staff member at Disneyworld during RD's trip in 2006. (Kyle Hyde)

- What certain wimmin' folk make Blade feel. (Chainsaw)

Randy Baer
- The elusive co-author of the first WrestleCrap book. RD frequently insults him. (Premier Blah)

Ratings Reaper
- A WCR character who kills off Wrestling programming that suffers from low ratings. (R.V.M Kai)
- Some obscure segment even by WCR standards, consisting of evil laughter at low ratings talk during 2008. RD called him the next year, and from then on he's been an infrequent guest. He got a pie in the face from the Midnight Rose during the Celebrity Roast. (Premier Blah)

The RD & Blade Show
- After the cancellation of Wrestlecrap Radio in 2012, RD Reynolds and Blade Braxton launched a new podcast on January 10, 2013 known as "The RD & Blade Show". It's humor is similar to WCR albeit a bit more "PG". It's running time is shorter, as each episode is around 20-30 minutes, but the episode updates are more frequent. It also does not regularly feature characters and segments from WCR. (R.V.M Kai)
- On what would be Episode #40 of "The RD & Blade Show" on August 30th, 2015, Deal & Blade made an announcement saying that "The RD & Blade Show" is officially cancelled and its replaced by a PG-friendly version of "Wrestlecrap Radio". (Raging_Demons)
- On Feburary 6, 2019 Deal & Blade announced via social media that "The RD & Blade Show" is back but as exclusive content on the Wrestlecrap Patreon page. (Raging_Demons)
See: Wrestlecrap Radio

RD Reynolds
- (AKA RD, AKA Deal, AKA Real Deal Real Deal) The creator of & co-host of Wrestlecrap Radio. Also an (co-)author three books; Wrestlecrap, The Wrestlecrap Book of Lists & The Death of WCW. (R.V.M Kai)

RD's TRIP to the Grocery
- One of the first recorded segments on the show, where RD would try and talk about what he found while grocery shopping. Would be often extended/interrupted/cut short by Blade's digressions. (Premier Blah)
See: Blade's Trip to the Convenience Store

RD's Mailbag
- An earlier segment that took the place of the Question of the Week for a few months, where RD and Blade read sent in letters and e-mail. Also a basis for a genitalia joke when RD asks Blade to reach down between his legs and grab it. (Premier Blah)

RD Jr.
- RD's son, who appeared on the 2006 April Fool's Day episode. (Vizier)
- Not a character, but Deal's real life son who while not on the show is often mentioned in anecdotes from Deal's off radio exploits. (ThunderDrunk)

RD's Public Service Announcement
- The first true segment that was introduced in the WCR lost episode and was used once. (Zedd)

"Real Quick"/"Time-Out"
- What Blade says when he has something quick to add & interrupts the middle of a topic....which ironically takes him six hours to say. (R.V.M Kai)

Red Beer
- A mixture of beer and V8 consumed by one Mr. Blade Braxton. The description alone makes RD queasy. (Old Trusty)

- Another nickname, for WWE Superstar Edge, because the "Rated R Superstar" Logos, that were engraved on his WWE Title belt’s nameplate, made his name appear like it said "RedgeR". (R.V.M Kai)
See: Ed Ge

- Reuben ("You know, like the sandwich") was a dim-witted ex co-worker of Blade's from his flooring/construction job. He brought a filled trash-bag inside a millionaire's house to clean up some sawdust while the home-owners were inspecting the property. It was a hot day, & not knowing that the bag had been previously used to "trash-bag" in, it ended up stinking out the whole house. He was then future endeavoured by his boss, & after receiving this news he uttered: "But I’ve got a kid & a car payment!"
- Reuben was also mentioned on episode 16 of the RD & Blade Show, where Blade recounted the time where Larry (the lead floor installer) played with Reuben's stupidity & sent him to bring him a 'can of dial-tone' after the phone stopped working & a 'board stretcher' because his piece of wood was cut too short. He was also really stressed after Blade told him, jokingly, that he wanted to swap girlfriends. He although did show 'one moment of sense' when he immediately drove Blade to the Hospital after some glass cut his leg.
- On Episode #251 of Wrestlecrap Radio, Reuben became a new WCR character, with his own guest "Trip To The Grocery" segment, where he taste-tested Lay's New York Reuben Flavored Potato Chips.(R.V.M Kai)
See: Trash-bagging

RJ and Brad
- The hosts of Wrestlecrap Radio, according to Mike Check. (Chainsaw)

RJ Fletcher and Al
- Two other laugh tracks from Weird Al's UHF. Both the man and his movie are large influences on the show. (Premier Blah)

Roast Beef
- What Blade refers to what one of Mickie James' body parts looks can use your imagination as to which. (R.V.M Kai)

- Nickname of former WWE Diva Rebecca, christened upon her due to her lack of emotion. (Old Trusty)
- Another Diva Search reject who is rumored to be one of the 12 listeners thanks to her listing a Wrestlecrap video as one of her favorites on Youtube. (Chainsaw)

Robert Sack
- Debuted January 27, 2018 on Wrestlecrap Radio episode #269. Has a segment on the show about "WrestleCrap Mysteries": one of which concerned the unknown whereabouts of the Rosati Sisters who haven't been seen in the WWE since 1988 (R.V.M Kai)
See: WrestleCrap Mysteries with Robert Sack

The Rods
- Fans of Superstar Billy Graham who hang in or around public restrooms. (Old Trusty)

Rowdy Roddy Piper's Halloween Tips/Public Service Announcement
- Roddy Piper did a PSA in 1989 where he gave Halloween tips for kids (Roddy has "Bunches of them") going Trick or Treating. Some notable tips were: To watch out for "Idiots driving cars" on the road who are going to run you over, & to say "Please and Thank Ya" after receiving your candy. (R.V.M Kai)

Rowdy Roddy Piper's Neighborhood
- The most dangerous place to go to trick or treat -- where idiots tries to run over kids in their cars, adults give kids razor blade candies (then you have to say please and thank ya), and child predators are on every corner. (Zedd)
[This may be my favorite definition yet. --RD Reynolds]


Sad News Music
- A very somber tune that plays usually interrupting a previously joyous moment with the news that a wrestler has been released of their contract. (Ringmaster)

- A WCR character that "possesses" former wrestling talent to write angry/evil messages on social networking sites for the purpose of world domination....which has so far been unsuccessful. Is also very courteous when signing off. (R.V.M Kai)
- Satan recently returned on Episode #255 of Wrestlecrap Radio but now he legally changed his name to "Stan The Evil Troll Lord."
See Also: Deviltrolla, STAN The Evil Troll Lord.

Scarecrow Dance
- RD's name for the rug that MacKenzie Phillips is cutting on the first season opening to the 70's sitcom One Day at a Time. (Ultimate Kennedy)
- A dance performed behind the One Day at a Time opening credits. (iggy)

- Device in which Deal & Blade can communicate with deceased former TNA correspondents. (R.V.M Kai)
- Trolla product created and used to contact the spirit realm. Unfortunately at the time it only picked up the dead TNA Correspondents of Johnny Six, Stubby (now alive), and others. (Raging Demons)
See: Trolla Corporation

Sex and the Saltcube
- Blade's none too flattering name for the show Sex and the City due to the horsy faced Sarah Jessica Parker. (Ultimate Kennedy)

- Trolla product created and used to keep track of Shane McMahon when he goes on a rampage and attacks people. It picked up Shane McMahon destroying TNA Correspondent MegaTrolla. (Raging Demons)
See: Trolla Corporation

Shelly Martinez Question of the Week
- A segment on WCR where Deal & Blade read Shelly Martinez Q&A's (R.V.M Kai)
- Shelly Martinez has something on her website where she can call her subscribers & they can ask 1 question a month when she calls them personally. Deal & Blade thought it would be a great idea & become subscribers to her website & get her to answer their question. So far either Blade hasn't arranged it for the Big Nippled Vampire to call them or she's not calling them...yet. (Raging Demons)
See Also: Question of the Week, Big Nippled Vampire.

Sheriff "Dirty" Harry Dickwell
- The police officer who was investigating the whereabouts of "John Smith", the real name of Mike Check, who faked his own death to escape paying child support. (R.V.M Kai)

- See: Geek, Nerd, Poindexter, Unabomber Style Shack (R.V.M Kai)

Sin Cara's Penis
- A 'figure' calling in to discuss his appearance on the infamously recalled Sin Cara shirt. He reassured RD's worries about his not speaking Spanish by saying that he was a 'stunt' penis. (Premier Blah)

Sir Alec Heineken
- The host of Wrestlecrap Fan Fiction Theatre. A British man with a penchant for fish and chips, and carnal knowledge, he reads stories to the Wrestlecrap Radio audience, when not spending time with Ellie, or possibly reliving his youth as a hooligan. (Vizier)
- A WCR character who narrates funny fan-fiction from the Internet with a terrible posh English accent. Always brings a crowd with him to cheer him at the story's conclusion. (R.V.M Kai)
See: Fan Fiction Theater

Sit Down for Wrestlecrap
- A Wrestlecrap parody of the WWE produced ads: "Stand Up for WWE" (made in support of Linda McMahon's 2010 Senate campaign), where RD Reynolds rallied the 12 Listeners for support. (R.V.M Kai)

"Six fucking hours long!"
- Blade went on a tangent during a 'Question of the week' segment on WCR about: Austin Gilliam (the name of the listener who sent the email), Gill-Man, Clerks 2 & a bootleg movie he once made, etc, etc. Deal became frustrated with Blade's long tangent & yelled that he didn't want the show to be this quote. (R.V.M Kai)
See: The Gillman Incident

Soup Vegetables
- RD likes them, he can at least eat them. (Ultimate Kennedy)

"Speaking of...!"
- All purpose segue phrase used when jumping from one topic to another, whether or not any sensible context exists. (DramaGuyCJM)
- The line that Deal/Blade use when making a segue, often followed by something humorous like "Speaking of Verne Gagne Masturbating, as we normally do". (R.V.M Kai)

The Stamp Collection
- An idea for a computer show that would be nothing but Dennis Stamp jumping up and down on his trampoline over webcam. (livetowin )
See: Dennis Stamp

STAN The Evil Troll Lord
- The new legal name of WCR character "Satan" who recently returned on Episode #255 of Wrestlecrap Radio.
See Also: Deviltrolla, Satan.

- Trolla product designed specifically for Blade to be his drinking cup of choice to go along with RD's WWE Niagara Falls Cup. (Raging Demons)
See: Trolla Corporation

Stewart Patrick
- TNA Head of promotions that Col. Bob Carter, "Dixie Carter's" father, sent to Deal & Blade as a good faith gesture for treating "Dixie" great. Patrick's deal is mostly tying in TNA to out-of-date Pontiac cars. Patrick died when he was a part of the "Wrestlecrap Celebrity Roast DVD" when The Midnight Rose "shot" him. Patrick is the only off-episode death of a TNA Correspondent. (Raging Demons)
- Former TNA Correspondent & the former TNA's "Director OF Marketing". Patrick was sent over by "Col. Bob Carter" as a favor for RD & Blade treating "Dixie Carter" great. Stewart somehow sounds like he's a certain Starship Captain aboard The Enterprise but he denies it like if he's Gary Colman as a housing inspector on "Married With Children". Stewart not only will report TNA news but also reports on TNA's latest marketing ideas, for example making Rob Van Dam the spokesman for Pontiac & their latest car "The Rob Van Dam Grand Am". Patrick died of an unknown illness (if by unknown illness you mean being shot) while attending the "Wrestlecrap Radio Celebrity Roast". (Raging Demons)
- Was revived five years later "Search For Spock" style, apparently, on Wrestlecrap Radio episode #252. (R.V.M Kai)

Strongbow (Verb)
- To cut off a phone caller after only a few moments on air. Named after Chief Jay Strongbow's weird calls in just to say "how" and then leave. (Premier Blah)
See: Chief Jay Strongbow

Stubby The Hobo Dummy
- A magical ventriloquist dummy that Blade has in his home. Stubby's addicted to hookers & blow while Deal calls him a "little rapscallion". Stubby died when Blade took him to see Deal at Wrestlecrap HQ for a 4th of July BBQ. Deal & Blade walked off to get some food leaving Stubby alone with Mrs. Deal, Mrs. Deal freaked out about Stubby being alive & threw him into the bonfire pit where he was roasted alive. Or not. When Blade brought Stubby on the "Wrestlecrap Shoot DVD", Stubby was brought back to life by explaining that he in fact did not die; when his burnt carcass was tossed into a river by Mrs. Deal, beavers came thinking Stubby was stray driftwood, the beavers took care of Stubby & ate his burnt skin back to health. Stubby appears as a reoccurring character once in awhile. Stubby's the only TNA Correspondent to do the job twice thanks to the Draftrolla. (Raging Demons)
- A ventriloquist dummy who may or may not have been operated by Blade Braxton. Hired by RD to be the TNA correspondent, but usually told profane jokes instead. Burned accidentally by Mrs. Deal and presumed dead, but was later saved by a beaver. (Steveweiser)
- A very sexually lewd sidekick for RD and Blade who usually manages to upset the mild-mannered Mr. Reynolds after his third or fourth joke about beavers. Was once famously burned in a conflagration by Mrs. Deal only to be resurrected by WWE style retconning. (Stevie J)

Summerslam Boner
- What "Macho Man" Randy Savage was showing an erection when Blade was watching "Summerslam". (Raging Demons)]


Taco Doritos
- One of Blades favorite snacks, a corn chip with flavored taco dust on the chips. Many variations of the product have existed over the years even at once having the Taco Bell franchise logo. Blade once had an on air fit with RD concerning the history of the food and it's flavoring which led to a friend of RD's to do research on the product. (Ultimate Kennedy)

Taco Scoop
- RD & Blade's new nickname for "Taco Bell". In Episode 12 of "The RD and Blade Show", Blade recounted a story about witnessing an overweight woman at Taco bell complaining that there wasn't enough meat in her Taco. To Blade's disgust, an employee then gave the woman a free "refill" of taco meat using an ice cream scoop. (R.V.M Kai)

Taco Tico
- Blade's favorite chain Mexican fast food restaurants mainly in the southern US. (Ultimate Kennedy)

Tajiri's Wife
- World's worst driver. Can not pass her driver's license exam, so she sits at home, unable to drive. (Blade Braxton)
- She didn't have a drivers' license in the U.S. & was stranded at home when her husband was on the road. Probably the reason why Tajiri didn't renew his WWE contract & went back to Japan. (R.V.M Kai)

Take Me Now by Nick Chapman
- The porn music of choice often used on the show when things get quite rowdy. Often features a person going "Oh, so-and-so!" (Premier Blah)

- What Tammy "Sunny" Sytch prefers her social media followers to call her. (R.V.M Kai)
See Also: TammyTrolla, "Fun with Tammy Sytch"

- Trolla device that RD Reynolds received from Blade Braxton as a Christmas present from Blade on "The RD & Blade Show" #33 that fires up updated news on former WWE Diva Sunny, aka Tammy Lynn Stych. A.k.a; Worst Christmas present ever! (R.V.M Kai)
- Sadly the TammyTrolla is no more when Tammy Lynn Sytch is now in jail for violating her probation. (Raging_Demons)
See Also: "Fun With Tammy Stych", Tam

Taxi Cab Woman
- A woman that drove RD insane on his trip in Europe as the woman took wrong turns at every direction to look for the hotel in Holland. (Zedd)

Tecmo Bowl
- An American Football video game from the late 1980's. Blade Braxton mentioned, in episodes #10 and #11 of The RD & Blade Show, that he played this game in the "Madison Tecmo Super Bowl Tournament", but was unfortunately unsuccessful. (R.V.M Kai)

Tee Hee Tickle Party
- Initially a derisive term directed towards RD and Blade's laughing and jokes on Get In the Ring, it has since been utilized by Mr. Reynolds and Mr. Braxton whenever they find themselves spending most of the show amused at each other's remarks. (BorneAgain)

This week on WWE 24/7
- A former WCR segment where Deal & Blade discuss what they saw on WWE's "WWE 24/7" channel (now known as: WWE Classics on Demand). (R.V.M Kai)

Time to eat a banana
- An excuse given so that someone may take a break or leave a location; usually said in conjunction with the use of a provocative gesture. (Grappler Crappler)
See: Rafiki Eating Bananas

Tin can and string
- A telephone. Often Wrestlecrap Radio co-host Blade Braxton is at the other end of this (unless passed-out). (kingsuperspecial)
- What Deal & Blade use to communicate with each other when doing the WCR progrem. (R.V.M Kai)

"Tin Can and String" Blade
What Blade calls his usual distorted cell phone voice on WCR. Blade on, The RD & Blade Show #37, announced that he was buying a new headset & thus Hobo/"Tin Can and String" Blade, as of May 27 2015, has been retired.(R.V.M Kai)
See Also: Fake Blade, "Tin Can and String" Blade, Jazz Overnight Blade

See: Hobo Blade

- Doomed ocean liner launched April 10th 1912 and sank it's maiden voyage claiming over 1,500 lives. Since then it was made into a major motion picture but has been seen as inflatable bouncy castles and redemption machines, neither of which feature naked Kate Winslets. (Ultimate Kennedy)

Tito Martell
- Character played by John Cena in all his movies. (phenom)

TNA Correspondent
- A WCR character who's in charge of TNA/Impact Wrestling news. Their life usually ends in disaster not long after getting the job. (R.V.M Kai)
- Death Sentence (Ken Ivory)
- The Draft Trolla will randomly choose other people to be the TNA Correspondent for the day like The Crickets, Sir Alec Heinekein, & The Midnight Rose. (Raging Demons)

- The act of defecating into a trash bag in the absence of a working toilet/plumbing. (Excellence of Execution/shemmy86)
- What Blade does, on the job, with a garbage bag when nature calls & there's no access to a bathroom. (R.V.M Kai)
- When you're on the road and business needs to be done, you got a black garbage bag... (Shilling Bad Booking)

Trash Losagain
- RD's Hulkamaniac friend, former client and occassional WCR guest star. Has been known to dance a mean jig. (Old Trusty)
- RD's friend from his wrestling days. They first met when they both worked in telemarketing, where they dido fake phone calls to people that didn't exist. (Zedd)
[People like Arn Anderson. --iggy]

Triple Kelly
- See: Geek, Nerd, Poindexter. A New Yorker thought to be a ringer brought in by RD Reynolds for the Co-Hosss Contest. Claims to be in her mid-20s but her vast knowledge of old school wrestling and outdated, obscure pop culture references make us suspect she is in fact MUCH older. (Triple Kelly)

Trolla Corporation
- The company that provides the show with the products that are used in all of the show's segments. (Excellence of Execution)
- Company where Deal usually gets all their tech & equipment. Trolla is best know for recycling technology from the past to create new items for the present. Trolla also has supplied the show with at least 3 TNA Correspondents. (Raging Demons)

Troma Films
- Low-budget horror movies that typically contain a lot of gore, nudity and violence. Blade is a huge fan of these types of movies (although his ex-girlfriend apparently was not) and even acted in a couple. (R.V.M Kai)

Turn The Paige
- With "Fun With Tammy"/"TammyTrolla" no more due to Tammy Lynn Sytch is in jail, a new segment was born called "Turn The Paige" where the Fruitcakes now talk about potential train wreck in-making Paige.


"Uh Oh"
- Susan Saint James (uh oh) was a guest commentator (uh oh) at Wrestlemania 2 (uh oh) & kept repeating this quote (uh oh) constantly throughout the match (uh oh). RD Reynolds played this soundbite (uh oh) on WCR on a loop to demonstrate how repetitious (uh oh) it sounded (R.V.M Kai)

Ultimate Kennedy
- A frequent Question Of The Week staple who seems to lend credence to the idea that there really are only 12 listeners because he seems to be 1/4 of the QOTW participants. (Chainsaw)

Unabomber Style Shack
- The preferred abode of shut-ins. (kingsuperspecial)
- The stereotypical home of stereotypical wrestling fans/marks/geeks/nerds/poindexters. (R.V.M Kai)
See: Geek, Nerd, Poindexter, Shut-ins.


- One of the 12 Listeners. (Premier Blah)

- A TV-like device in the WCR studio that RD uses to watch wrestling while recording the show. One of the few non-Trolla products ever used on the show. (Source: November 17, 2006 episode) (Excellence of Execution)

Video Toaster
- UWF shows were edited on this device. (iggy)

- Trolla Corporation's version of Skype but much cheaper. Deal has used it to talk to "That Bill Apter" online. (Raging_Demons)

Viewing Booth/Smutty Bill Cosby
- Blade's impression of a "smutty" version of William Cosby Jr. (R.V.M Kai)


War on Dan Spivey, The
- A new segment on The RD and Blade Show, which debuted on episode #38, where Deal and Blade give updates on former WWE Superstar Dan Spivey (aka Waylon Mercy) who is currently (at the time with this writing) in a 'personal' battle with some other wrestlers on social media over their lawsuits against WWE. A theme song (a midi version of "The Theme from M.A.S.H") for this segment also debuted on episode #39 (R.V.M Kai)

"We ain't gonna wear no pants baby"
- In reference to indy wrestler, Brother Midnight, who made this quote in order to gain a shot at the tag team titles. (R.V.M Kai)
See: Brother Midnight

"Well blow me..............Down! Ah Gyuk Gyuk Gyuk Gyuk"!
- Gay Popeye's catchphrase. Often said with a long dramatic pause between "me" and "down". (R.V.M Kai)
See: Gay Popeye

Wesson Corn Oil
- Don... Don Mason's lube of choice. (Old Trusty)

The Whacker / The Wacker
- The name of Wrestlecrap Radio, according to Mike Check. (Chainsaw)
The unfortunate nickname Mike Check gave Wrestlecrap Radio, mistaking it for an actual radio station known as WWCR. (BorneAgain)
- Mike Check's regrettable nickname for "WWCR", a nickname he gave the show due to his belief that a good radio station always has a nickname based on the station's call letters...despite the fact that Wrestlecrap Radio is, in fact, not on the radio. (Ultimate Kennedy)
See Also: WWCR

White T-shirt
- RD's 2nd present to Blade. It's a white t-shirt that Blade left at RD's house on his last visit. Blade is happy because he can use it as a clean shirt for work, as he is out of clean shirts. (Chainsaw)

"Who's Becky?!?!"
- Blade's crazy ex-girlfriend finds pics of former TNA Knockout Becky "Cookie" Bayless on his Computer. She doesn't realize they're from Online World of Wrestling & assumes he's having an affair with a girl named "Becky". She wakes him at 3am to yell this quote. (R.V.M Kai)

"Who are these Bitches?!"
- What Blade's Ex girlfriend shouted when she saw yet another picture of a wrestling diva on Blade's computer. (R.V.M Kai)

"Would Bring A Tear To A Glass Eye"
- An RD-ism that refers to something that swells the emotions. (Chainsaw)

"Would Bring A Tear To Robert Gibson's Glass Eye"
- Another RD-ism for something so emotional that it would even bring a tear to Robert Gibson's (from "The Rock 'n' Roll Express") prosthetic eye. (R.V.M Kai)

- Comment often used by RD when Blade says something incredibly offensive. (Blade Braxton)

- A gimmick/moment/storyline in wrestling that is truly awful. (R.V.M Kai)

The Wrestlecrap Curse
- Any celebrity mentioned by RD and Blade on the show often suffers a mishap or death not long after. First seen from the pilot. (Premier Blah)
- A long-supposed superstition that certain celebrities who have been mentioned on the show have passed on or had bad fortune befall them, especially during the first episode of WCR, this supposed "curse" has picked up steam since the release of the Boogeyman, and has claimed the lives of Michael Jackson, Bea Arthur, Don Knotts, Johnny Carson, Ed McMahon, Get In The Ring Radio, Rob Conway's career, and Walter Cronkite, amongst others. Joyce Dewitt, meanwhile, is still alive, but has a DUI against her. (Chainsaw)

"Wrestlecrap: Did you know?"
- A short-lived segment on WCR where Deal & Blade tell unknown facts about the progrem. This was a parody of the "WWE RAW: Did you know?" bumpers. (R.V.M Kai)

Wrestlecrap Fantasy Football Drag Queen, The / Wrestlecrap Radio XFL Queen
- A cross-dressing character, that debuted on Wrestlecrap Radio episode #253, who sings his/her terrible Fantasy Football (NFL) tips. (R.V.M Kai)
- With Vine McMahon announcing the return of the XFL, The Wrestlecrap Fantasy Football Drag Queen wanted the job of covering the XFL and wants to be called "The Wrestlecrap Radio XFL Queen" (Raging_Demons)

Wrestlecrap HQ
- The studio where episodes of Wrestlecrap Radio are recorded. While existing within RD Reynolds' home, the room is large enough to hold a small orchestra, various Trolla products, Krankor, Weird Al, and some crickets. (Blade Braxton)

Wrestlecrap Mysteries with Robert Sack
- A new segment that debuted on Episode#269 where host Robert Sack would investigate so-called pro-wrestling related mysteries like the missing Rosati Sisters. Robert Sack even left a disconnected phone number to call of 1-800-876-5353. (Raging_Demons)
See: Robert Sack

Wrestlecrap Radio
- (abbr: WCR) A weekly episodic podcast (which actually takes place once every vernal equinox) hosted by RD Reynolds & Blade Braxton, about the humorous side of professional wrestling & pop culture in-general. Started August 12, 2005 and ended at episode #209 on July 7, 2012. Was briefly replaced by a spin-off called "The RD and Blade Show" until it was later revived on August 20, 2015. (R.V.M Kai)
See: The RD and Blade Show
- The former name of that was once lost on April 2014 due to the unfortunate circumstance of the URL forgotten to be renewed and then taken over by a new blog that was possibly written by Angry Jim's Japanese cousin. It was later taken back, on September 2015, by Premier Blah with the little help of Angry Jim of all people? (R.V.M Kai)
- Formerly Founded early 2008 as a resource for the WrestleCrap site, now primarily hosts recaps-reviews of the fine radio progrem. (Premier Blah)

The WrestleCrap Radio Carnival
- A proposed Carnival that never materialized. (R.V.M Kai)
- The Carnival was Deal's idea of a way for the fans to meet Deal & Blade in person & they would have all sorts of activities in the carnival like the "Punch Mike Jones In The Balls" booth & where Blade would FINALLY wrestle Nicole Bass. (Raging_Demons)

Wrestlecrap Radio Celebrity Roast
- DVD that you can buy on the "Wrestlecrap Crap" Link at where Deal & Blade celebrates 10 years of with a Celebrity Roast of themselves with all the active Wrestlecrap Radio characters of May 30, 2010. Such characters included: Stubby, "TNA President Dixie Carter", Gay Popeye, Nintendo John, "Angry Jim Ross", BM Punk, The Midnight Rose w/ his "assistant" Lily, The Ratings Reaper, & current TNA Correspondent at the time Stewart Patrick. The DVD also includes the return of Mike Check after he was killed in a fiery explosion. Also included were Deal & Blade's friends Trash Losagain & Don...Don Mason. Fans of the website & "Wrestlecrap Radio" came to be a part of the DVD as well. (Raging Demons)

"Wrestlecrap Radio Crickets"
- The bad joke or bad reference laugh track when RD or Blade says something SO bad, SO out-of-date, or SO awkward they respond. The Crickets is made up of 3 crickets that live in the "Wrestlecrap Radio" Studios: Jermaine, Tito, & Marlon. Three became two when Mrs. Deal killed Jermaine in the "Wrestlecrap HQ" bathroom. (Raging Demons)
- The only WCR characters that actually respond whenever Blade's jokes bomb. (R.V.M Kai)

The WrestleCrap Radio Gong
- From The Gong Show and often nicknamed the Gongola, was used during the 2007 Co-Host Audition to eliminate would be contestants. (Premier Blah)
- Traditional musical instrument gong usually played when someone has failed a Co Host Contest audition or even rang multiple times when something tasteless or awful has been said on the show, often by Blade. (Ultimate Kennedy)

Wrestlecrap Radio Nitro Party Videos
- Videos that the 12 listeners sent in to celebrate WCR's 200th progrem. (R.V.M Kai)

"Wrestlecrap Radio Quartet"
- The band comprised of Johann (leader), Sebastian, Frampton, & Simmons. They play Blade's "Weekly Wrestling Haiku" Theme Music. Unfortunately they once violated the Wrestlecrap Wellness Policy. (Raging Demons)

"Wrestlecrap Top 40"
- The PG version of Wrestlecrap Radio was back and this was their first April Fool's Joke. This was basically a recap episode but offered new content. It started at first with an introduction from Mike Check working at WTKO (See: Bob and Weave Morning Show) to "American Top 40 with Kasem Kasey". "Kasem Kasey" did a "special" on the top 10 songs performed on Wrestlecrap Radio. Many of the classics were played like "The Barbecuer", Deal's version of "Doctor Feelgood", Blade's tribute to Mickie James when she was released by WWE, and lots more. Commercials were played during this for WTKO and actual real commercials. It even included a new song "We Are Wrestlecrap Radio". (Raging Demons)

WrestleMat Radio
- April Fool's joke that had Damien Demento on an episode of Wrestlecrap Radio as host. Demento did all the segments of the show: "TRIP!...To The Grocery", used the FaxTrolla, was the TNA Correspondent, answered the "Question Of The Week" & did the "Current Wrestling News". Demento even interacted with "Angry" Jim Ross when Ross thought Demento was "the guy in the Max Moon outfit" & dealt with a call from Gay Popeye trying to flirt with Demento. Even the episode of the show was labeled "Clean" by ITunes when an episode of Wrestlecrap Radio is usually labeled "EXPLICIT". It's unknown at this time how Demento got on the show but the popular theory is that the feud between Demento & was merely a "work" a.k.a. a storyline between the two. (Raging Demons)

WrestleRadio #836
- 2015 RD & Blade Show April Fool's joke that dealt with the one issue most fans complained about. How Deal & Blade would rather talk about other things instead of talking more about pro wrestling. So they got this episode. Instead of the WrestleCrap Radio history we all know they replaced it with this show. Real Deal Reynolds is "Reginald Daniel Reynolds" with a radio style monotone voice while Blade Braxton is "Bladerick Braxton" was actually sober and coherent. In this episode the Co-Fruitcakes weren't exactly Fruitcakes. They were very serious and had a 30-minute serious discussion about pro wrestling. Gay Popeye called in but he was actually "Straight Popeye" and was all creepy towards Nikki Bella. Also Angry Jim Ross called in but he wasn't "Angry" or "Happy Jim Ross" & instead he was "Normal Jim Ross". "Normal Jim Ross" actually talked about wrestling and not a lot about BBQ or not getting laid by his wife and was very appreciative about his place in pro wrestling. So if you expect this to be another episode of "WrestleCrap Radio" or a "RD & Blade Show" episode be forewarned because this might be the most boring episode of all time. (Raging Demons)

- The name of "Wrestlecrap" according to Damien Demento. (R.V.M Kai)

- The call-sign of the radio station ("The Knockout") which broadcast Mike Check's "The Bob & Weave Morning Show". (R.V.M Kai)
See: The Bob & Weave Morning Show

- The call-sign of Wrestlecrap Radio according to Mike Check. (R.V.M Kai)
See Also: The Whacker

WWE Niagara Falls Cup
- RD's Cup of choice, used during tapings. (Premier Blah)
- Deal normally takes a sip from this cup (which he purchased from 'WWE Niagara Falls') during the WCR show. The contents of the 'stein sized' cup is unknown but it is rumoured to be just plain water. [Update: On Feburary 9, 2014, RD Reynolds discovered that his "WWE Niagara Falls Cup has a crack" & officially announces the cup's retirement on R.I.P. 2002-2014] (R.V.M Kai)



"You know, like the sandwich"
- When Blade's dim-witted ex-coworker, Rueben, introduced himself he claimed that his name was "like the sandwich". (R.V.M Kai)
See: Reuben

"You know what that means?..."
- The setup to Blade's punchline which rhymes with "She likes to drive a truck". In reference to what a Diva did to become pregnant. (R.V.M Kai)

"You're Gonna Go Far In This Business, Kid!"
- A term RD uses, usually directed towards Blade, when someone hits upon a good idea that could be big. Gabby Hayes Big! (Chainsaw)
See: License to Print Money

"You're hurtin' me Randy"
- A Miss Elizabeth quote which sounded funny when Blade said it in an effeminate voice. (R.V.M Kai)
- A phrase said by Blade when doing his infamous Miss Elizabeth impression. (Leprechaun)
- It was from WrestleMania V...a post-main event interview they only showed on Superstars afterwards. Randy grabbed Liz's wrist and forced her to the ground. His response..."I'm hurtin' too!!" (Blade Braxton)


The Zombie
- The first wrestler to appear on WWE's ECW revival, and whose groans made a lasting impression on RD. Was also their first person for their short-lived Celebrity Trip to the Grocery. (Premier Blah)

ZZ Top
- Some obscure rock band that's millennia old and have mile-long beards to match. RD and Blade constantly mock them for being so out of date. For this reason Vince McMahon is a fan of them. (Premier Blah)
- Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill frequently sit in the front row of WWE Monday Night Raw. Rumor has it (or in other words: it was made up by Blade) that Vince McMahon likes to watch them taking a shower and trimming their beards. (R.V.M Kai)

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