There are several ways to listen to WrestleCrap Radio/The RD & Blade Show and WCR related Podcasts & clips.

Current Episodes

Main Site

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Classic Episodes

The Episode Archive (Note: No Longer Available):
(including bonus audio)

The Archive disc
(a bargain at twice the price!)

WrestleCrap Archives & Videos Online!!
(a bargain at just $9.99 $14.99!)

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Other than the Audio and Video sections of the site, you can also visit:

WrestleCrap Radio Audio (RSS)
Where you can hear Blade say he wants to grab a monkey, dress like Al Capone, and stand on a street corner.

Featured "WCR Video" Archive (RSS)
Where you can see a Wrestlecrap Radio YouTube clip posted weekly monthly whenever.

R.V.M Kai's WCR Audio Clips on
Random WCR sounds & Blade's ex girlfriend quotes.

R.V.M Kai's Multimedia Page (RSS)
A collection of  R.V.M Kai's WCR YouTube clips & sounds.

WrestleCrap Radio: The Jams
Ye olde myspace page.

Lightweight, efficient, adorable.

The Mike Check Show (RSS) (tumblr)
Playing yesterday's music daily.

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The RD Experiment

Links to Raging Demon's Podcast (Note: No Longer Available):

Description of the show

iTunes Feed for the Podcast.

Podbean Feed for the Podcast. (RSS)

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If you're interested in putting up a WrestleCrap Radio stream, on Shoutcast or elsewhere, then contact us!

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