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Some Wrestlecrap Related YouTube Playlists

"Featured WCR Videos" Archive and Misc Wrestlecrap Videos playlist

WCR Minisode's Wrestlecrap Radio Videos playlist

RVM Kai's Wrestlecrap Radio Dailymotion playlist


Angrymarksdotcom's playlist of WCR's final taping at "Days of the Dead".

Angrymarksdotcom's WrestleCrap Radio Finale Live Video Playlist

Angry Jim WCR Playlist

Wrestlecrap Radio Cartoon Playlist

WCR 200th Episode Nitro Party Videos (2011)

Winner of Contest:
  • Paul G (Though it's not really a video, it did deliver on what Blade Braxton wanted all along.........BOOBIES!)

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Official Wrestlecrap YouTube Channels

RD Reynolds Offical RD Reynolds Youtube Page
Blade Braxton Official Blade Braxton Youtube Page

"RD and Blade Vids"
Wrestlecrap's official YouTube collection featuring: The Wrestlecrap vs Damien Demento feud & Midnight Rose Clips, etc.

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Some Wrestlecrap Related YouTube Channels

Angry Marks Dot Com Channel of WCR's Proud Sponsor
BoondyAlBoondy WCR Clips
DecodedFromSpace WCR parodies & Clips
Forgotten Sin | (Dailymotion) WCR Commentaries & Parodies
R.V.M Kai | (Dailymotion) Wrestlecrap Cartoons & Sounds
J. Freek | (Dailymotion) Some WCR Clips
pdonkulous81 WCR & Blade Braxton Clips
SkyKid3000 | (Dailymotion) Wrestlecrap Radio Reconstructions
WCR Minisodes Wrestlecrap Radio Minisodes

Lanny's Perm Juice Wrestlecrap Parodies & Cartoons

Lanny's Playlists:
Blade Brakestown
Wrestlecrap Shenanigans
The Real Deal Real Deal Reynolds
The Animated Adventures of Blade Braxton
Don...Don Mason

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