The WrestleCrap Radio Glossary: Volume 1 (A-K)


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Have you ever wondered what the various terms & quotes used on Wrestlecrap Radio mean? Such as what "Alien Ham" is or why Shelly Martinez was nicknamed "Big Nippled Vampire"?

Well at long last, (having taken six *beep* hours long!) we have copied and pasted The WrestleCrap Radio Dictionary Glossary, as termed by YOU, the (12) Listeners! You can add your entries at the new thread.


3 Count with RD & Blade
- A new actual wrestling segment where RD & Blade comes up with 3 ideas for a topic where they discuss it and come to a consensus. (Raging_Demons)

12 Listeners
- The average total listenership of WCR, generally an arbitrary number that rises and falls every week. (Premier Blah)
- What Deal & Blade call the fans of the show.(Raging Demons)

12 inches
- The estimated length of Blade's Blade. See also: 8 inches, 6 inches, 2 inches, etc. (Premier Blah)

17 Syllables
- The estimated length of Blade's Haiku. (R.V.M Kai)
See: Blade Braxton's Weekly Haiku


Alien Ham
- Blade's slice of ham that he saved under his bed because it was in the shape of a CHESTBURSTER. (iggy)
- A legendary piece of pork once belonging to Blade, which was in the shape of the titular monster from Alien. (BorneAgain)
- A story from Blade when he & Don...Don Mason were so drunk that Blade found a piece of ham that looked like the Alien from the "Alien" movies so he hid it under his bed. The next few days afterward his room was smelling pretty awful as if something had died in the room, so Blade cleaned his room up to find that piece of ham now rotting & smelling pretty rancid. (Raging Demons)

AngryMarks.... DOT COM!!!
- Proud sponsor of the longest running episodic podcast in the history of the internets! (Stevie J)

Angry Jim Ross/Angry JR
- WWE's Jim Ross is mad about a great many things and often calls RD and Blade in order to vent. Has not had sex with his wife in quite some time, but gets through the day by fantasizing about UWF's Dark Journey. His call-ins are rated NC-17 as Jim can be quite the potty mouth. (Abadebe)
- Whenever WWE commentator Jim Ross has something to vent, he calls Deal & Blade on the "tin can & string" to abuse them. He started a lawn mowing service after his BBQ restaurant business went under. He hates John Laurinaitis because he's convinced that he's secretly sleeping with his wife (who JR hasn't had relations with for many months). (R.V.M Kai)
- The Heel Persona of Good 'Ol J.R. awakens to terrorize the Crap Radio to call in with his vulgar mouth and cynical observations. Known for his trademark sign off "...And go FUCK yourselves!" (ThunderDrunk)

Anonymous Brooke
- Nickname of former WWE Diva Brooke, christened upon her due to her lack of ability to stand out from her other Extreme Expose partners. (Old Trusty)
- One of the Extreme Expose dancers in ECW who was f'endeavored on November 1, 2007. (iggy)
- Brooke Adams's nickname given by RD and Blade, as she had no characteristics outstanding from other divas, other than her ability to show the audience her butt. (Ultimate Kennedy)

Anonymous Eve
- Nobody knows. (iggy)
- Supposedly a nickname given to Eve Torres, Anonymous Brooke's 'successor'. Sadly the nickname never stuck. (Premier Blah)
See: Anonymous Brooke

- Short-lived nickname for Ariel, a vampire valet played by Shelley Martinez, aptly named (do a Google Image Search). (The Lone Wolf)
See: Big Nippled Vampire

Ass Burn
- How Blade's grandparents used to pronounce the word "Asprin", which is also what Blade said he used to be addicted to in Episode 13 of the RD & Blade Show (Edit: Blade was addicted to Asprin not "Ass Burn"). (R.V.M Kai)

Aunt Lonnie
- RD Reynolds's illegitimate uncle's ex-wife. (iggy)
Compare: Burt Reynolds


- Device for receiving news about Divas who recently gave birth or are pregnant (and you know what that means...) (R.V.M Kai)
- Trolla product created and used to keep track of ex-female wrestlers/managers/valets that gave birth to a baby. (Raging Demons)
See: Trolla Corporation

– Deal & Blade’s joke for a new gimmick for former WWE wrestler; Domino. Named after 'Baltimora' who sang "Tarzan Boy". (R.V.M Kai)

Bea Arthur
- TV Star and Patron Saint of WCR, mentioned on first show. Passed away not long ago. (Premier Blah)

- What Ric Flair was spotted with. (Ultimate Kennedy)

Bedding Man
- A man RD saw on Black Friday telling someone on the phone while lying on a bed that "Bitch I'm back in bedding!" (BorneAgain)
- a.k.a. Pillow Man, the man at Kohl's who decided to wait on line...WHILE SLEEPING ON A BED! (katievick)
See Also: "Bitch! I am in line! I am in the store! I'm back in bedding!"

Betsy Russel
- Sexy female star of the comedy movie Private School from 1983. Notable scene involved her riding a horse in the film without a shirt which captured RD and Blade's attention. (Ultimate Kennedy)

Big Announcement
- What Blade usually teases for a later taping of the show which he ultimately fails/forget to bring up again. (Premier Blah)

"Big and Burly"
- How all men should be in the wrestling business according to Kevin Dunn, Vince McMahon, Damien Demento and Gay Popeye. (s1mon86).
See: Gay Popeye

Big Lots
- Where Blade does a lot of his grocery shopping and finds various cereals and canned goods. Once found Cat in the Hat gummy candies that were a couple of years past their expiration date. Blade also used to find Kaboom! cereal that was made in Mexico to which RD mused, "Did the box happen to read El Kaboomo!?" (Ultimate Kennedy)

Big Nippled Vampire
- RD and Blade's nickname former WWE Diva, Shelly Martinez, who has big breasts and big nipples. (Zedd)
- Former WWE/TNA Diva/Knockout Shelley Martinez. Her gimmick was a tarot card reading vampire in WWECW, known as Ariel. Naked pictures reveal that her nipples are big around as a dinner plate, causing the natural name of Big Nippled Vampire, aka Aereola. (Vizier)
SEE: Arieola
- A former website/URL that someone created after RD mentioned that "I bet that URL is not taken". The site was pretty much just a picture of a nude Shelly Martinez with Deal & Blade's faces Photoshopped over her nipples (which Deal says are as Big & Round as a Dinner-plate). (R.V.M Kai)
See: Big Nippled Vampire

The Bill Fralic Trophy
- A little trophy awarded to the people that competed in Deal & Blade's Fantasy Football team to award the winner of the season (Raging Demons)

"Bitch! I am in line! I am in the store! I'm back in bedding!"
- Bedding Man's quote as said by RD. (R.V.M Kai)
See: Bedding Man

Bitchy Girl
- Carmella, a diva. (iggy)
- Nickname for one of the Diva search contestants (Carmella) that EVERYONE, from the fans to the other contestants (except WWE management), non-kayfabe hated. (R.V.M Kai)

- Blade's new parrot who became a new character on Wrestlecrap Radio on episode #290. May have also hosted a April Fools Episode? (R.V.M Kai)

Black Friday
- A shopping extravaganza the day after Thanksgiving, one which RD faithfully gets up at the buttcrack of dawn to attend annually. (Cantus Fraggle)

Blade Braxton
- (AKA Hobo) Co-Host of Wrestlecrap Radio & writes the "Jobber of the Week" section on He co-authored The WrestleCrap Book of Lists. (R.V.M Kai)

Blade Braxton's Weekly Haiku
- All the wrestling news from the internet condensed into 17 syllables. Does not come with crown as illustrated. (kingsuperspecial)
- The ending segment to Wrestelcrap Radio where Blade sums up the week's wrestling news & condenses it into a 17 syllable Japanese-style poem. (R.V.M Kai)

Blade's Trip to the Convenience Store
- An occasional segment in which Blade would talk about what he may have found while grocery shopping. Often a substitute segment for when RD didn't do any shopping of his own that week. (Premier Blah)
See: RD's TRIP to the Grocery

Blade's Ex Girlfriend
- Blade tells stories on WCR of his ex girlfriend who used to get easily mad & shout random things at him such as; "Who's Becky?!?!', "My boyfriend watches trash!", "I'm tired of hearing about Eric Bischoff!", "Look at that, that's Stupid!", "Who are these bitches?!" (R.V.M Kai)

Blade Hits the Bottle
- A segment on WCR where Blade rants (drunkenly). (R.V.M Kai)
[Often accompanied with 'humorous' sounding drinking music. (Premier Blah)]

Blade's Prostitute Roommate
- Blade's female ex-roommate who ran an escort service out of their apartment. (Blade Braxton)
- Blade had a prostitute for a roommate once. Sounds like the makings of a 70's sitcom to me. (Premier Blah)

Blue Paint Girl
- Kristal Marshall's nick name by RD and Blade during the 2005 Diva search in which she rolled around in blue paint. RD thought that the name "Blue Paint Girl" would be some bad adult anime that Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons would watch. Indeed "La Blue Girl" is an adult anime series. (Ultimate Kennedy)

- Gay Popeye's companion in love. (Zedd)

BM Punk
- The straight edge shitter, no Metamucil or stool softeners in his body, also the very first guest on the show. (Ringmaster)
- A recurring call-in guest of the show, claiming to be the original "punk", instead of CM Punk. He is a straight-edge shitter, laxative-free, who doesn't even use Raisin Bran to loosen his stool. (Vizier)

Board Games
- A new segment on Wrestlecrap Radio, that debuted on episode #291, where RD Reynolds reads comments made by wrestling nerds on The Figure 4 Weekly Message Board. (R.V.M Kai)

Boba Fett Disney Racer
- RD's first gift to Blade. The gift is from Gene Snitsky, it is from Disneyland and is supposed to Boba Fett's helmet on a car, but instead looks like a penis with one swollen testicle. (Chainsaw)

Boba Foot
- Gene Snitsky (Blue Blazer)

The Bob & Weave Morning Show
- 2011 April's Fools Joke . Since the boys were busy with their real life problems (Deal with his job & Blade doing the indy wrestling scene as "The Midnight Rose") there hasn't been a lot of episodes of "Wrestlecrap Radio" for 2011. The joke was that Greg from cancelled "Wrestlecrap Radio" & replaced it for...One of Mike Check's old radio programs from "WTKO" in Ithaca, NY from the 70's. Mike Check as "Bob Ali" along with his partner "Cassius Weave" for "The Bob & Weave Morning Show". Actual music from the 1970's were played like "Jungle Love" by The Steve Miller Band, "Southern Nights" by Glen Campbell, "Dancing Queen" by ABBA, & the disco version to the "Star Wars" theme; actual commercials from the 70's were used, Bob Ali lusting for weather girl Suzy Shuffle, Bob & Weave were giving away tickets to a WWF show, Bob & Weave have a serious discussion about "Circus Of The Stars", & Bob Ali constantly saying "C3-P0" name as "CP-30". (Raging Demons)
See Also: WTKO

Bob Caudle
- Was a former Mid-Atlantic Wrestling announcer and previously worked with Angry Jim in WCW in the early 1990's. He made his 'The RD & Blade Show' debut on Episode 32 in 2014, where it was revealed that he was an employee of Angry Jim's at his BBQ sauce business, replacing "Hollywood" John Tatum (...well that's our guess anyway since John's employment status is currently unknown?) (R.V.M Kai)

Boner Scream
- Apparently this is what Blade's blade did the time he saw a music video featuring a good vs bad Mariah Carey mud-wrestling herself...or at least what his "warped mind" remembers seeing :) (As mentioned on The RD & Blade Show #23). (R.V.M Kai)

Boo Berry
- One of Blades most favorite cereals, if not most favorite. A General Mills product dating back to the early 70's as one of the "monster" cereals with Count Chocula and Frankenberry, Boo Berry featured a blue cartoon ghost with a hat and a chain around his body connected to a box of the cereal. Boo Berry's voice is eerily similar to Peter Lorre. The cereal has blueberry flavored oat pieces and blueberry flavored marshmallows. Elusive in many markets it is a cult favorite among cereal fans. (Ultimate Kennedy)

The Boogeyman
- One of RD Reynold's favourite gimmicks of all time. He was a wrestler played by Marty Wright (a Million Dollar Tough Enough contestant that didn't make the cut because he lied about his age) who wore scary red face-paint & ate live worms. Deal often joked that he had a hatred for clocks since he often broke one over his head during his ring entrances. One of his greatest moments was when he bit Jillian Hall's infamous giant mole right off her face & consumed it. (R.V.M Kai)

Boomer Room
- Location that Lee Marshall called in from during the April Fools Day call in episode (Angus McCloud)
[It's located in beautiful Minnesota. -Vizier]
[Requires a 1-800 Collect number to interact with the Nitro Girls there. -PB]

 - "is an antacid used to relieve pain occurring together with heartburn, upset stomach, or acid indigestion" (Wikipedia).
- One of Bruno Sammartino's lines in MicroLeague Wrestling is of him complaining about an upset stomach during commentary (for some reason), where he says to Vince McMahon; "Vince, do you have any Bromo-Seltzer?" (R.V.M Kai)

Brother Hood
- Former WWF women's wrestler Rockin Robin once sang a not-so-good rendition of "America The Beautiful" at Wrestlemania V. RD & Blade did a commentary of this on Wrestlecrap Radio and laughed at the fact that she sang the word "brotherhood" like it was "17 syllables" long. This same skit was probably where the idea of the Indy Wrestler of the same name was conceived [Blade: "Midnight Rose needs a partner, I'm gonna go throw a mask on him and call him Brother Hood"]. (R.V.M Kai)

Brother Midnight
- Indy Wrestler & Manager out of the "River City Wrestling" wrestling promotion where he was best known for not wearing any pants until he received a title shot. RD & Blade found him on a "It Came From YouTube" segment on Wrestlecrap Radio mostly because Blade thought Brother Midnight stole his gimmick of not wearing any pants when they do "Wrestlecrap Radio". Brother Midnight became a guest of the show & in the end Blade & Brother Midnight were cool with each other & tried to spread the gospel of not wearing any pants to the world. Brother Midnight made a return visit to the show by trying to turn "Angry" Jim Ross into "Happy" Jim Ross by convincing "Angry" Jim Ross to not wearing any pants, which only lasted for a few minutes when "Angry" Jim Ross was arrested for indecent exposure. (Raging Demons)

Brown Thursday
- Black Friday store trading hours have recently been extended, now even opening from Thanksgiving Day. This day has been referred to as "Brown Thursday", and has ruined "Black Friday" for RD. (R.V.M Kai)
See: Black Friday

Bryan Alvarez
- co-author of The Death of WCW, runs figure4weekly (iggy)

Buffalo Wild Wings
- Chain restaurants of bar and grills specializing in chicken wings, burgers, ribs, shrimp and mixed drinks. RD met Lisa Marie Varron (Victoria) and Kofi Kingston at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Indiana. (Ultimate Kennedy)

Burt Reynolds
- RD Reynolds's illegitimate uncle. (Premier Blah)

"But I've got a kid & a car payment!"
See: Reuben (R.V.M Kai)


Calculator Man
- A man RD encountered on Black Friday '05, who waited in line at Circuit City for countless early morning hours to receive a free $5.00 calculator. (Blade Braxton)
- A man who spent his Black Friday with a free calculator. (livetowin)

The Call-In Show
- The first ever April Fool's Day Joke done on Wrestlecrap Radio. Deal set it up on that people can call in to the show. Instead of the actual 12 Listeners we got the following: Lee Marshall calling in from the "Surge Boomer Room", a fan named Peaches telling Deal & Blade that The Ultimate Warrior & The Undertaker were dead, Bill Collector John Thomas calling in trying to get Blade to pay on an overdue bill that he never paid, & lots more. Deal said when the joke was first done that this episode was the reason why it will never get any live callers. (Raging_Demons)

"Careful, hot plate"
- The only thing RD translates from any Spanish spoken on the show. (Premier Blah)

Celebrity Trip to the Grocery
- An attempt by RD to spice up his TRIP to the Grocery segment by having guest celebrities go there in his place instead. Sadly the segment was short lived because according to RD & Blade, 'no one' wanted to be associated with something called 'WrestleCrap'. (Premier Blah)
See: RD's TRIP to the Grocery

The Centaur
- Nickname of WWE Diva Mickie James, christened upon her due to her glorious rear end, which sticks out like the back of a mythological creature. (Excellence of Execution)
- If your woman has an ass like Mickie James it can be referred to as a "Centaur's Ass" or "Centaurlicious". (Raging_Demons)
See: Mickie lifting the tail

- Computer Generated Down Syndrome, made Boo Berry change from a "stoner" look to a "retard" look (see WCR 10-8-10). (Voltrizzle)
See: Boo Berry

- (1) a one eyed midget that loved putting bombs in boats and seeing wheels being spun while hanging out at white castles, just not the one Blade got in contact with. (2) Only thing RD ever makes jokes about according to's forums. (s1mon86)

Chef Boy R Dee Chilli Cheese Dog Twistaroni
- One of Blade's most favorite foods almost loving it more then he does Boo Berry. Description as on can: "Pasta in sauce with beef with chicken hotdogs with beef." (Ultimate Kennedy)

- RD's favorite chain fast food chicken restaurant and once won free food for a year at a grand opening. Noted for its chicken and criss-cross french fry meals, its cow mascots who hold up signs that read "EAT MOR CHIKIN", and not being open Sundays. (Ultimate Kennedy)

Chief Jay Strongbow
- A character who shows up every now and then and says "How". This is in reference to an episode of RAW where Strongbow showed up and said "How". (thesam07)
[He said nothing during his brief appearance on RAW (although, Blade speculated that maybe he mumbled it) & actually says more when he calls the show. --R.V.M Kai]
See: Strongbow (Verb)

Chris Engler
- Vice President of Marketing, Trolla Corporation. More often than not their public face when interacting with the show. (Premier Blah)
See: Trolla Corporation

- What Blade Braxton is all about. (Old Trusty)
- If Blade was a fisherman this would be the only type of seafood he would go fishing for. (s1mon86)
- A name for the opposite sex according to Blade Braxton. (R.V.M Kai)

- Trolla product used to track the amount of time Candice Michelle held the WWE Women's Championship, and how long it would take for her to beat the Fabulous Moolah's record. (Andrew is Good)
See: Trolla Corporation

Clumsy Girl
- Nickname for the random, blonde 2004 Diva Search contestant who fell right on her ass while trying to do a trick live on Raw. (Blade Braxton)
- What Deal/Blade named Diva Search contestant; Summer Delin, after she tried to impress the audience WWE Universe with her flexibility. She raised one leg up over her head but ended up falling over on her behind. (R.V.M Kai)

Co-Host Contest
- A misguided attempt by RD and Blade to find a third host during the 2007 year, often including trick questions and fart sounds. Ended with them finding a winner, Triple Kelly. Often a constant source of mockery by all three involved. RD mispronounces it as a "Co-Hosss" competition at times. (Premier Blah)
See: Co-Hosss

- What RD sometimes says when he tries to say the word "Co-Host". (Premier Blah)
See: Co-Host Contest

"Col. Bob Carter"
- Owner of Panda Energy & father to "TNA President Dixie Carter". Col. Carter called RD & Blade wanting to help them out with a TNA Correspondent. Col. Carter sent them "TNA Director of Marketing" Stewart Patrick. (Raging Demons)

The Con-way
- A term coined by former WWE wrestler, Rob Conway. It's meaning in unknown but the easiest way to explain it is that there's: The Right way, the Wrong way, & then there's "the Con-way". (R.V.M Kai)

Cookie Crisp
- Cereal made by General Mills which RD and Blade hate and dub the worst cereal ever. "You can't have cookies for breakfast, but you can have cookie crisp? It doesn't even taste like cookies!!" Blade claims that it saved his dogs life since the cereal used to be made by Ralston which makes dog food. (Ultimate Kennedy)

Corn Hole games
- Games residents of Indiana play. (Ultimate Kennedy)

Cornmeal Frostbites
- Severe Eye Disorder (Ken Ivory)

Corporal Fagsher
- Deal & Blade once did an interactive of a YouTube Video where Corporal Kirchner was being interviewed by Jesse Ventura. The Video was titled: "Corporal Fagsher" & Kirchner's voice was replaced with a loud car sound effect for some reason. Deal's response while watching this video was; "WHY IS HE A CAR?!". (R.V.M Kai)

- An oft mentioned drug on the show and Stubby the Hobo Ventriloquist Doll's favorite drug. The digital equivalent to which was described as being (no not really) (Ultimate Kennedy)

- A short lived nickname for the loyal fans of Wrestlecrap Radio. Later replaced by "Fellow Crappers". Also the second word ever uttered on the show by RD (after "Hey"). (kingsuperspecial)

The Crap Shoot
-A short lived online show that featured Deal (no Blade) &'s Bill Apter. It was in the style of "Wrestlecrap Radio" which mostly featured Apter doing goofy stuff like acting Extreme & eating "Kid Cuisine" kids TV Dinners. (Raging_Demons)

CS Irwin a.k.a. Lt. Caruso Steven Irwin
- Former TNA Correspondent. Irwin was hired by Blade to investigate TNA & bring back news to Deal & Blade since he lives near The Impact Zone in Miami. Irwin was inspired by the frequent opening puns that happen on the TV show "CSI: Miami". Irwin seemed unkillable when he dodged most obstacles that would kill a normal TNA Correspondent but Irwin died when "The Ratings Reaper" had enough of his schtick; The Reaper then claimed Irwin's soul & sent him straight to hell! (Raging Demons)
Irwin is a detective in the Orlando, Florida area & he's hired to not only supply Deal & Blade with TNA news but also to find out what's going on in TNA & what's the cause of the bad programming decisions that come from there. Irwin has a habit like the "Gollum" looking Horatio Caine from "CSI: Miami" to do this... (Raging Demons)
See John Kelly.

Current Wrestling News
- A segment so irrelevant that it took almost 150 episodes before it was given it's own theme music. (pog)
- A WCR segment for current wrestling news that isn't necessarily obscure. (R.V.M Kai)
- The new web-host (as announced on WCR #205) of after 'long-time' WCR sponsor,, merged with another company. (R.V.M Kai)


Damien Demento
- Former WWF/E wrestler who started a feud with Wrestlecrap because he was offended by the comments referring to himself as a "jobber" on the WC forums. RD & Blade responded on YouTube with a challenge to fight him. Demento responded with a Cartoon theme challenge. The feud ended in April 2010 with Damien Demento hosting the April Fool’s episode of WCR, renaming it: "WrestleMat Radio". (R.V.M Kai)
See: Damien Dependo, WrestleMat Radio

Damien Dependo
- Blade's nickname for Damien Demento, former wrestling jobber and longtime enemy of the Radio show, often calling the hosts Fruitcakes. The name comes from Blade thinking the man wears Depends diapers. (Premier Blah)
See: Damien Demento

"Damn Damn DAMN!!"
- The soundbite of 'Mama from Good Times' which Deal plays when Blade says something offensive. (R.V.M Kai)
- Something that you say when somebody said something filthy or offensive. (returnofthemack)

Dark Journey
- Some 80's wrestler, now vanished to who knows where. Jim Ross has a hard-on for her, which he constantly states during his call-ins. It also explains why he does not have sexual intercourse with his wife for more than 40 years. (Premier Blah)

Darth Vader Snow Globe
- RD's 3rd present to Blade. It's a snow globe with Darth Vader in it holding a list of Naughty and Nice Star Wars characters. The Nice people who have been crossed out are C3-PO, Yoda, Leia, R2-D2, Han, Luke, and Obi-Wan. The Naughty list includes Grand Moff Tarkin, Emperor Palpatine, Boba Fett, General Veers, Lando, Zuckuss, 4-LOM, IG-88, Admiral Piett, and a mystery name that starts with an M and could be Mom. Blade laments that Boskk is not on the list, a glaring oversight. (Chainsaw)
[Actually, Bossk's name is listed on there. Yes Virginia, there is a soft-shoeing Santa Claus!! --Blade Braxton]

Dave Bistro
- What one of the Diva Search contestants, who probably didn't watch the product before entering the contest, called Batista on her website after meeting him. (R.V.M Kai)

"Dave Meltzer, not talking about _____ this week on Observer Live!"
- Used in conjunction with whatever non-wrestling talk the Co-Hosts may be talking about, like cereals for example. (Premier Blah)
- This is what Deal & Blade say after talking about a humorous topic that wouldn't normally be brought up about by Dave Meltzer. (R.V.M Kai)

David Lee Roth
- One time TNA correspondent, who turned out to be a workshy layabout who didn't give RD and Blade any TNA news. (pog)
- While not a proper Correspondent, he was merely a guest host at the time. Many fans consider him a legit Correspondent. Roth quit because he didn't like TNA. (Raging Demons)
- One-time TNA correspondent who gave TNA news with one-word soundbites. (R.V.M Kai)
- Gave possibly the least in-depth analysis of TNA in WrestleCrap Radio history. (Ken Ivory)
- All he got, he had to steal. (Premier Blah)

- What the "D" in R.D. (Real Deal) Reynolds stands for. This is what Blade often calls him. (R.V.M Kai)

Deal Ends The Show Early
- The first ever "RD & Blade Show" April Fool's Joke. There was always a re-occurring threat in the "Wrestlecrap Radio" episodes that if Blade would become too raunchy or dirty that Deal would end an episode of the show early. Of course that never happened. So on this joke it looked like a normal episode of "Wrestlecrap Radio" (well as normal as you can get with these two) with Deal & Blade doing the "Dream Analysis" bit & Blade got too raunchy & dirty so Deal lived up to his threat & ended the episode early. The rest of the show was about 50 minutes of dead air that followed up with some off-air messages. (Raging_Demons)

The Deever
- Another name for WWE Diva Layla. (Ovechtrick)
- Nickname of WWE Diva Layla, christened upon her due to her mispronunciation of the word "Diva" in a Diva Search promo. (Excellence of Execution)
- What Deal & Blade call Layla El because she pronounced the word 'Diva' as 'Deever' when she participated in the WWE Diva Search. (R.V.M Kai)
[It should be noted that Layla says Deever because of her British accent. I know some British people who were pronounce words ending with a, like in diva, with er. Sometimes though anyway, but I think it's a British thing. I also have a thing for British chicks. But yeah, I was wondering if anyone wanted to take note of that with the Deever entry. (Andrew is Good)]

Deion Sanders Hot Dog Express
- A hot dog making machine endorsed by Mr. Sanders. The advert includes the legendary line: "Hot juices exploded into my mouth!" (Premier Blah)
- TRY MY TASTY DOGS!!: Blades response to the aforementioned Hotdog cooker. (Ultimate Kennedy)

- Blade's favorite tag team, despite being a bad knock-off of the Road Warriors. (Premier Blah)

Dennis Stamp
- An old-school wrestler who appeared in the wrestling documentary: 'Beyond the Mat', who's quoted & parodied for saying "I'm not booked" after refusing to attend Terry Funk's retirement show. The quote "I don't do any tricks", while bouncing on a trampoline in his speedos, is also often parodied. Deal & Blade wanted to start a segment in his honour called "The Stamp Collection" (R.V.M Kai).
See: The Stamp Collection

Detroit Lions
- Blade Braxton's favorite professional football team who last won a championship during the Eisenhower administration and finished the 2008 season with an 0-16 record; however they finished 4-0 in the preseason. (steel thunder)

- Trolla device used by Satan/Stan to receive and read evil tweets from Mickie James. It sounds like a creepy slowed-down version of the Horsetrolla, then it lifts the tail & craps itself. (R.V.M Kai)
- Basically The Deviltrolla is a Horsetrolla corrupted by the powers of The Goat Lord Satan himself! (Raging_Demons)
See Also: Satan, Trolla Corporation, Horsetrolla, STAN The Evil Troll Lord.

Diamond Dan's Hotline
- A wrestling Hotline, & former WCR sponsor, you can call at 317 335 4688; That’s 317 335 H-O-T-T. (R.V.M Kai)
- Diamond Dan's Hotline was something Deal used to promote all the time back in his indy wrestling days. (Raging_Demons)

Dixie Carter
- The president of TNA Entertainment, and recurring call-in guest of the show. Her running joke comes from the government's steroid probe in pro wrestling, where she mentioned that action figures (collectible dolls) were popular amongst fans, reminiscent of a character from The 40 year Old Virgin, who she equated was their target audience. (Vizier)
- The current head of TNA. RD's impression of her makes Blade laugh hysterically for some reason. Sugar. (Premier Blah)

- Former wrestler that use to work at JR's BBQ, who end up running away from JR' during the Holiday season in 2008, when the turkey and ham sales were lower then expected. Rumor say that Doc is now working at an airport. (Old Trusty)
- "Doctor Death" Steve Williams, R.I.P., who was often mentioned by Angry Jim, as he worked at JR's BBQ back when there was such a place. He ran away to play Amelia Earhart. (iggy)

"Doggie Style" Miss Elizabeth
- One of Blade's memorable Royal Rumble moments was seeing Miss Elizabeth's white with black spotted dress that she wore at RR 1989 when she was trying to break up a scuffle between Hogan and Savage, which made her look like a Dalmatian. (R.V.M Kai)
See Also: Granny Panties

"Don't say penis in this house!"
- A quote from the movie "Born on the 4th of July" where Tom Cruise's character's Mother screams of her disapproval of the word "penis". The soundbite was used on WCR episode #203 when mentioning Sin Cara's infamous T-shirt. (R.V.M Kai)
See: Sin Cara's Penis

"Does not come with Crown as illustrated"
- What Deal used to say when introducing the weekly Haiku segment. In reference to a disclaimer in an old King Haku action figure magazine ad. (R.V.M Kai)
See: King Haku

Dr. Feelgood (Sega Genesis Version)
- The midi-sounding version of Mötley Crüe's only Gold single made famous by EA's Crüe Ball. Heard in several episodes of WCR and usually ended with RD doing a Jewish voice and saying "He's gonna be your Frank N. Stein, Ivan!". (Old Trusty)
See: "Ivan"

Dominic Raiola
- Detroit Lions center who was so enraged by Detroit fans' heckling that, after giving them the finger after a game, he challenged fans to fight him. Blade counter-challenged Raiola to fight him for the FBYA title. The challenge has yet to be answered. (Chainsaw)

Don...Don Mason
- A friend of Blade's who's first name needs to be mentioned twice with a dramatic pause in-between. Blade often tells stories about him on WCR; one of which he witnessed an old man performing a sexual act on a horse. (R.V.M Kai)
- A friend of Blade Braxton. Whenever he is mentioned by Blade, RD usually responds "You're talking about Don...Don Mason?" (thesam07)
- A good friend of Blade Braxton's who wears a wicked blue mask. (steel thunder)

- Tortilla chips made by Frito-Lay. Blade's snack/food of choice, he often tests out different flavors during recordings of the show. (Premier Blah)

Draft Horse
- According to Wikipedia, a draft horse "is a large horse bred for hard, heavy tasks such as ploughing and farm labor". According to Mike Check, it's a horse that carries the 'beer truck' he saw in an old commercial. On the special 210th episode of Wrestlecrap Radio Blade mentioned that, WWE Diva, Kaitlyn has a nicer 'Centaur' back-side than Mickie James. This then prompted Mike Check to comment that Kaitlyn's 'fit appearance' makes her "more of a 'draft horse' than a 'filly'". (R.V.M Kai)
See Also: The Centaur, Mickie lifting the tail, Filly, Mike Check

- Trolla product used every year to draft different wrestlecrap hosts and characters to different places on the show. (Andrew is Good)
See: Trolla Corporation

- Dream Therapist (Ken Ivory)

The Dusty Rhodes Book
- Copy of Dusty Rhodes potty mouthed autobiography which RD tried giving away as a prize for winning the then prize winning, then award winning Question of the Week in the earliest days of the radio show. People continually chose the Worst of RD DVD over the book. The book later got it's own My Space page: "I'm not booked." (Ultimate Kennedy)
- Dusty Rhodes: Author of a book that has been received by no one. (livetowin)


Ed Ge
- A nickname, for WWE Superstar Edge, because there appeared to be a gap in the middle of the name engraved on his WWE Title belt’s nameplate. (R.V.M Kai)
See: RedgeR

"Entertain The People."
- A term RD uses when he needs to look something up/get something/have a sip of beverage, throwing the show over to Blade, who usually says something even more offensive than usual in order to cover the silence. (Chainsaw)
- What RD says when he needs Blade to improvise & fill in time while he's looking up something. Unfortunately Blade is usually unsuccessful. (R.V.M Kai)

- One of the world's continents, which thinks RD Reynolds is a criminal with his bad German. (Zedd)


Fake Blade
See: Jazz Overnight Blade

Family Affair
- A TV show so obscure that not even Blade knew about it. (Premier Blah)

Fan Fiction Theater
- Segment of the show compered by Sir Alec Heineken in which wrestling related fan fiction stories from the internet are read out. The stories are usually homoerotic, disturbing, or quite often both. Seems to be on hiatus since the installment which looked like it was going to involve a fictional homosexual encounter between RD and Blade. Or possibly since it became apparent that Sir Alec may very well be on the run following his possible involvement with the assassination of Mike Check... (pog)
See: Sir Alec Heineken

Fantasy Booking Island
- Considered one of the worst segments in WCR history in which Mr Roarke (RD) and Tatoo (Blade) discussed the fantasy booking of Great Khali versus Hornswoggle. (thesam07)

Fantasy Booking Island'd
- A term for WCR when a segment doesn't pan out the way it was intended to pan out.
See: Fantasy Booking Island (s1mon86)

Farmer Iggy
- NOT one of the 12 Listeners. Progenitor of (I bet that's not taken!) (Premier Blah)
- His moniker is a loving tribute to Married with Children. He has never farmed. (iggy)

- What Mike Check says when he's fascinated by something (R.V.M Kai)
See: Mike Check

- Trolla product used to fax obscure wrestling news to Wrestlecrap HQ. (Andrew is Good)
- A source of all internet wrestling news and a device that Mr. Burns uses to send pictures of people he wants assassinated. (s1mon86)
See: Obscure Wrestling News, Trolla Corporation.

Fighting Spirit Magazine
- A Wrestling magazine that RD writes a column for. (R.V.M Kai)

- What Mike Check calls the opposite sex. (R.V.M Kai)
See Also: Mike Check, Draft Horse

Filson Wisk
- A character, possibly hailing from "Hell's Kitchen" New York, that debuted on Wrestlecrap Radio's 2015 return episode (#250), who called the show looking for a "masked man" called "Mr. X". He quickly hung up the phone when someone called "Vanessa", who he referred to as "Honey", walked in. Rumored to be "The PingKin". (R.V.M Kai)

Fine Young Egg
- Complimentary term, often used in regards to one of the twelve listeners of WrestleCrap Radio. (Blade Braxton)
[I have been using "Fine young egg" for males and 'fine young lass' for females. (Grappler Crappler)]

Food Mart
- Catch all term for a supermarket that RD goes to get groceries. It may be used for Blade's store which is in fact a gas station. (BorneAgain)
- A grocery store frequented by R.D. Reynolds, Blade Braxton, or celebrity guests (see: The Zombie). Exploits at The Food Mart are discussed in the segment 'RD's Trip to the Grocery." (Grappler Crappler)

Food Jobber
- The term; "Food Jobber" comes from an episode of The Simpsons where Mr Burns visits a Supermarket for the first time & refers to it as the "Food Jobber". (R.V.M Kai)
See: Food Mart

Food Pyramid
- How Mrs. Deal sees how you should pattern your dietary life. (Ultimate Kennedy)
See: Four Basic Food Groups

Football Bets
- Each year when it's NFL Football Season Deal & Blade make a bet. The bet is either how far Deal's team, The Indianapolis Colts, or Blade's team, The Detroit Lions will go farther in the season. If their teams compete who will win. Deal & Blade also used their Fantasy Football teams to do wagers or & they have placed bets on the Pro Bowl, the NFL's version of the All-Star Game. Most of the time Blade looses the bet so he has to wrestle Nicole Bass (which he hasn't done yet) or watch Chyna's adult movie "One Night In Chyna". The "I Have Something To Say" show came from this as a Football bet with Deal winning the first one but Blade won the next two. (Raging Demons)
See Also: "I Have To Something To Say"

Four Basic Food Groups
- How RD sees how you should pattern your dietary life. (Ultimate Kennedy)
See: Food Pyramid
- A website that was set up in support for (one half of the Rock 'N 'Roll Express) Ricky Morton, who was sent to jail for missing child support payments. Ricky Morton is also often talked about on WCR during their obscure & sad news segments. (R.V.M Kai)

- RD doesn't eat it. "It's not the taste, it's the texture. Feels like I'm biting into something alive..." (episode #061) (Ultimate Kennedy)

- A term used by Damien Demento to describe RD and Blade. (Hidden Jake)
- Also an occasional catch-all term used for Co-Hosts RD and Blade. (Premier Blah)

"Fun With Tammy Stych"
- RD Reynolds received the song; "Tammy" by Debbie Reynolds (no relation to "The Real Deal") as a Christmas present from Blade on "The RD & Blade Show" #33. The song then turned into the theme tune for a new segment on the progrem where Deal & Blade give updated news, on former WWE Diva Sunny aka Tammy Lynn Stych, that one time involved Tammy purchasing a fish? (R.V.M Kai)
See Also: TammyTrolla, Tam

FYBA Title
- FYBA stands for "Front Yard Boxing Association". Blade's title. Blade has an open challenge for anybody to show up at his front yard to fight him for his title. (Raging Demons)


Game Boy Advanced Candy
- Candy RD purchased at Disney World, years after not only the GBA SP, but also the DS had replaced the original GBA. (Old Trusty)

Gay Popeye
- A version of Popeye who spouts homosexual catchphrases. He's usually only on for about a minute. (ani)
- WCR character modeled after the old E.C. Segar cartoon character. Gay Popeye makes gay jokes, LOTS of gay jokes and is a polarizing character to much of the audience. He has only made a few appearances. (Ultimate Kennedy)
- After a long absence,he made an re-appearance on WCR episode #299, dropping the "bad LGBTQ stereotype" and became Wrestlecrap Radio's advocate for Political Correctness (or WCR's version of WWE's early 2000's stable: "The Right To Censor"),  and started referring to himself as "P.C. Popeye". (R.V.M Kai)
See:  P.C. Popeye

- A nerd or a poindexter. (kingsuperspecial)
See: Nerd, Poindexter, Shut-ins, Unabomber Style Shack

Ghetto Amusement Park
- An amusement park where Blade saw cheap knock-offs of He-Man Characters. (R.V.M Kai)
See: Ghetto Skeletor, Ghetto He-Man, Ghetto Man-at-Arms

Ghetto Skeletor, Ghetto He-Man, Ghetto Man-at-Arms
- Three gentlemen who work at a Ghetto Amusement Park (Boyle's Joyland).
- Their idea of costumes are a black tank-top, black jeans, skeleton mask and a cape (Skeletor), plastic Conan vest (He-Man) and face-paint, wrist-bands and an Aquaman mask (Man-at-Arms). Their outfits would greatly be improved by wearing plastic smocks with their own images on them. (kingsuperspecial)
See: Ghetto Amusement Park

(Ghost of) Lord Alfred
- Introduces all product placements every week, except when replaced by the Draft-Trolla. See also (Stevie J)
- Makes the announcement of WCR's sponsors from beyond the grave. (R.V.M Kai)
- Through some evil ritual, or just because he was bored as a ghost, the venerable Lord Alfred signs in from the afterlife to introduce RD shilling for his reliable sponsors. (ThunderDrunk)
See: Lord Alfred Hayes

Giant Book of Insults
- Antiquated book of put downs, smart remarks and other comebacks that Blade bought as ammo against RD after Blade lost their football bet in early 2007. Insults included such comebacks as: "You're about as stimulating as a mouthful of sawdust and water!" or "Your wife couldn't resist you since she can't resist anything 50% off!!" (Ultimate Kennedy)

The Gillman Incident
- This is one for the ages. This is the moment many have counted as the single greatest WrestleCrap Radio moment in the history of our sport. The usually mild mannered R.D. snapped. On an episode chocked full of segments and news, there was little time for segues and tangents. Poor Blade mustn’t have got the memo (or did and just ignored it) and went on a tangent about his “Scale Face” character from the infamous Don……….Don Mason movies. What happened next was a moment that will never be forgotten, R.D. unleashed his wrath and swore on the show saying, no yelling that the show stood to last “SIX FUCKING HOURS!” Even though he dropped the odd swear in early episodes, this foul mouth tirade will always hold a place in history. (Ken Ivory)
See: "Six fucking hours long"

- RD's pet name for The Glamazon. (iggy)
- THE *slam desk* Best damn web host on the internet, run by our good buddy Greg "The Ogre" Ogorek. When you get a website from Greg, you will receive intercourse, guaranteed. (Vizier)
(Greg did sent Deal some copy to read on the show telling people that getting a web host does not in fact get you intercourse. --Raging_Demons)
- A site run by Greg that may or may not increase your chances of getting some clam. (Old Trusty)
[As announced on WCR #205 they are no longer Wrestlecrap's web-host/sponsor since merging with --R.V.M Kai]

G.L.O.W. Boner
- The feeling in the down-stairs department that Blade has for, former WWE Diva, Ivory. (R.V.M Kai)

'Go Fuck Yourselves'
- Angry Jim's usual sign-off (pog)

Gooker of the Year Award
- Every year since 2000, an award (which is voted by the members of the Wrestlecrap forums) is given to the worst gimmick/moment/storyline of the year. This is named after an angle about hype over the anticipation of when a giant egg, placed in WWF(E) arenas, would hatch & who/what was in it. The egg finally hatched at Survivor Series 1990 & out came..."The Gobbledy Gooker" (or Hector Guerrero in a Turkey suit) who did nothing more than dance around with Mean Gene Okerlund in the ring. (R.V.M Kai)

Granny Panties
- The type of underwear that Miss Elizabeth was wearing at Summerslam '88 when she ripped off her skirt, according to Blade. This still remains one of his favorite Miss Elizabeth moments. (Chainsaw)

- Nickname for WWE Diva Maryse Oulette. Deal thinks Maryse looks very oily.(Raging Demons)
[RD pronounces it more like "greezy" (nameless and blameless)]

Greg Ogorek
- Head of Is said to help someone's sexual activity if one purchases a domain name with them, something he's been frequently reaching RD & Blade to rebuke them on. (Premier Blah)

Greg "the Hammer" Valentine
- Former WWF Intercontinal Champion, who looks like a cigar store Indian and also starred in a horrible movie called "Somethin' Fishy". (Zedd)

Gymini action figures
- WWE Action figures of former WWE tag team, 'The Gymini', that Blade noticed sitting on a shelf in a store for months. Blade noted that they were still not purchased even after being moved to the clearance isle. (R.V.M Kai)


"Happy" JR
- On one episode of WCR, Brother Midnight convinced "Angry JR" to wear no pants, which turned him into "Happy JR". It didn't last long & he immediately became angry again after getting arrested for indecent exposure. (R.V.M Kai)
See: Angry Jim Ross

- One of Deal's nicknames for Blade since he resembles a homeless person. (R.V.M Kai)

Hobo Blade
- What the 12 listeners describe Blade's usual "tin can and string" cell phone voice on WCR, which is preferred over "Jazz Overnight/Fake Blade's" voice. (R.V.M Kai)
See Also: "Tin Can and String" Blade, Fake Blade, Jazz Overnight Blade

Hobo Curse
- The curse in which the team that Blade supports loses most of the time. It came into effect in the 2012 Superbowl, as the Giants beat Brakestown's Patriots in Indianapolis. (Premier Blah/R.V.M Kai)

Hobo On The Range
- The second "RD & Blade Show" April's Fool Joke that dealt with something on the series finale of "Wrestlecrap Radio"; Blade getting his own show (which he never did). Blade's show apparently is a cooking show that shows that anybody drunk, stupid, poor, & that doesn't have any time can cook. Blade will teach people how to cook such "fabulous" recipes (and by fabulous I mean stuff no man should eat) like a "5-Layer Cheesecake" (using Parmesan cheese & a generic 2 pound of cheese that gets cooked in the microwave) or "Ramen Noodle Tacos" (Kroger Brand Taco Shells filled with Ramen Noodels & Chicken). Blade also busts out a Don Mason story about Sriracha Sauce which both Don & Blade referred to as "cock sauce". Deal comes on as a "guest" on the show & unfortunately throws up after sampling some of Blade's cooking. (Raging_Demons)

- The fear/discrimination against Hobos (i.e. Blade). Also what John Thomas claims that he isn't. (R.V.M Kai)

"Hollywood" John Tatum
- An employee of Angry Jim's at JR's BBQ. (R.V.M Kai)

The Honky Tonk Mailman
- The current & longest reigning TNA Correspondent. Honky Tonk Mailman, or HTMM, is basically former WWE wrestler "The Honky Tonk Man" as a mailman for the U.S. Postal Service & is Blade's personal mailman. HTMM drives around in his pink Cadillac delivering the mail with his girl Peggy Lou & The Colonel in the back. HTMM gets his news by stealing old copies of "The Wrestling Observer" & uses them as source for his news. HTMM also brings the latest in pro wrestling stamp news. Currently HTMM is no-showing his appearances because Blade's house has been red-flagged meaning the Postal Service thinks Blade is either missing or moved from his home. (Raging Demons)
- Officially holds the title as the longest reigning (and most gracious) TNA Correspondent at a record 526 days, when his job was retired on WCR's finale on July 7, 2012. He didn't even get sick! (R.V.M Kai)

- Device for receiving news relating to Divas who have a behind like a horse (i.e. Mickie James) or “alleged” horse-faces (i.e. Francine, Lilian Garcia) (R.V.M Kai)
- Trolla product used to fax news about Sara Undertaker, Francine, Lillian Garcia, and Mickie James to Wrestlecrap HQ. (Andrew is Good)
See: Trolla Corporation

Hot Ashley Mess
- Blade Braxton's new nickname, for Ashley Massaro, to replace a word that begins with the letter "T" (which was in reference to her kinda looking like she had a moustache on the Diva search 2005). With the sign of the times, it was deemed that "the T Word" was very offensive to the LGBTQ community, so Blade came up with the new nickname, "Hot Ashley Mess"; which also indicated that Blade was now attracted to her. (R.V.M Kai and Raging Demons)

- Pretty much all that Chief Jay Strongbow says when calling Wrestlecrap Radio. (R.V.M Kai)
See: Chief Jay Strongbow

"How much does this guy/fella weigh?"
- The repeated question from guest commentator (& former Colts player) Art Donovan at WWF King of the Ring 1994, who didn't know much about the wrestlers & was mostly interested in asking Gorilla Monsoon about their weight. (R.V.M Kai)

'How You Doin' Tonight, Deal?'
- Angry Jim Ross' usual greeting (pog)

Huey the WrestleCrap Ghoul
- Deceased host of Blade's local late night horror movie show. RD uses his strange evil laugh for a laugh track around the Halloween holiday. (Blade Braxton)
- A WrestleCrap Ghoul from some Halloween special many years ago. RD uses his strange laugh for a laugh track. (Premier Blah)

- Device from the '1980’s', from an April fools episode of WCR, used to countdown how many days Hulk Hogan had to beat Bruno Sammartio’s World Title record. (R.V.M Kai)
- Trolla product with no known use. It was most notable for being in the shape of Hulk Hogan & having a 21-inch power cord. The Hulk Trolla blew up as a result of an electrical overload due to the 21-inch power cord. (Raging Demons)
See: Trolla Corporation

- WWE Superstar Triple H's nickname in Sir Alec's Fan Fiction stories. (R.V.M Kai)
See: Fan Fiction Theater


"I bet that URL's not taken"/", I bet that's not taken!"
- Used in conjunction with talking about, often using a funny or silly sounding phrase, e.g. (Premier Blah)
- Wrestlecrap Radio often advertises their web-host;, Deal & Blade often joke about a random humorous URL name which you can purchase from them. (R.V.M Kai)

"I Didn't Know He Was Sick!"
- Regular joke where Deal & Blade comments on someone dying. Example: "Uncle Ben's dead? I Didn't Know He Was Sick!" (Raging Demons)
- A phrase RD and Blade say after they find out someone has died.
eg: Blade - "Did you hear ______ died?"
RD - "I didn't even know he was sick!" (thesam07)
- What Deal & Blade say after the realization that a celebrity was already deceased. (R.V.M Kai)

Idiots in Cars!
- According to Roddy Piper, you must watch out when you are out on the road on Halloween because you might get run down by "idiots driving cars!" (R.V.M Kai)
See: Rowdy Roddy Piper's Neighbourhood

"I have something to say"
- This is an annual episode of WCR where the loser of a bet between Deal & Blade, on the 'Super/Pro Bowl', is forced to say embarrassing things sent by email from the 12 listeners. A soundbite from the start of the Misfit's "Last Caress" is played beforehand (A soundbite from 'Highlander' was originally used for the 1st edition).(R.V.M Kai)
[If Deal won the bet he would use the sound clip of Kurrgan going crazy in a church from "Highlander" by saying "I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY!" beforehand. If Blade won the bet he would use the beginning of Misfit's "Last Caress" is played beforehand. (Raging Demons)]
See Also: Football Bets

“I’m Leaving Now”
- Stewart Patrick's sign-off before beaming up. (R.V.M Kai)
See: Stewart Patrick

"I'm Michelle McCool & I'm loving life"
- From the WWE Vignettes where Michelle McCool (pre-Laycool days) showed the WWE universe how she enjoyed the beach & riding on her roller-blades. Deal & Blade parodied this during one of their interactives where they added "..with Peter North" at the end of her sentences. (R.V.M Kai)

"I'm tired of hearing about Eric Bischoff!"
- What Blade's Ex girlfriend shouted, while throwing a glass in the kitchen, when Blade was watching "The Monday Night Wars" DVD (R.V.M Kai)

Indianapolis Colts
- R.D. Reynolds favorite professional football team. They have won two Super Bowl titles(V, XLI) and has the biggest shiller this side of Michael Jordan in QB Peyton Manning. (steel thunder)
- [Or Deal was the biggest shiller of Peyton Manning since the Colts fired him. (Raging Demons)]

Industrial Ladders and Magic
- Who RD theorizes created WSX's Bling Ladder. (Ultimate Kennedy)

Interactive Portion of the Show (Kids!)
- An infrequent segment where RD and Blade watch something simultaneously on YouTube, and comment on it, often synched into a new video by loyal crapper Forgotten Sin. Past interactives include the trailer of The Marine, the music video for "I Think We're Alone Now" by Tiffany, and the TNA Victory Road 2009 match between Sharmell and Jenna Morasca. (Vizier)
- Any portion of the show where the listeners are encouraged to go to a website or, previously, to pause the show, get a food item in question, and surf/watch/try the content of the item mentioned. (The Lone Wolf)

Iron "Mark" Tyson
- After Blade did an impersonation of a typical wrestling fan, it was commented that his voice sounded a bit like Mike Tyson (if he was a wrestling fan/mark). He then became a new character where he thinks everything in wrestling is real. On WCR #201 he called the show to ask if Big Show & Mark Henry were okay after the ring collapsed at WWE Vengeance 2011. (R.V.M Kai)

"Is the ____ to my ____, Mr Blade Braxton"
- How Deal introduces Blade on WCR. The 'blanks' are two things/people that are associated, such as; "'Is the 'Bodacious Bart' to my 'Bombastic Bob'". (R.V.M Kai)

"It all comes bubblin' back out on you."
- One of the 12 listeners' favourite Don Mason quotes. (R.V.M Kai)
See: Don...Don Mason

- What Deal adds at the end of singing "Dr. Feelgood" in the voice of Jerry Lewis from the Nutty Professor/Professor Frink from The Simpsons. (R.V.M Kai)
See: Dr. Feelgood


Jack & The Curly Q's
- Name of RD's pubes (Chris Decker)

Jack Reynolds
- RD's uncle. (#061) (iggy)

Jack Palance
- Actor who has acted in many movies and was the host of Ripley's Belive it, or Not! RD can do an impression of his character Carl Grissom from the 1989 Batman movie. (Ultimate Kennedy)

Jake Lloyd Jr.
- Supposed little son to Jake Lloyd, best known for playing young "Anakin Skywalker" from "Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace". Jake Lloyd Jr. is best known for kicking Mike Check in the crotch before yelling "yippee!" (Raging Demons)

Jakks Pacific 2pack of the British Bulldogs and Matilda
- Blade's big gift from RD, the hook of it is that the figures are in a Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson package. (Chainsaw)

Jared The Subway Guy
- Mortal Enemy Of One "Real Deal" R.D. Reynolds, Purveyor of Of Subs that taste like High School Lunch Food, passed off as weight loss help. (Gill-Man)

Jazz Overnight Blade
- On a couple of episodes of recording WCR, Blade used a headset, instead of his usual cell phone, so his voice quality sounded a lot better. Unfortunately, the 12 listeners were more accustomed to Blade's "Tin Can & String" Hobo voice & also referred to the new voice as "Fake Blade". Jazz Overnight Blade only last two shows since his cheap headset broke, but will make a return after episode #37 of "The RD & Blade Show" after Blade announced that he bought a new headset. (R.V.M Kai)
See Also: Fake Blade, Hobo Blade, "Tin Can & String" Blade

Jeff Foxworthy
- The style that originally wanted RD to read the copy in shortly after they became a sponsor of the show. Blade generally considers it one of RD's worse impersonations, however it's unknown if it's because Blade despises Foxworthy, or just thinks RD's not very good at it. (Consensus is that it's a combination of both). (Chainsaw)
[To be honest, I NEVER wanted RD to read that ad like Jeff Foxworthy. That was the suggestion of the man who wrote the ad copy for me. We had been a sponsor before that point, but said writer said our plug needed to be freshened up and I let him have a chance. I almost kept it for the comedy of how awful it was, but like a true WrestleCrap moment it was funny the first time and fell flat when you had to hear it over and over again. All ad copy is now written by yours truly. --Stevie J]

- According to Angry Jim, just about any female, especially his wife. (iggy)
Dr. Williams' replacement to help Jim Ross. He doesn't like her. (Premier Blah)

"Jim! That is not appropriate!"
- Blade's recaction to the above despite the fact he usually is even worse. (ani)

Jingle With Jillian
- An insta induction by RD featuring one of his favorite divas in Jillian Hall during her "bad pop singer/mocking Brooke Hogan" gimmick in which Jillian squaked out Christmas classics. A downloadable album from iTunes and was a best seller when it debuted. Rd compared it favorablly to other Christmas classics sung by Judy Garland and Bing Crosby. (Ultimate Kennedy)

Joseph Haiku Sr.
- The inventor of the "haiku" according to WCR. (R.V.M Kai)
See: Blade Braxton's Weekly Haiku

Johnny 4 a.k.a. Trolla-Tron 2600
- TNA Correspondent and earlier model of Johnny 6 (The Trolla Tron 5200) & MegaTrolla (The Trolla Tron 7800). Blade found him at a garage sale and mailed him to RD. Johnny 4 is in such horrible shape that not only he leaks oil all over the place once turned on but also falls down at the end of the job. Johnny 4 started to dysfunction during the Halloween 2009 episode of "Wrestlecrap Radio" when RD forced a bottle of "Old Man Shango's Tonic" down Johnny 4's fuel tank. The Tonic made Johnny 4 the best TNA Correspondent for a short time but when the tonic wore off all did Johnny 4 said after that was "Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff are coming to TNA". When RD received a Christmas gift from the Trolla Corporation of an Upgrade Module to fix Johnny 4, RD installed the Upgrade Module into Johnny 4 causing him to go berserk. Johnny 4 was rambling on and attacking RD by shooting lasers at him. Mrs. Deal killed Johnny 4 in order to save RD from the rampaging robot. (Raging Demons)
See: Trolla Corporation

Johnny 6 a.k.a. the Trolla-Tron 5200
- The first TNA correspondent. He was a Christmas gift from the Trolla Corporation to Wrestlecrap Radio. Johnny 6 was originally designed to be a housemaid for Wrestlecrap HQ by cleaning up the place but Deal & Blade thought it would be a good idea to have him watch TNA. Johnny 6 loved porn and loved to pick fights with Blade. He exploded while singing "I Feel For You" by Chaka Khan as a tribute to Rhaka Khan. (Raging Demons)
- Legendary successor to Johnny 5, he could cook, clean, and do long division. (Ringmaster)
- After his demise, it was revealed he was made of old Pinto parts. (Adabede)
See: Trolla Corporation

Johnny Age
- What Angry Jim calls Johnny Ace/John Laurinaitis (Former WWE Vice President of Talent Relations) because he looked old on a WWE Monday Night Raw appearance. JR also hates him because he thinks he might having an affair with his wife. (R.V.M Kai)
See: Angry Jim Ross

Johnny C
- The #1 fan of Death of WCW. (s1mon86)

John Kelly
- Former name of ex-TNA correspondent C.S.Irwin while serving in the NYPD. (Premier Blah)
See: C.S. Irwin

John Thomas
- Bill collector for several different credit card companies, most notably Chase Meridian Mastercharge. Claims to always get his man, although his pursuit for one Blade "Brakestown" has thus far been unsuccessful. (RD Reynolds)
John first appeared in April 2006 looking for Mr Blade “Brakestown”. What resulted was the public disclosure of Blade’s porn purchases and also the mental anguish that would result in fans at indy shows asking him to sign autographs as “Blade Brakestown”. “I can’t even be myself now!” Blade would yell at Mr Thomas on the 1 year anniversary show in late 2006. (Ken Ivory)

JT Titty
- 2006 Diva Search Contestant JT Tinney that earned her nickname when The Miz was hosting some segments of the contest; JT Tinney is best know for proudly advertising that she is a MILF, but somehow RD & Blade hearing that it was The Miz say not her name of "JT Tinney" but "JT Titty" which Tinney has in spades thanks to the miracles of the modern day boob job. (Raging Demons)


The Katie Vick outfit
- The outfit allegedly worn by Kane's decesed girlfriend (kayfabe) which was put up for auction on Blade Braxton is currently in possession of the outfit which he claims had his girlfriend wear & reenacted the infamous necrophilia scene. (R.V.M Kai)

Kelsey Grammer
- Famous television star of shows such as Cheers and Frasier. Got the role of The Beast in the third X Men movie. RD once said on the show that people who attend WWE televised events should hold up signs that read: "Kelsey Grammer is my favorite of the X Men." (Ultimate Kennedy)

Kettle Corn
- A sweetened variety of popcorn. RD hates it. (Ultimate Kennedy)

Kevin Nash's ebay Steak Dinner auction
- In may of 2008, Kevin Nash put up for auction a skirt steak dinner auction in which the winner would get to spend an evening sitting around a firepit with Kevin Nash, eat a skirt steak dinner and smoke one cigar. You get ONE, pal! (Ultimate Kennedy)

Kid Rock Invades Wrestlecrap Radio HQ
- The 2012 April Fool's Show where it would be a normal show, normal as you can get for Wrestlecrap Radio, analyzing Wrestlemania 28. Instead Kid Rock; who performed at Wrestlemania 25 which a lot of the nerds, geeks, & poindexters hated at the time, crashed Wrestlecrap Radio HQ. Kid Rock's music was so loud that Deal could "barely" do the show. Deal tried to shut off the power to Kid Rock's stage but it didn't work because Kid Rock kept turning the power back on. "Angry Jim Ross" couldn't hear what Deal was trying to say. In the end Johann of the "Wrestlecrap Radio Quartet" left Deal & Blade to perform piano with Kid Rock. (Raging_Demons)

Killer Looks DVD
- A gift from Don........Don Mason of RD's favorite "jerk-off" movie. The movie stars Sara Suzanne Brown, and comes with a mini bottle of corn oil. This also shoots a hole in the theory that RD doesn't know what "porn" is. (Chainsaw)

King Haku
- Does not come with Crown as illustrated. (Premier Blah)
- Did not come with crown as illustrated, but now does. ()
- There was an old magazine ad of a Haku/Meng action figure (when he played the 'King Haku' Gimmick) where the figure was pictured wearing a crown, which was not actually available. That was until WWE recently released a new figure with the crown as illustrated. (R.V.M Kai)

King Pedophile
- What Deal & Blade refer to the mascot of the "King Vitaman" cereal as. (R.V.M Kai)
See: King Vitaman

King Vitaman
- Name of the creepy old man mascot from King Vitaman cereal commercials. (R.V.M Kai)
- See King Pedophile (Ken Ivory)

KoKo Radio
- April's Fool's Show where the entire episode of "Wrestlecrap Radio" turned into "KoKo Radio" where the show revolved only on WWE Hall Of Famer Koko B. Ware for being inducted in the WWE Hall OF Fame. Every segment of the show was Koko-centric. Mike Check did a live remote from the WWE Hall Of Fame. They even had a Koko Radio Co-Host competition. (Raging Demons)

- The pants-less birdman villain from Prince Of Space. At the suggestion of someone [Chris "TheDrenchinator" Waters --Showstealer] RD uses his funny sounding laughter for a laugh track. (Premier Blah)
- The Ambassador Phantom from the Prince of Space who chimes in with his trademark sinister(?) laugh when Blade usually makes a corny joke. (ThunderDrunk)

Kurt Angle's Move-Set
- The Most important thing to talk about in wrestling ever! (R.V.M Kai)

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