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The Pilot episode
August 12, 2005

The Debut of Wrestlecrap Radio as Hosts RD Reynolds & Blade Braxton talk about the 2005 Diva Search, Gooker Candidates, the WCW Mystery Man, The Problems w/ TiVo, & 70s Stars.

Mommy's Milk
August 19, 2005

RD & Blade talk about Get in the Ring Radio, Dennis Stamp, Ashley Massaro and SummerSlam, as well as the Debut of the Question of the Week and Blade’s Weekly Haiku.

Speaking Of...
September 16, 2005

RD & Blade do their usual shenanigans and talk about their experience with Get in the Ring, Kane’s Journey into Darkness, The Apter Magazines, Raw’s Return To The USA Network, Chris Masters, the old and new versions of WWE Entrance Theme Music, & Trish Stratus’s return.

Raw Homecoming
September 23, 2005

RD & Blade’s adventures continue as they talk about the relationship between Carlito and Captain Caveman, Ken Kennedy, Ashley Massaro, Dave Meltzer, Spike TV’s New Monday Night Schedule, Raw Homecoming Names & the upcoming Ultimate Warrior DVD as well as debut Wrestlecrap Dream Analysis.

September 30, 2005

RD & Blade crap talk continues as they talk about Boo Berry, White Castle, the Gene Snitsky vs. Big Show match involving a kitchen sink, Val Venis & Viscera tag team, Cade & Murdoch, the crappy Shelton/Kerwin match ending, the Raw/Spike TV/USA controversy, The Self-Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior DVD & TNA/Spike TV.

BONUS. The Get In The Ring episode.

Flipping a stuffed bird
October 7, 2005

RD & Blade do their usual crap as they talk about RD’s dream about Hogan Knows Best, the hell that comes from grocery carts, Blade Braxton’s wrestling return, TNA’s debut on Spike TV, Raw recap show, Raw Homecoming show, Kevin Von Erich and Koko B. Ware with his fake parrot.

King Pedophile & Nicole Bass
October 14, 2005

RD & Blade continue their hijinks as they talk about Halloween costumes, obscure cereals, King Pedophile, the reunion of Strike Force, the scariness of “Sensational” Sherri Martel, Hacksaw Jim Duggan’s bus crash, the Matt Hardy/Ashley Massaro relationship, Nicole Bass, Blade’s dream about eating muffins with Scott “Raven” Levy, which angle RD and Blade want to see from 7 or more years ago, Jim Ross getting fired again, Howard Finkel, and Stephanie McMahon.

Boogey Maul & Super Porky
October 21, 2005

RD and Blade’s nonsense continues as they talk about the relationship between Blade & Toni Braxton, video stores in grocery stores, Ricky Morton in jail, Tajiri and his wife, Lex Luger’s new job as part of community service, RD missing Raw for Monday Night Football, Austin calling Stephanie a transvestite and the arrival on Smackdown of the Boogeyman and the Juniors Division as well as the debut of Obscure Wrestling News

This may not be the show for you."
October 28, 2005

RD & Blade scare the little kiddies by talking about Canadian game shows, Halloween candy & costumes, Tammy Sytch gets heavily intoxicated on a JAPW show, April Hunter, Ricky Morton’s jail update, Blade Braxton’s films, Ahmed Johnson, Santa’s Slay, midgets jumping on couches and Dr. Heiny as well as the debut of RD’s Weekly Trip to the Grocery

24 Hour Blade
November 11, 2005

RD & Blade vote to give you more crap as they talk about the Inspector Gadget movie, Toxic Avenger 21st Anniversary DVD, Wrestlecrap: The Book, Sid Vicious on Voice of Wrestling, Best of WWE 2005, the rumors of the midget firings, Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, the stagnant WWE product, Vince Russo’s upcoming radio show, and Christian no longer on Smackdown.

Speaking of Rocking Chairs...
December 9, 2005

RD & Blade laugh at all the bad little boys and girls as the two hosts talk about Christmas Crunch, Green Ice Cream Trees, Little Debbie’s Christmas Tree Brownies, Vince Russo, bad Christmas movies, CZW giving toys for tots at the Cage of Death show, Kamala singing, DDP filing a lawsuit against Jay-Z, DDP releasing Yoga for Regular Guys, Shelton Benjamin is getting a mama, Bad News Brown at a Waffle House, this week’s Raw and Christy Hemme gets fired.

Alien Ham
January 6, 2006

RD & Blade start off 2006 by talking about RD Reynolds’ stupidity, He-Man & She-Ra Christmas Special, Diamond Dan Garza, Napoleon Dynamite, Captain Crunch character change, Mother Teresa cinnamon bun, Blade’s alien ham, Toni Braxton on Playboy, Crush’s plan for getting people fit, the debut of Shelton Benjamin’s mama, Stacy Keibler on Dancing with the Stars, Ricky Morton going to court, Tajiri retiring, Edge imitating Ric Flair, Trish Stratus & Mickie James lesbian stalker angle, perverts on WWE Auction, and Lita’s boobs.

WrestleClock Radio
January 13, 2006

RD & Blade celebrate RD’s birthday by talking about video store clerks, Christy Hemme in the Lingerie Bowl, the Boogeyman/Koko B. Ware match, 2005 Diva Search contestant Alexis on Flavor of Love, the Bret Hart DVD, the Tim White suicide angle, Shelton’s mama yelling, Edge’s WWE Title victory, and supposedly Blade hints on a previous relationship with Lita.

Speaking of masturbating with corn oil...
January 20, 2006

RD & Blade continue crapping down our throats by talking about Blade’s supposed relationship with Lita, the Pro Wrestling video game, the Colts losing to the Steelers, the WWF’s Most Outrageous Matches tape, the goofballs on American Idol, RD’s scheduled appearance at a wrestling show, Luther Reigns in the adult film industry, XPW’s Lizzie Borden and Rob Black being AVNA award winners for free speech, One Night In China becoming best selling porno of the year, Boogeyman biting off Jillian Hall’s mole and John Heidenreich getting fired.

January 27, 2006

RD & Blade make the first of their three huge announcements and talk about nerds, McRibs, RD Reynolds at a PWI show, Matt Morgan getting in trouble, a former 2005 Diva Search contestant being fired, Wrestlemania bus being broken into, the Lex Express, recycling wrestling props, the Royal Rumble and the Spirit Squad.

Boogeyman, M.D.
February 3, 2006

RD & Blade make the second of their three huge announcements and talk about Berserker’s son Joe Nord in high school wrestling, Tatanka’s multi vitamins, Boogeyman biting things off, Royal Rumble results, when Randy Orton turned boring, and the ending of Edge’s WWE title reign.

Speaking of Verne Gagne masturbating...
March 10, 2006

RD & Blade get back to their WrestleCrap Radio format as they talk about wearing glasses, the reason RD didn’t bust Vince Russo’s ass during the interview, bad toys, the firing of the WWE Junior’s Division, Johnny Fairplay going to Wrestlemania technically, the Miz, reality shows, Hogan Knows Best second season, Brian Knobbs might get getting his own reality show, Kanyon is gay, Ricky Morton getting out of prison, Mark Jindrak and Matt Morgan’s reality show getting canceled, what two wrestlers would RD and Blade like to see in a reality show, AWA Championship Wrestling, Saturday Night’s Main Event, Macho Man Randy Savage, WWE Hall of Fame 2006 inductees, Candice Michelle in Playboy and who RD and Blade wanted to see in Playboy in the past and present.

Retro Year
March 17, 2006

RD & Blade don’t listen to the warnings about the Ides of March as they talk about Test supposedly getting re-signed, the two Cousin Luke’s in the WWF, Burgan’s Gimmick Table, Madison Carter returning with Weird World of Wrestling, RD & Blade’s book, RD’s writing work in Fighting Spirit magazine, Saturday Night’s Main Event again, Blade hiding from bill collectors, Candice Michelle’s Playboy issue, WWE trading card problems in Israel, the Dream Team reuniting in March 24, B. Brian Blair filing lawsuit against Carrabba’s restaurant, Boogeyman & Flavor Flav, Scott Steiner on TNA, Samoa Joe and Verne & “Rambo” Greg Gagne

Bonus! The 2006 April Fools Edit by Superbrawl Psycho. On this special edit, RD & Blade get calls from “The Total Package” Lex Luger, Dennis Stamp, the crazy “It’s Still Real to Me” fan, the Iron Sheik, and Bret Hart.

April 7, 2006

RD & Blade stay unhealthy as they talk about their call in show last week, old Wrestlecrap inductions, 80s hair bands, their meeting coming soon, meals for Lent, more Boo Berry, Lean Cuisine, Easter Egg hunts at a funeral home, Ricky Morton getting into a car wreck, Nikolai Volkoff running for political office, Barry Darsow signing a WWE Legends deal, eating, and talk to Dr. Keith Lipinski about Wrestlemania.

He-Man Peep Show
April 14, 2006

RD & Blade meet up in Indianapolis as they talk about the Slammed movie, the funeral home Easter egg hunt, The Cat in the Hat movie, comic book stores, Blade grabbing Boo Berry and King Vitamin, Randy Orton getting suspended, Ken Patera taking up a new hobby, the Boogeyman wearing a mask, Steve McMichael being banned from Wrestlemania, Dr. Ken Gee’s new website, Mama’s Family, Family Feud, Great Khali, and Movie Gallery.

Cornmeal Frosties
April 21, 2006

RD & Blade try not to ride bicycles as they talk about weight, RD’s optometrist, Paul Ellering losing vision in a freak accident, Simon Cowell talking about doing some of the early WWF albums, Pat Tanaka teaching Judo, Ivan Koloff being available to speak at religious events, Trish Stratus and Mickie James changing hairdos, the return of Jack, nicknames for their unit, Sam Goody’s, and the McMahon DVD.

Woodstock Edition
April 28, 2006

RD & Blade try to save the earth from crap as they talk about ECW coming back, Thunder in Paradise 2, Hogan Knows Best, Little Hercules, Trix cereal, taking May off, Palmer Cannon quitting WWE, JBL, Paul Ellering’s book, Demolition Axe signed a WWE Action Figures deal, Brock Lesnar getting out of his no compete clause, God wrestling at Backlash and George Burns.

New and Improved
June 2, 2006

RD & Blade shoot the crap as they talk about the new setup for Wrestlecrap studios, Global Internet.net, schilling, Ratt, Fighting Spirit, upcoming cover to their new book, MySpace, Fall Guy toys, Chicken in a Biscuit, Gene Okerland being sued, Erik Watts fired from GCW, the Hart Mansion, Great Khali and his choice of peanut butter, ECW on the Sci Fi Channel, Rey Mysterio’s World Title reign, The Miz hosting Smackdown, and the two Kanes.

Zombie Radio/Tenta Tribute
June 16, 2006

RD & Blade do their best to go on as they talk about the passing of their friend John Tenta, the ECW Zombie, Macho Man on the Surreal Life, Kamala singing, Kamala Jr., Paul Ellering’s workout program, George Gonzales in a wheelchair, Droz, ECW, the exhibitionist, Sci-Fi wanting a Martian, and Degeneration X reunion.

Say everything twice.
June 23, 2006

RD & Blade talk about Macho Libre on ECW, Dave Meltzer tribute to John Tenta, role reversals, organic milk, bizarre pastas, Raviolios, tofurkey, Nikolai Volkoff attacked for his character spitting on the American flag, Nikolai Volkoff getting help from the Iron Sheik, Lex Luger causing problems with New Jack, Lex Luger confusing Billy Jack Hayes with Randy Savage, Surreal Life lineup, Blade’s Gorgeous George story, Greg Gagne being OVW booker, Smackdown, ECW, the reverse fortune teller, D-X, and midget asscracks.

Ode to Kurt Angle
June 30, 2006

RD & Blade crap out the beginning of the summer by talking about the crap (literally) on Raw, the return of the mailbag, new guest next week, the rumor that the actor playing Superman is gay, every single item has Superman on it, the Pounder bag of potato chips, Kurrgan in the 300 movie, Jake Roberts involved in a fishing tournament, Little Bastard, the mascot change on Brawny, the pirate is gone, Pirates of the Caribbean, Vince not knowing who Jack Sparrow is, the fake Kane, Leslie Nielson, the Diva Search 2006, Jim Neidhart and Matilda, the Dog Poop Match, Eddie Guerrero/Big Show/poop angle, the exhibitionist Kelly, Mike Knox, Kurt Angle, and the Sandman’s latest victim.

The Terrible Twelve Listeners
July 7, 2006

Uncle RD and Uncle Blade want you to crap as they talk about Kelly Kelly, John Laurinaitis, fake laughter, the Zombie interview indefinitely halted, Nathan Jones in Jet Li’s Hero, Nathan Jones’ lactating nipples, Kid Romeo pitching a Exterminator gimmick, Jennifer Walcott leaves the Diva Search, replacing body parts with objects, Wrestlecrap favorites and least favorites, what is Bryan Clark doing today, the Fabulous Rougeaus, rumors of Trish Stratus leaving, Johnny Parisi getting fired, HBK being whisked away every time something degenerate happens, DX invading the Raw production truck, Mike Knox as Mr. Bodyslam, Test is back and RVD & Sabu getting busted as well as they debut their first sponsors and the return of the Wrestlecrap Mailbag.

Krankor hits the bottle with JT Titty
July 14, 2006

RD & Blade invade your house and talk about RD’s WWE Niagara Falls cup, the frozen food section of the grocery store, gift cards to restaurants, Chef Boyardee Chili Cheese Dog Twistaroonie, The Miz & Johnny Fairplay, DDP’s Yoga for Regular Guys coming to DVD, the new Diamond Doll, Siamese twins in wrestling, Great Khali in a dog show, punching Miz in the face, choosing your own Wrestlecrap gimmick, Punjabi Prison Match, Candace showing Kelly how to strip, Showgirls, the 2006 Diva Search, Big Show’s hands & head, CM Punk, and Ric Flair looking old as well as the debut of a new segment called Blade Braxton Hits the Bottle and the arrival of Krankor.

Handling the Bag
July 28, 2006

RD & Blade check their livers for elevated enzymes as they talk about moist towelettes, RD going to Rochester, Life Savers candy, indoor tennis, Kanyon, Braxton’s potty mouth, the Spirit Squad being told they are being broken up, Outback Jack on the Snake Pit, the Million Dollar Chance, the deever, RD doing talent shows, the Pale Horse, Stephanie and Snitsky, victims of the Wellness Policy, the Punjabi Prison Match between Undertaker and Big Show, Carlito and Trish, Maryse eliminated, Ariel and DQs in ECW.

One Year anniversary
August 11, 2006

RD & Blade celebrate their one year anniversary and talk about their favorite memories, their new book, lazy shoppers, Blade being tougher than Rick Steiner, Blade’s wrestling ring, Jeff Hardy returning to WWE, RD & Blade being insulted, the Diss The Diva segment, the Foley/Flair feud, Kevin Nash & Alex Shelley in TNA, and Hulk Hogan injured as well a call from BM Punk, Terry Funk & Dennis Stamp, the return of John Thomas, and the arrival of Weird Al & RJ Fletcher.

Hello Titty. Watching some Diva Search episode.
August 18, 2006

RD Reynolds and Blade Braxton have to start from square one to regain their listeners by commentating on the 2006 Diva Search Finals plus commercials as well as the debut of some guy yelling stupid.

Urinating with Laughter
August 25, 2006

RD & Blade are excited to reveal the Wrestlecrap Book of Lists and talk about a cashier looking at the items and thinks about buying that item themselves, Blade’s “suspect” grocery stores he used to work for, Nidia expecting her first child, Nidia and Jaime Noble, Romeo of the Heartthrobs trying to break into acting and modeling, Bella Online: The Voice of Women, The Rock on the Boston Herald, old cars, John Cena sensuality, rumors Vince finds Francine unattractive, Summerslam, heel Vickie Guerrero, Vince McMahon’s 61st birthday, and the McMahon DVD. Plus a first in the Wrestlecrap Mailbag.

Variety Hour
September 8, 2006

RD & Blade try to play hooky as they talk about RD singing Cher songs, Meet the Ravens, RD’s trip to Disney World, the Great Khali as a former police officer, someone masturbating to their show, Kamala going for the ROH title, Katie Vick’s panties, Ariel as an ugly skank, who should be inducted in next year’s Hall of Fame, the Von Erichs DVD, the football season starting, UFC, Kurt Angle is gone, & Trish Stratus leaving.

Banana Tapestry
September 15, 2006

RD & Blade unleash the Creation of Destruction as they talk about Blade being sober (which doesn’t last long), the Oklahoma City Bomber gimmick, condoms, hot dogs with buns included, the Boo Berry mascot returns to his old form, Rafiki wanting a banana, people or teams with crappy additions, Chyna tapestry, Vince doesn’t believe Francine is not ugly, Chyna and Mary Carey, Tim Arsons accepting bookings as the Zombie, Greg Gagne fired as OVW booker, Ivory & Molly Holly going on a road trip and Test dating Kelly Kelly as well as the arrival of Lord Alfred Hayes’ ghost.

Boogeyman Released
September 22, 2006

RD & Blade cry their eyes out as they talk about the firing of the Boogeyman, vending machines for worms, the new Weird Al Yankovic album, Good Friends cereal, organic foods, RVD’s comic shop closing, concert debut of Kamala, WWE is after rapper The Game, Superman’s dog, John Thomas & BM Punk on MySpace, Iron Sheik humbling someone for a dime, Iron Sheik at Wrestlemania VIII, Nasty Ned Brady & Barry Darsow, WWE bringing back some old veterans, TNA hiring Vince Russo, and Phil Collins vs. Ultimate Warrior.

Fired by Faxtrolla
September 29, 2006

The Crapperfriends RD & Blade unite as they talk about phlegm disorder, Rewriting the Book coming soon, Amazon ads, toilet paper, Larry Zbysko’s The Adventures in Larry Land, RD, Blade & Trash Loseagain being at a WCWA Dream Reunion: The Return of the Legends show, Rikishi gets in trouble from the US Marshalls, New Jack isn’t down with a 7Up, Vince Russo, Blade being late on prize giving, memorializing the retirement of Trish Stratus, rumors Kevin Nash trying to get back into WWE, Nash vs. the X Division, Justin Credible faxed his pink slip by WWE, and Kurt Angle hired in TNA.

Legends After-Party
October 13, 2006

Blade & RD are joined by Trash Loseagain in the WCWA Legends show and they all talk about RD’s past, the road trip to the show, meeting a lot of people backstage, and Superman II as well as a first on the WrestleCrap Radio Weekly Wrestling Haiku.

Cpl Kirchner dead or alive
November 3, 2006

RD & Blade are back in black as they talk about the death and resurrection of Corporal Kirchner, the WrestleCrap Book of Lists, RD’s bad experience at a strip club, Blade’s photos of Becky Bayless, Fun Size candy bars, what RD dressed up for in Halloween this year, Magnum P.I., the Brooke Hogan CD, Brooke’s ego, WWE DVDs, Rey Mysterio DVD, Wrestling’s Greatest Families DVD, Vampiro DVD, Batista dating Rebecca, Blade knowing of pornography magazines, TNA’s Right to Fight, Cyber Sunday, the Boogeyman gets re-signed, and Lita leaving WWE as well as an interview with Jed Schaffer and someone interrupts their radio show.

Banging with WC
November 17, 2006

RD & Blade rise from the grave and talk about crappy movie remakes of old TV shows, people camped out for the PS3, Nintendo Wii, moments we aren’t happy with just pinning your shoulders to the mat, Lumpy, the Kitchen Carnival, the Hot Dog Roller and Bun Warmer, Deion Sanders’ Hot Dog Express, the update on the bet, Stacy Keibler offered a contract to go on tour with Dancing With The Stars, Grandmasters of Wrestling, Former 2006 Diva Search contestant JT Tinney competing to host Stuff Magazine Online, Melly Mell trying to get a WWE deal, their Vince Russo interview, comparing themselves to literary figures, Survivor Series, Banging with Ashley, and Mr. McMahon’s cartoon ass as well as commentating on TNA’s Thursday debut on Spike TV.

Lifting the Tail
December 1, 2006

RD & Blade wonder how much that guy weighs as they talk about their experience on Thanksgiving, Michael Richards & Cryme Tyme, WrestleCrap Book of Lists, Amazon’s mistakes, Black Friday, Bedding Man, Kurt Angle’s gimmick idea for Chris Sabin, Eric Young vs. Tracy Brooks in a bikini contest, Molly Holly’s fat ass, Good Times, Francine getting released and is retiring, Mickie James’ centaur ass, Sarah Jessica Parker, Areola, the Hardys back together, Hulk Hogan’s past run for President, December to Dismember, Big Show thinking about retiring, the Voodoo Kin Mafia, Ashley posing in Playboy, the Spirit Squad departing, and a heel retard.

Cornhole Xmas
December 15, 2006

RD & Blade deck the halls, run away from the robotic reindeer, exchange presents, and talk about Christmas, the Mexican Santa Claus, revealing why RD doesn’t believe in Santa, RD maybe going to New Year’s Revolution, egg nog, Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes, buffalo wing flavored potato chips, Chuckie Cheese, Trish Stratus on a reality TV show, the game of Cornhole, and Tatanka on WWE.com as well as the debut of the Horsetrolla.

Co-Host Contest
January 12, 2007

RD & Blade sit in the back of the bus as they talk about “Rosie vs. Donald”, Blade’s wrestling related present snapped, RD getting in trouble with Mrs. Deal, the current WWE divas roster, dumb ECW finisher names, Canada’s love for WrestleCrap, people wanting RD to sing, a war of words between the Warrior and a guy on E-Bay, WWE angry with Steve Corino, Vince McMahon’s cartoon ass in trouble, Andre the Giant as a drinking legend, RD’s babyface past, an old WrestleCrap story idea, Blade losing the bet, Molly Holly & Sunny, PWI & Balls Mahoney, Blade Braxton at New Year’s Revolution, Ric Flair, Umaga, Great Khali on Raw, Hogan vs. Khali rumors, and the first dirty joke RD ever heard as well as a new contest coming soon and Stewie Griffin shows up on the show.

I Have Something to Say
January 19, 2007

The day has come for Blade Braxton to pay off the debt for losing a bet with RD Reynolds by saying everything RD wants him to say with the help of the listeners on this episode of WrestleCrap radio, but Blade has a plan of his own. The two also talk about fantasy football, the WrestleCrap Book of Lists, American Idol ice cream, the Warlord and the Barbarian, Tank Abbot, Danny Davis, Ivan Koloff now available for weddings as a priest, Eric Bischoff, Sylvan Grenier caught for speeding, the Iron Sheik suffering from alcohol poisoning, new ECW extremist Marcus Cor Von, Kin Corn Karn, the Pro Wrestling video game, and Hulk Hogan talking about nominees for 2007 WWE Hall of Fame induction.

Komedian Kong Bundy
January 26, 2007

RD & Blade party all night long as they talk about Wrestling Society X on MTV, Rachael Ray, the Food Network, NBC soap opera Passions getting cancelled, Colts going to the Super Bowl, White Castle’s plan for Valentine’s Day, WrestleCrap Radio Co-host Contest information, Lance Storm, one segment WrestleCrap Radio did cut from its show, King Kong Bundy as a comedian, Dick Slater in jail, Lanny Poffo, Extreme Expose and the Royal Rumble as well as take a somber moment to talk about the passing of Bam Bam Bigelow.

RD Explodes with Rage
February 2, 2007

RD and Blade try to find their shadows as they talk about the WWE firing a lot of people, RD’s trip to the computer store, an IT employee odor, Blade’s favorite cereals, colossal Fruit Loops, and Trix cereal as well as the first week of auditions for the WrestleCrap Radio Co-host Contest.

February 9, 2007

RD & Blade are in the huddle as they talk about the Indianapolis Colts winning the Super Bowl, the Super Bowl commercials, Mrs. Deal thoughts about Blade, Blade’s bad luck, RD is going to White Castle on Valentine’s Day with his wife, 100 calorie pack snacks, Eric Bischoff’s radio publicity stunt gone wrong, MIT using the Death of WCW book, WWE PSA, Raw, the hosts’ problem with the Lifetime Channel, Wrestling Society X and Snitsky on ECW as well as the second week of auditions for the WrestleCrap Radio Co-host Contest and the return of WrestleCrap Dream Analysis.

Linda Love
February 23, 2007

RD & Blade try to thwart Batman and Robin as they talk about Blade’s sickness, Valentine’s Day, RD returning to the computer store, another IT guy’s odor, cutting a promo on Jared from Subway, Blade’s trip to the cardiologist, Diamond Dan Garza, New Jack’s new wrestling school, Brooke Hogan trying to be Paris Hilton, Blade’s infatuation with Linda Hogan or not, Mickie James title reign has ended, Melina vs. Ashley rumor at Wrestlemania, Wrestling Society X, Ric Flair and Wrestlemania Main Event as well as another two auditions for the WrestleCrap Radio Co-host Contest.

Cricket Invasion
March 2, 2007

RD & Blade take it to the limit as they talk about another sickness for Blade, RD’s stomach virus, All Natural 7Up, Hornswoggle, what would you say in a WWE writers meeting before they hauled you off, WWE editing Blade Braxton at New Year’s Revolution, who should Khali urinate on, Bob Backland walking everywhere, garlic, Test fired, Donald Trump vs. Vince McMahon, Shelton falling on his face, Deuce and Domino, Melina sporting a pompadour, Matt Classic and some guy attacking Vampiro w/ special effects as well as the arrival of the crickets and a new audition for the WrestleCrap Radio Co-host Contest.

March 9, 2007

RD & Blade experience happy days as they talk about WSX on life support, energy drinks, RD confusing Enviga with vagina, Kurrgan on 300, former Diva Search contestant JT on Victoria’s Secret, WWE’s annual video game challenge without the defending champion Shelton Benjamin, the arm wrestling cage match last year, musical acts at Wrestlemania, Paul Bunyan, WWE’s plan for international territories, the disappearance of Batista’s charisma and the New Breed in ECW as well as another batch of auditions for the WrestleCrap Radio Co-host Contest. Plus they talk about the death of Bad News Brown and Blade sings about Ashley in Playboy.

Robecca Released
March 23, 2007

RD & Blade experience the luck (or bad luck) of the Irish as they talk about RD’s computer problems, RD meeting his Death of WCW co-author Bryan Alvarez for the first time, meeting several WrestleCrap fans, piercings, the Super Amazing Monkey, organic milk in the cereal aisle, Orville Redenbacher’s reanimated corpse, speed of light vs. speed of sound, how do you learn to fall off a 20 foot ladder, Iron Sheik getting ripped off of a deal where he appears at Wall-marts in Canada, Lita’s band The Luchagors recording an album, the Godwins are back, Rebecca DiPietro being fired, Lashley breaks the Masterlock Challenge, Kelly Kelly not being able to dance well, Kane vs. Khali, and the Battle of the Billionaires as well as another week of auditions for the WrestleCrap Radio Co-host Contest.

Dream Analysis
April 1, 2007

RD & Blade enter the twilight zone as they talk about their dreams of co-hosting this show with John Thomas, Lee Marshall, and Lord Alfred Hayes as well as a dream where Blade becomes RD and RD becomes Blade and a phone call from BM Punk.

Worst Show Ever
April 6, 2007

RD & Blade are always lyin’ to their friends as they talk about Jive Soul Bro, their April Fools episode, Global Internet sending them a legal letter, the world’s worst cashier, some guy not knowing the number of knuckles on your hand, Rachael Ray, painting on tortillas, Vince McMahon’s hat, Elizabeth at SummerSlam 88, Andre The Giant as a genie, the Cindy Lauper’s “Goonies ‘R’ Good Enough” video, Wrestling’s Greatest Managers DVD, Figure 4 Weekly reviewing the Worst of RD DVD, Linda McMahon presenting a World Championship belt to Laura Bush, Elijah Burke’s strange Wrestlemania shirt, Stephanie and Hunter not happy with the internet leaks, the dance off segment, and feuds still continuing after Wrestlemania as well as the two hosts hardly understanding an audition for the WrestleCrap Radio Co-host Contest.

In Four Words or Less
April 13, 2007

RD & Blade try to hide from Jason Voorhees as they talk about the Hillbilly Wedding, Green Rice Krispies Treats, the R2-D2 mailbox, and the two reading the Global Internet legal letter as well as getting a second sponsor and the WrestleCrap Co-host Contest continues with more auditions.

Nuts and Jugs
April 27, 2007

RD & Blade know best as they talk about being reminded of Brooke and Linda Hogan, a WrestleCrap Carnival, Coke Plus, a leaky milk carton, the Odd Couple, CM Punk turning on Elijah Burke, Jaime Noble & Nidia, RD’s Thousand Jap Slap, WWE beverages, the Four Horsemen chewable wafers, and Sean O’Hare loving to fight as well as more, more, more auditions for the WrestleCrap Co-host Contest. Plus, the two wonder what happened to Randy Baer and what if RD & Blade went on a double date with Trish Stratus and Lita.

May 4, 2007

A zombified RD and a normal Blade talk about RD being presumed dead by Wikipedia, RD being referenced on the WWE Niagara Falls page of Wikipedia, RD getting kicked in the balls by his own son, RD’s problem with fruits and vegetables, trying to get Mrs. Deal on the show, cactus leaves, changing your name to a wrestler’s name, RD’s hatred for grammatical errors, Santino Marella, G-Rilla, Jason Sensation claiming to have been molested, Ivory’s Doggy Day Care, Hulk Hogan vs. Big Show, The Condemned bombing in the box office, the Undertaker getting hurt, and ECW Champion Vince McMahon as well as an international audition for the WrestleCrap Co-host Contest.

Overnight Jazz Blade
May 11, 2007

RD & Blade work through injuries as they talk about the past, Lance Storm coming on WrestleCrap Radio, Chex Mix flavors, Indiana popcorn, Trivia Pursuit Pop Tarts, a dream with Scott Hall, Mike Jones at a comic book convention, MySpace pages, Matt from X-Entertainment, Bill Goldberg in a movie, Test having swollen tonsils, Carmella getting married, Dawn Marie suing WWE, Snitsky having green teeth, Mrs. Deal considering being on the show, the Condemned getting worse, Edge becoming World Champion, which angle would they bring back from more than seven years ago, Sandman getting jobbed and Ariel wearing a Cobra Kai shirt as well as an animated audition for the WrestleCrap Radio Co-host Contest, Blade sings a song over past divas dressing slutty, and a special outro.

Masters of the Ghetto
May 18, 2007

RD & Blade try to avoid the wrath of Kane by talking about Stomper the Kangaroo, Blade’s new voice vs. Blade’s old voice, Lance Storm coming to WrestleCrap Radio next week, Blade meeting Ghetto He-Man and Ghetto Skeletor at the ghetto amusement park, Cobra Kai, RD going to jury duty, their obsession with Mike Jones’ testicles, Batboy, wanting to see Khali vs. Cena in a rap battle, the Maestro opening a school, Victoria selling her pizza restaurant, Jason Sensation saying he got molested one time by Kevin Thorn and others, RD downsizing his game room, Mickie James wanting to give her horses to young riders, and Santino Marella.

RVD's concussion syndrome
June 1, 2007

RD & Blade are members of the Raw Fan Nation as they talk about the size of the WWE Niagara Falls cup, the taste of Doritos X-13D, beef jerky, RD being behind on his email, May 19th, ATMs at Strip Clubs, who would Blade Braxton stalk, Blade’s Miss Elizabeth impersonation, Jimmy Hart, an idea of reviewing movies on Youtube, Guitar Hero, Goldust pulling out of a Bad News Brown tribute show, Ariel and more getting fired, the WrestleCrap Archive DVD-Rom, Saturday Night’s Main Event, and One Night Stand as well as the return of the WrestleCrap Radio Co-host Contest.

Rest in pieces, McMahon
June 15, 2007

RD & Blade are flooding the room with their tears as they talk about the “death” of Vince McMahon, Kleenex, continuing the WWE Draft, Taco Bell Pete, the WrestleCrap Archive DVD-Rom, WrestleCrap merchandise, Ariel now Coffin Kitten, Candace Michelle’s bondage past, Burt Ward going to manage at a wrestling show, Mickie James having chosen her horses’ new riders, Francine’s new gig, Lord Alfred Hayes, the current WWE Draft results, Jeep Swenson and Sid Vicious planning a comeback as well as two auditions for the WrestleCrap Radio Co-host Contest eulogizing Vince.

Don with corn oil for the Sheik
June 22, 2007

RD and Blade discuss Brother Midnight, the fact that Rally's fries smell like BO, the first ever female co-host auditioner(!!), Wendi Richter, an RD Tribute on YouTube, 'smart' referees, Ladies Man Miz, and lamenting the passing of Vince some more.

The Food Jobber
July 6, 2007

Hosts RD Reynolds and Blade Braxton go in-depth with a breakdown of evil wrestling astronauts, food jobbers, Skinner crossed with PN Newz, Paul Wight: Pro Boxer, lunch with Magnificent Mimi, what Vince McMahon and Howie Mandell have in common, Michelle McCool: All American girl...and the debut of the latest product from the Trolla Corporation!

Hogan Knows Breast
July 13, 2007

Hosts RD Reynolds and Blade Braxton analyze wrestling's greatest cartwheels, Vince McMahon's never ending fascination with hillbillies, the "Let's Get Blade a Date with Mimi Fund", the schoolgirl in heat roll-up, Nitro Girl Timber, Blade's new occupation as a street food vendor, JR's Family BBQ Happy Meals, WWE's insanely original "Did You Buy This?" column, the whereabouts of Shelton's mama, the greatest website name on the planet, and Brooke Hogan's new...additions!

Late Night with RD Reynolds
July 20, 2007

Hosts RD Reynolds and Blade Braxton fly through the wrestling news, featuring...the 'return' of WSX, Roddy Piper's classic film They Live coming back as a TV series, Big Daddy V's ginormous man boobs, Jim Morrison's illegitimate third cousin twice removed, John, more fun with Generic Brooke, and unlimited praise for the new World Champion, the Great Khali!

Fantasy Booking Island
July 27, 2007

Hosts RD Reynolds and Blade Braxton give you in-depth analysis (yeah right) of Hulk Hogan's latest venture, Jackass versus Umaga, John Morrison, Jerome Lawler, the greatest team on the planet (Hacksaw Duggan and the Sandman) and oodles more. Plus...FREAK SHOW HAPPY MEALS! And the latest and most out-dated WCR segment yet!

2 Years, party call-in
August 10, 2007

Hosts RD Reynolds and Blade Braxton celebrate the second anniversary of WrestleCrap radio with a trio of guests: Brother Midnight, Fabian Kaelin, and Hollywood of GLOW's Hollywood and Vine! Plus the boys discuss WWE game shows, Sheena Easton, and all kinds of other crap!

Crüe Ball
August 17, 2007

RD Reynolds and Blade Braxton analyze all the latest wrestling news, including PacMan Jones, WWE Idol, and the Demolition reunion! Plus...Francine's half used bath collection! All this, plus the boys jam to some Motley Crue (courtesy of the Sega Genesis!) and the announcement of the winner of the co-host contest!

August 31, 2007

RD Reynolds and Blade Braxton dig deep into SummerSlam, Raw, TNA, and...eh, who are we kidding? The guys talk pudding panties, Crispin Glover, and sing Doors songs. Badly. Like, worse than any karaoke bar you've ever been to. Yup. What a show!

September 5, 2007

RD Reynolds and Blade Braxton are here for your amusement to provide live...well, taped...commentary of the night CM Punk won the ECW belt! Plus the boys discuss their favorite ECW moments, the Wellness Policy, and whatever other crap they can come up with!

Sad Balls
September 21, 2007

RD Reynolds and Blade Braxton are back, discussing Teddy Long's wedding, the new Diva Search, Triple H destroying half the roster, and Balls Mahoney attempting to woo Kelly Kelly! Plus tons of MUSIC! Yes, lots of music on this here radio progrem this week, all of which is somehow wrestling-related!

Blade's Great Porn Debate
October 5, 2007

RD and Blade discuss the latest pro wrestling news and a fascinating porn debate! Plus...the return of the Horsetrolla, Rock's new movie role as Gomer Pyle, Johnny Fairplay's dental situation, sad Balls Mahoney (now with teddy bear action), John Cena's gimp boobies, and RD's musical tribute to WWE's Survivor cast-off!

An Evening with Lanny Poffo
October 12, 2007

RD and Blade talk with the poet lauret of the wrestling world, "The Genius" Lanny Poffo! Plus CM Punk disses Saba Simba, what wrestlers might be virgins, and our favorite big nippled vampire turns to porn!

Soul Man Randy Orton
October 19, 2007

RD and Blade discuss all the latest wrestling news, including midgets with bombs and the possible wrestling return of David Arquette! Plus the GLAMMANNEQUIN! And the debut of the latest product from the Trolla Corporation!

Anonymous Brooke Tribute
November 2, 2007

It's the Anonymous Brooke Tribute Show on WrestleCrap Radio! No need to discuss pro wrestling news (though we do). Instead, the boys weep as they realize that they are the reason for Anonymous Brooke no longer having gainful employment. Plus...RD's voice is shot! And Blade may be drunk! All this and much more!

Medicated Furry Dreams with Betsy Russell
November 9, 2007

RD Reynolds and Blade Braxton continue to mourn the loss of Anonymous Brooke, but console themselves somewhat by talking about the glory of Betsy Russell. Plus...WSX dog food! Cinnamon Roll Popcorn! And a Raw straight out of eight years ago! A negative 57 and 1/4 star episode to be sure!

Kung Fu Jesus
November 16, 2007

RD Reynolds and Blade Braxton discuss the fine art of annoying 13 year olds at WWE live events! Plus the TNA Turkey Bowl, John Morrison getting beat by a hat, Carlito's hair finding new employment, and much more!

Kevin Kleinrock
November 30, 2007

RD Reynolds and Blade Braxton are joined by Wrestling Society X Kleinrock for a 30-minute interview! Plus...RD's TRIP...to Black Friday! And tons of the latest pro wrestling news, including a James Bond villian stable, Kelly Kelly vs. Layla the Deever, Hornswaggle becoming the Road Runner, and tons more! Over 90 minutes of total stupidity!

Reindeer Leapfrog
December 7, 2007

Ho ho ho! Please note that's Ho Ho Ho, and Not Ha Ha Ha. Ahem. RD Reynolds and Blade Braxton get into the holiday spirit, discussing vandalism of RD's Christmas decorations! Plus all the latest pro wrestling news (well, what there is, which ain't much!) and Blade goes to...Mexico???!!

RD marks out for Jillian Hall
December 14, 2007

RD Reynolds and Blade Braxton discuss the greatest musical release in the history of history: A Jingle with Jillian Hall! Plus all the latest pro wrestling news, including, yet not limited to, the Raw 15th anniversary show!

Audio Snowball
December 21, 2007

It's the WrestleCrap Radio Christmas show! Gifts are exchanged, stories are told, and our fellow Crappers sing Jingle Bells for our amusement! Plus...Roddy Piper returns with new Public Service Announcements! God bless us - everyone!

Hard for a Listener to resist
January 4, 2008

The first show of 2008 is the worst WrestleCrap Radio yet! This Hindenberg-esque episode features the boys discussing the 2007 Gooker nominees, Torrie Wilson selling clothes with the world's most useless website, and the Mountie getting married! Plus horrible joke after horrible joke! Dontcha dare miss it!

Two Hosts and a Johnny
January 11, 2008

RD Reynolds and Blade Braxton discuss the biggest wrestling news of 2008: The Return of the UWF on ESPN Classics! Plus...Johnny 6 gives a lengthy recap of TNA's Final Resolution, discussion of Vince McMahon's new digs, the ECW Diva Dance-Off, and the Return of Ashley Massaro!

WunderKind Radio (in HD)
January 18, 2008

WrestleCrap Radio goes High Def! Well, not really. But RD Reynolds and his drunk hobo partner Blade Braxton discuss WWE's move to HD, as well as Mae Young's 100th birthday, Kelly Kelly's 21st birthday, Victoria's eBay exploits, and more! All this plus the newest WCR segment, which has to do with...gasp!...pro wrestling!

The one where RD leaves early
February 1, 2008

RD Reynolds and Blade Braxton are joined by Trash Losagain to discuss the latest pro wrestling news! And then Blade says something that disgusts RD so much that he LEAVES THE SHOW! What could it be? One hint - it involves the infamous Katie Vick outfit!

Boner Juice
February 8, 2008

RD Reynolds and Blade Braxton discuss all the latest pro wrestling news, including the greatest match in the history of history: the GULF OF MEXICO MATCH! Plus JBL's "boner juice" and the fact that Blade would like to have fellatio with Teddy Ruxpin. Enjoy?

Heyman Hustle
February 22, 2008

RD Reynolds and Blade Braxton are back, discussing all the latest pro wrestling news, including...John Cena's awesome new shirt! Lindsay Lohan's freckles! Plus live interactive commentary on the Heyman Hustle! All this plus the GREATEST impersonation in WCR history!

Demento vs wrestlingcrip.com
March 1, 2008

RD Reynolds is joined live at WrestleCrap HQ by Blade Braxton for a special weekend edition of WCR! Topics include Mick Foley jamming with Twisted Sister, Hulk Hogan jamming with Paul Stanley and Jessica Simpson, and Tazz jamming with WrestleCrap (well, actually just stealing our gimmick). Plus words of warning for one Damien Demento, who had the audacity to call us out!

Jeff Hardy suspended
March 14, 2008

RD Reynolds and Blade Braxton discuss the important pro wrestling issues of the day, including, yet not limited to, the sexual prowess of Vickie Guerrero and who would win a lactating contest between Linda Hogan and Nathan Jones. Plus some other crap. Enjoy!

WrestleRadd Radio
March 28, 2008

It's the 8th Anniversary of WrestleCrap, and what better way to celebrate than by listening to the first ever WrestleCrap Radio...FROM 1988?!!???!!!!

Rotting meat love songs
April 4, 2008

RD Reynolds and Blade Braxton are back to discuss all things WrestleMania! Well, not really, so instead the boys sing horribly and tell tales of bootlegging spoiled meat into Canada. Enjoy!

Show #100 Trashbaggin, Dwarf House
April 11, 2008

It's the WrestleCrap Radio that should have never been released! RD and Blade discuss pro wrestling news, well, barely, and focus on the Dwarf House, feces, dog semen, and many other unsavory items. Listen at your own risk - discretion is definitely advised!

April 25, 2008

RD Reynolds and Blade Braxton are back discussing all the latest pro wrestling news...but sadly, one crew member doesn't live through the show! Who is it? One way to find out!

Irritable RD
May 9, 2008

An absolutely loaded show, as RD and Blade break down, among many other things, Robconwaysdirtyjockstraps.com and Victoria's Black Widow Customs' parking lot, where marks are likely beaing off. Plus Blade discusses the GILLMAN. And RD breaksdown and starts swearing like a sailor!

May 16, 2008

RD Reynolds is back to talk pro wrestling...but Blade Braxton is way too depressed! Why? One way to find out! Plus...who would win in a shoot fight between Rodney Mack and Joe Namath! And other stuff no one could possibly care about!

Stubby's debut
May 23, 2008

RD Reynolds and Blade Braxton are back to discuss all the latest wrestling news...and are joined by the newest member of the crew: Stubby, the TNA reporting hobo ventriliquist dummy!

Seth Mates Interview
May 30, 2008

A very different WCR, as RD Reynolds is joined by none other than former WWE creative team member Setha Mates! Join us as we discuss grand events in WWE history such as Katie Vick, Al Wilson, and the Billy and Chuck wedding, all of which Seth had a hand in creating!

Hungry Hungry Ken Patera
June 13, 2008

RD Reynolds and Blade Braxton yak it up, discussing Vince McMahon giving away millions to an ever-smaller audience, Francine getting hitched, and Arn Anderson's oral sexual services. Plus an interview with the greatest man alive - the dude that got a tattoo of the TROLLA LOGO!

Garage Sale
June 20, 2008

RD Reynolds and Blade Braxton are on the tin can and string, with in-depth analysis of Linda Hogan robbing the cradle, Ricky Morton being banished, and Tully Blanchard working at the deli of your local food shoppe. What more could you ask for from a wrestling radio progrem?

Draftolla 2008
June 27, 2008

t's the 2008 Draft Edition of WrestleCrap Radio! Will RD be drafted? Will Blade be drafted? And who could possibly care? PLUS...the boys do an in-depth video analysis of King Pedophile!

WWF Pinball Lizard
July 11, 2008

t's a sad day at WrestleCrap Radio...Stubby is dead. We mourn the passing of our little wooden friend, then delve into all the latest pro wrestling news with the winner of the WrestleCrap Radio Garage Sale Auction, Josh Dionio!

Tony Atlas Returns
July 18, 2008

RD Reynolds and Blade Braxton are back to discuss all the latest pro wrestling news! Except there isn't anything, so instead we break down the greatness that is Tony Atlas, porn stars, and ask why Corporal Kirchner sounds like a car.

WWE Purge Roulette
August 15, 2008

It's the 3rd anniversary of WrestleCrap Radio, and what better way to celebrate than to discuss Pop-Tarts, Tarzan Boy, and Big Daddy V, the Manivore! Plus the debut of our new TNA correspondant, Pete! If that's not enough, then check out our LOST EPISODE, also available this week!

The Lost Episode

It's the lost episode of WrestleCrap Radio! Hear the first Haiku, long lost segments, and talk about Dennis Stamp! Plus the same jokes you've been hearing for three years! All in the worst audio quality since Marconi! In other words, listen at your own risk!

WWE's Purge Continues
August 22, 2008

RD Reynolds and Blade Braxton start their fourth year of WCR discussing all the latest pro wrestling news, including more FIRINGS, Rebecca Michaels' fat lip, Blade's drinking regimen, and Pete going AWOL at a pottery class with Patrick Swayze. Eh, who could blame him?

One Day at a Time
August 29, 2008

RD Reynolds and Blade Braxton discuss all the latest wrestling news! Ok, not really, but they do dissect which WWE Divas would date them! Neat! Plus McKenzie Phillips dancing like a scarecrow! And other assorted horribleness in one of the worst WCR's ever! You've been warned!

September 12, 2008

RD Reynolds and Blade Braxton return to talk all the latest pro wrestling news! Well, if pro wrestling news to you means Ashleigh Flair and Linda Hogan banging kids not even old enough to buy beer, that is. Plus...in-depth mockery of the random name generator WWE creative has become! And RD eats a foreign candy bar! Dontcha dare miss it!

Jim Ross vs Haas
September 19, 2008

It's all wrestling, all the time on this week's WrestleCrap Radio! Not only do RD and Blade discuss the latest haps, they are once more joined by Peter Gazer to discuss TNA news, and a man with an axe to grind, Angry Jim Ross! Can the boys calm down the ornery Okie? Only one way to find out!

Of Europe and Popcorn Balls
November 7, 2008

RD is back from Europe, and ready to regale Blade and all the fellow Crappers with a way too long story of his exploits abroad! Plus the sad saga of Val Venis' dog! Oh, and Nathaniel REALLY loves TNA's Main Event Mafia! But best of all, it's the debut of...MAMA DEAL??!! Yes, no joke - RD's MOM has invaded WrestleCrap Radio!

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