Angry Jim Ross

Angry Jim Ross (or rather Blade's impression of him) would call (or be called by) WrestleCrap Radio to vent his latest frustrations. His first call happened on April 11, 2008 (their retroactive 100th episode.)

He initially reportedly had not had sex with his wife for many, many months. This may have had to do with his palsy (which he often fakes to skip work), his meat beatings in his many failed restaurants, or thinking that his arch-nemesis Michael Cole was gay. Perhaps even all three.

As time passed with the progrem (and his real life wife passed away) conversations would shift more to whatever random business opportunities he was attempting to do (and was about to fail at in ensuing "hilarity").

Jim passed away abruptly after collapsing from lack of energy after failing to have his blood drawn for selling.

  • He was originally just "Normal" Jim Ross, but due to Blade's laziness he has somehow gone angry at just about anything.
  • He had a thing for Dark Journey from his Mid-South days.
  • He frequently name dropped Bill Watts, which is the most exposure he has had in the past decade.
  • He loved to make BBQ sauces.
  • He liked to beat his meat, particularly with his restaurant employees "Dr. Death" Steve Williams and Hollywood John Tatum.
  • He once carried around a loaded shotgun with him in the event he sees Johnny "Age" Ace outside his house.
  • How you doing tonight Deal?
  • Go fuck yourself!
  • Shove it up your ass!

Angry Jim's Mailbag

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Angry Jim's Tweeter


Erik M. said...

I wonder if Jake Delhomme could help you in your sausage stuffing there AJR...

iggy said...

He's so angry.

R.V.M Kai said...


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